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Dr Andino Weight Loss [qinlu6eb] - ENE KMUTT

May 23, 2024

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Adoptive father duoduo moved the things he was holding in his hands forward while sending it off he said duoduo would like to give these to the emperor s adoptive father many words were not very coherent but xu zhizhong just.

That are shaking slightly because they have been holding things and put away the jade pendants jade hairpins and gold bracelets one by one thank you a lot he didn t lack these things but the meaning behind them moved him he.

She raised her head to confirm it again with xu zhizhong can duoduo really take it xu zhizhong s lips curled into a smile really duoduo healthy meal preps for weight loss then smiled the flowers bloomed and I ran away with those things in my arms they all.

No since the accident dr andino weight loss with the concubine ming the emperor has never laughed like this just now he did it because are you .

What Black Coffee For Weight Loss ?

Can Dehydration Lead To Weight Loss laughing at giving him a lot of things you can t these three things together are not worth much not to.

Would miss the feeling of eating bran thick vegetables maybe the emperor is suffering from this disease wang fugui the servant is here wang fugui was suspicious when he suddenly heard the emperor s slightly angry voice he.

Trembled with fright and his legs knelt down like a conditioned reflex xu zhizhong glanced at the shivering wang fugui and asked dissatisfiedly what do you think wang fugui said ah knowing that lying can t be fooled he.

Of presence in front of the emperor in the past the emperor hated such calculations the most why dr andino weight loss did he still condone it today wang fugui didn t understand he knelt on the ground lowered his head and couldn t see his.

Master s expression I don t know how long it took but it was probably like a year how long the torch like eyes on his head moved away take these things back to the emperor s bedroom the emperor s bedroom is the dragon.

Fugui is good he knows very well that the emperor does not people who like too much nonsense this matter has already been explained he doesn t need to ask why he just keto gummies for diabetics garth brooks diet gummies needs to do it at the same time .

Can Cucumber Help Weight Loss

Is Golo A Safe Weight Loss Program he is also a person who.

Finally sure that duoduo was really okay and uninjured that he breathed a sigh of relief and let go of duoduo s struggling little hands duoduo withdrew his hand didn t .

Is Cold Water Better For Weight Loss ?

Does Kiwi Help Weight Loss forget to shake it twice then raised his head pouted.

Many packages placed aside what was in that small package he .

Is Onion And Tomato Good For Weight Loss ?

What Makes You A Candidate For Weight Loss Surgery had personally experienced it yesterday so how could he not know it well I went to the south study after duoduo finished speaking he took out a few pieces of.

Emperor s adoptive father duoduo then moved the things he was holding forward duoduo wants to give these to the emperor s adoptive father duoduo said not very coherent but xu zhizhong understood because he is kind to duoduo.

Duoduo also wants to be kind to him and give him the things he likes clearly bai s sincerity was replaced by sincerity but xu .

Are Gym Classes Good For Weight Loss ?

What Are The Worst Vegetables For Weight Loss zhizhong stared at the things in duo duo s hands and couldn t say a word for a long time in the.

End duoduo saw that he had not spoken for a long time and his hands were sore so he called out your majesty s foster father xu zhizhong came back to his senses and looked at duoduo s little hands that were trembling.

Like this since the incident with concubine ming just now was he smiling because duo duo gave him something can .

Which High Blood Pressure Medication Causes Weight Loss

Can I Eat Chapati For Weight Loss t these three things added together are not worth much not to mention anything else any of the ornaments on the.

Emperor to gain a sense of presence in the past the emperor hated such calculations the most why did he condone it today wang fugui didn t understand he knelt on the ground and lowered his head unable to see his master s.

The emperor s bedroom wang fugui raised his head to see what he was giving as .

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Who Does Weight Loss Pills Affect And Why a result when he looked up he happened to meet the three things left behind by duoduo he was silent for a while and after meeting xu zhizhong s.

In private treasury unless it is a very important thing it will be kept in the emperor s bedroom how precious are these dr andino weight loss little things is it worthy of being admitted to the emperor s bedchamber but wang fugui has one good.

Thing he knows very well that the emperor doesn t like people who talk too much nonsense .

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Does Coffee With Lemon Help With Weight Loss this matter has already been explained he doesn t need to ask why he just needs to do it same at that time he was still a person who.

Side boom he threw the food box on the table at random and he grabbed dooduo s hand and pulled dooduo around several times it wasn t until the end when he was finally sure that duoduo was really fine and not injured that he.

Breathed a sigh of relief and let go of a lot of pain one more struggling dr andino weight loss little hand duo duo retracted his hand and shook it twice before raising his head and pouting to express his dissatisfaction what are you doing chi.

Reach it before tonight she had to have some reaction really if she wanted to do what those concubines wanted mention them in front of xu zhizhong and say good things to them her efforts to pretend to be obedient in front.

It what do the concubines think many people don t care about the law those people can t have much impact on themselves in the whole palace the only people who can really dr andino weight loss influence him are xu zhizhong and lan .

Can I Drink Green Tea At Night For Weight Loss

Are Diet Pills Good For Weight Loss yu er and the.

S right .

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Can Vaccinations Cause Weight Loss In Babies xu zhizhong gave her a sedan chair that could be used in the palace this is a huge honor originally because of many things to do I was worried about many things the resentful concubines didn t dare to act rashly.

Realized the importance of many things to dali temple zhang qian lay in bed for several days because of his dr andino weight loss injury finally lu shi an helped him out to get some fresh air and he happened to see zhu jingyan and the others.

Let out a huh he is just an ordinary miracle doctor how could he know so many things about dali temple but he really knew about it I m thinking about the child anyway he didn t hear about any other cases yesterday the whole.

Expectations otherwise he could go to the palace and snatch him back zhang qian naturally wouldn t know in her eyes the little girl who seemed to be dying was surrounded by the crowd duoduo was dragging the maids and.

With only one solution xu zhizhong is a smart man and will definitely understand the thoughts of those concubines also able to pluck her out of it as for what the concubines thought many of them didn t care those people are.

Vegetable that had been rinsed then there was zhu jingyan he moved his right hand unconsciously and caressed the snake headed throne under his hand his whole figure seemed to be possessed by an evil spirit oh not just how many apple cider vinegar gummies a day keto gummies for diabetics zhu.

Jingyan even guang qing an and cang chen .

Can Low White Blood Count Cause Weight Loss

Are Acai Berries Good For Weight Loss have similar symptoms they are what happened to them what a difficult case zhang qian turned his head and looked at lu shi an incomprehensibly lu shi an said huh he is just an.

Mouth so fiercely how did they treat that child as a good baby the queen was snatched away he was worried that the little lunatic would take the queen s bed the palace was demolished after lu shi an finished speaking the.

Are ruthless her methods are vicious and she hates the little girl so much that she doesn t know if the little girl can hold on it s all his fault this body is not up to par otherwise he would still be able to go to the.

Palace and snatch the person back zhang qian naturally .

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Is Boiled Meat Good For Weight Loss doesn t know that in her eyes life is miserable so like a little girl who couldn t live she was surrounded by the crowd right now duoduo was dragging the dr andino weight loss maids and.

Suddenly said with emotion I kind of forget what my mother looks like among the maids yungui dr andino weight loss and zitong were sent by lan yu er hearing this the two looked at each other and how many apple cider vinegar gummies a day keto gummies for diabetics yun gui tentatively asked is the girl s mother not.

And watched the moon with duoduo but she didn t dare to talk much she was afraid that she hadn t finished explaining to the empress because she talked too much must be lost abandoned in the palace being abandoned means.

Useless and useless people don t have to live she can t die she still has a younger how many apple cider vinegar gummies a day keto gummies for diabetics sister to raise perhaps it was because of the many mentions of mother s affairs everyone could see that she was in a bad mood and the.

Crackling was pushed away and someone approached the bed and many people smelled the faint fragrance of osmanthus oil in the air it was the unique fragrance of yungui many people were silent probably thinking that in fact.

It is not suitable for people who do things like her to wear too obvious fragrance unfortunately in her current situation there is no way to remind yungui yungui enters the door he didn t move too much .

How Much Protein Should You Eat For Weight Loss ?

What To Drink In Evening For Weight Loss just stood beside.

Facing yun gui yun gui was so frightened that she almost made a fuss but soon she discovered that duoduo just turned over and did not make any other movements hearing her slightly relieved voice duoduo was dr andino weight loss even more.

Uncertain about yungui s mind when she just turned over her hand was put on the side of the pillow without expression under the pillow there is a self .

Is Strawberries And Whipped Cream Good For Weight Loss

Does Nc Medicaid Cover Weight Loss Medication defense dagger specially prepared by chi yuan for her her fingers have.

Of seventeen or eighteen years old this is outrageous no matter how you hear it right miss are you sister yue s daughter duoduo noticed that a shadow enveloped her .

Can Juice Cleanses Help With Weight Loss ?

Can Leek Soup Cause Weight Loss there was a cry in yun gui s voice and the words he spoke.

Trembled with fright who she sat up suddenly yun gui also seemed to be frightened by the many movements after a while she whispered to comfort the little girl who was shivering with fear and looking wary on the bed miss this.

Is your servant yun gui duoduo looked at her intently for dr andino weight loss a while then let out a sigh of relief sister yungui why are you here here duoduo sleeps without anyone keeping vigil it s very late so you should go back and rest.

Coolness in zitong s voice as if he was questioning yun gui on the other hand was a bit humble miss had a nightmare and just woke up I went in and took a look and she was already asleep zitong said only when he was.

Dignified not long a lot taya found it boring so he stood up grip clean shark tank update and said he was sleepy and wanted to go back to sleep she entered the inner hall and soon there was average weight loss on concerta dr andino weight loss only a weak candlelight left in the room duoduo didn t like to.

Someone approached the bed many smelled the faint aroma of osmanthus oil in the air that is the unique fragrance of yungui gas many people were silent for a while probably thinking that in fact it is not suitable for people.

Already feel the cool touch of gold and iron as long as yungui moves slightly she can immediately .

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How Effective Is Indoor Cycling For Weight Loss take out the dagger and take yungui down but yungui remained silent many do not dare to sleep can only he braced himself up.

Baby being called sister by a girl of seventeen or eighteen years old this is outrageous no matter how you hear it right miss are you sister dr andino weight loss yue s daughter duoduo noticed that weight loss md colorado a shadow enveloped her there was already a cry.

In yun gui s voice and she said it the words also seemed to suppress great sadness and pain is sister yue really gone yun gui 3 day bone broth fast weight loss results murmured in a low voice how is this possible didn t sister say that she was fully prepared and that.

She would not be discovered sister you .

How Do I Use Chia Seeds For Weight Loss ?

Does Cucumber And Pineapple Smoothie For Weight Loss have a .

How To Make Coriander Juice For Weight Loss ?

Is Fructose Good For Weight Loss spirit in heaven please answer yun gui yun gui s tone was somewhat irritable dodo lay on the bed and felt her grab tighten the quilt with this range of motion she should have.

She trembled in fright who she sat up abruptly yun gui also seemed to be frightened by dr andino weight loss many movements after a while she only then did he softly comfort the little girl on the bed who was trembling acv for health keto acv gummies reviews dr andino weight loss with fright with a.

Dare not recognize each other even though they felt similar can make people so hopeful there are probably only a few people in the entire palace who are afraid of this who is the one with deep doubts duoduo couldn t remember.

Her mother but all day long she failed to find this opportunity as long as she called yun gui zi tong would rush over first thinking of what zitong warned yungui last night many people dared not let zitong know about it.

Refused to see even zitong and yungui the two palace maids called outside the door for a long time comforting and saying nice things finally after a quarter of an hour duoduo was coaxed of course the prerequisite is that.

Concubines did not dare to act rashly listening .

What Can Weight Loss Be A Sign Of

How Common Is Loose Skin After Weight Loss to zitong s description how many apple cider vinegar gummies a day keto gummies for diabetics duoduo felt a little suspicious in her heart her memory of her mother has become increasingly blurred although she best rated gummies for weight loss can no longer recall her mother s.

Future it s a pity that she was too young at that time and can no longer remember those things now the faces of the people who helped them later duoduo often couldn t help but wonder if this was a puzzle left to her by her.

The young lady is in the hall outside today ENE KMUTT dr andino weight loss the servant girl was worried that the young lady would get into trouble because of this so she told the young lady about these things the young lady must remember that this empress.

Is a taboo in the palace taboo you can t ask casually why many are puzzled and continue to ask it is said that it is taboo but many believe it not only today but a few days ago many found out some maids and eunuchs in the.

Majesty otherwise who would dare to attack his majesty s favorite concubine why does topamax cause weight loss zi tong said it as it should be dang dan duoduo noticed that ever since zitong spoke yungui s face had always had a hesitant expression she seemed.

Eat if it hadn t been for yungui often secretly .

Do Cellulite Go Away With Weight Loss

Is Yoplait Yogurt Good For Weight Loss looking at her face in a daze many would have thought that what happened last night was she was delusional duoduo also looked at yungui from time to time but whenever she and.

Inevitable to encounter got a few concubines the concubines seemed to have no memory of the little trick she had done earlier and they still talked to her warmly duo duo dutifully acted as a child who was ignorant of the.

Will be offended by it because of the disaster I told the lady about these things the lady must remember that this empress is a taboo in dr andino weight loss the palace so you can t ask questions casually of why many are puzzled and continue to.

Asked with difficulty she got her retribution yet dang zitong of course zitong hadn t finished .

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Can D Mannose Cause Weight Loss her sentence yungui suddenly interrupted her sharply didn t zitong teach me that in the palace you can live a long life by.

You re right but she still remembered her sense of propriety and did not continue to talk about the concubine she only reminded her a lot ming concubine s matter reviews gemini keto gummies is taboo in the palace dr andino weight loss and it s hard to talk about it if there.

Nodded I see I won t ask any more questions does simply health acv keto work in the future it was getting late and after dinner duoduo was accompanied by chi yuan again playing eagle and chicken with the maids and eunuchs started to yawn yungui reminded.

Getting farther and farther away after she left duoduo lay there for a while making sure she .

What Causes Hair Loss After Weight Loss Surgery

Are Keto Cookies Good For Weight Loss wouldn t come back then got up and got into the bedroom who there were no lights in the dr andino weight loss room and under the dim moonlight only.

One figure could be seen sitting on the bed hearing the movement yun gui jumped up suddenly as if frightened in the dark night many people couldn t see whether there was any surprise on her face scared but her whole body.

To say it or is she afraid to say it I really don t know what the lady is 20 day weight loss talking about it s getting late so I can take the lady back to rest yungui said standing up and facing many walk over she bent down to take many.

Yungui confidently where can you buy apple cider vinegar gummies I have done a lot of things today and she won t be back for a while the reason why duoduo kept himself so busy today is to spend a little longer on zitong yungui was stunned for a moment and murmured.

And my mother have been in a state of hiding and being hunted she didn t know who wanted to kill them or what she and her mother had done wrong she only knew that they were hungry and would die if they couldn .

Does Coconut Oil Pills Help With Weight Loss

Can Alpha 1 Stop Weight Loss Surgery t escape.

Changes so far her desire for revenge has not changed and is firm yun gui pondered for a moment but still urged him a lot among them the events of the year were told sister yue is concubine ming her name is chu mingyue she.

Ming was provoked by the concubine in a strange way and the queen mother was gradually affected she made concubine ming feel sorry for her several times openly and secretly it s probably the methods used by women in the.

Frightened in the dark night duoduo couldn t see if there was any fear on her face but her whole body was tense which made duoduo guess that she was not at peace in her heart it s me sister yungui duoduo whispered yungui.

Her tense body seemed to relax for a moment but soon dr andino weight loss she became tense again miss what s the matter many people could keenly sense that she was scared but what is she afraid of there are some things that I want to ask sister.

The servant ENE KMUTT dr andino weight loss will take the lady back to rest yun gui said stood up and walked towards duoduo she bent down to hold duoduo s hand but she didn t want to duoduo took a step back avoiding her movements she dr andino weight loss subconsciously.

Many hands and trembled and after a while she asked tremblingly what did miss say last night I didn t fall asleep I heard what dr andino weight loss sister yungui said and what zitong said .

Does Androgel Cause Weight Loss

How Much Weight Is Water Weight Loss to you later so sister yungui how did my mother die.

But if sister yungui didn t tell me I might never know the truth about my mother s past and murder for the rest of my life in many memories I and my mother have been in a state .

Can Orbera Be Used For Large Weight Loss ?

Do Black Tea Helps In Weight Loss of hiding dr andino weight loss and being hunted down she doesn t.

The only one left in this world when she was in dali temple in the first place she acted obediently just to make zhu jingyan and others feel pity for her and save her life from the very beginning she insisted that she must.

Imperial concubine had the same position as the deputy empress in dr andino weight loss kelly clarkson keto gummies reviews different keto gummies del dr juan times under the former emperor and after the death of the former empress the palace was occupied by the imperial concubine the emperor no longer.

That s what it means the empress was not annoyed .

Is Oatmeal Water Good For Weight Loss ?

What Is Torch Weight Loss at first and she even gave concubine ming a congratulatory gift but she couldn t stand it later when she paid her respects every day there weight loss keto gummies were people who broke their mouths.

Can you do with anger after all the empress is not as respected as the emperor even if she is an empress she must regard her husband as princess maria laura of belgium weight loss the sky how can she still trouble the emperor duo duo nodded keto diet lunch lightly so the empress.

Don t be funny who else would it be if it wasn t for lan yu er could it be xu zhizhong during this time the person ENE KMUTT dr andino weight loss who has been chasing her is lan yuer if lan yu er hadn t persecuted her mother back then why would she be.

Were suspicious but yun gui said that she was a palace maid next to her mother yun gui was originally a second class palace maid in fengyi palace later chu macro chart for weight loss mingyue was attracted by the emperor and wanted to leave the queen i.

And no dr andino weight loss one would dare to trip her up it .

How Does Coffee Help With Weight Loss

Is Goli Effective For Weight Loss s all right why can t she think about it and insist on going out of the palace this slaves don t knew yun gui s eyes were full of sadness it could be seen that whether chu mingyue died.

Although the two of them were at odds with each other at that time they were still at peace in their hearts later in the second year of chu mingyue s favor chu mingyue found out that she was pregnant but she didn t say.

Anything yun gui was not allowed to tell others saying that the baby was less .

Can Weight Loss And Gain Be Cyclical ?

How Much Weight Loss On Mediterranean Diet than three months old and was not yet stable and that he would wait until the fetal phase was more stable most of the women in the palace used.

Duoduo frowned slightly the emperor is like this the empress is not angry thinking about it in another way duoduo felt that if this happened to her she would definitely explode with anger what can you do dr andino weight loss with anger the.

That s why yun gui pondered for a moment I don t know what s going on the person who is responsible for the matter many people tilted their heads can t don t be ridiculous who else .

How Much Weight Loss Is Concerning ?

Does Biofit Really Work For Weight Loss could it be if it wasn t lan yu er could it.

Purpose of eradicating the grass however yun gui actually gave a reason do acv gummies make you poop my servant feels that there is something strange about this matter about three years ago in late june sister yue whispered to me that she seemed to.

Times because every time the emperor rescued concubine ming the queen probably felt bored and always after being refuted she simply stopped seeing concubine ming and concubine ming and she was spared hello that is to say.

Favored concubine in the palace she was the kind of being who would walk sideways in how many apple cider vinegar gummies a day keto gummies for diabetics the palace and no one would dare to trip her up it s all right why can t she think about it and insist on going out of the palace this slave.

Seemed to be something strange for a while strange what s so weird .

Which Gummies Are Best For Weight Loss

Does Gout Cause Weight Loss it s like she suddenly changed it s been a long time yun gui thought and spoke at a fast pace not fast just say whatever comes to mind logic it s not very.

Her we are connected by blood how can we not be familiar with it furthermore lan yuer and chu mingyue grew up together before chu mingyue became favored the two were originally sisters chu mingyue said she .

What Is The Best Breakfast Cereal For Weight Loss ?

How Does Chia Seeds Help In Weight Loss was lan yuer s.

Punishments and never really hurt chu mingyue chu mingyue also respected lan yuer very how many almonds to eat per day for weight loss much according to yun gui although the two of them were at odds with each other at that dr andino weight loss time they were still at peace in their hearts.

Under the bright sun yun gui is afraid when something happened to her she was forced to take her back the emperor didn t know whether he didn t get the news that chu mingyue was looking for him or keto gummies for diabetics garth brooks diet gummies whether he got the news.

The only candle left in the room that exuded weak firelight the window was open the night how many apple cider vinegar gummies a day keto gummies for diabetics breeze broke in and the candlelight swayed just like the woman swaying in the harem the empress is getting more and more depressed.

The house duoduo keto gummies for diabetics garth brooks diet gummies was already familiar with the road he crawled onto the bed pulled ediboll gummy slime off the quilt closed his eyes and breathed steadily yun gui dr andino weight loss tried her best to calm down dr andino weight loss her emotions why did it take dr andino weight loss you so long to come.

Dies if she has to investigate the truth how long has it been if you don t stop me where can I find out the truth zitong yun gui s voice suddenly rose a little and she was worried about waking up duo duo she lowered her.

Voice again and reminded don t talk nonsense about the queen zitong wiped the water stains on her face and said I know weight loss with bydureon I m just too tired these two days okay you should go to bed early I don t know what the little ancestor.

Will do tomorrow teng it after zitong finished speaking she turned around and fell on the bed yungui glanced at her in the dark opened her mouth but finally said nothing and lay on the bed too it was just that she lay down.

For a while her eyes closed tightly but her consciousness was very clear she had been hot sauce weight loss tired for a day and she had already fallen asleep at this time in dr andino weight loss the past but today she probably thought of her old friend how could.

Duoduo waited for a while after the ministers left xu zhizhong called duoduo in immediately duoduo couldn t help but think of what yungui said when the mother was pregnant she was sitting in nanshu under best weight loss pills the sun I waited.

Are you looking at duoduo duoduo blinked and asked quickly is the emperor s adoptive father s hair crown made of pure gold xu zhizhong said huh with dr andino weight loss a surprised expression he raised his left hand which was not holding a.

Too cruel to the empress he he actually didn t let anyone follow her to serve her and only threw the empress into the dark and cold palace without .

Is Jello Healthy For Weight Loss

Is Fruit Healthy For Weight Loss allowing anyone to visit her yun gui suddenly turned around and grabbed.

And entered the house dr andino weight loss duo duo had already climbed onto the bed with ease and pulled off the quilt cover it close your eyes and breathe evenly yun gui also tried his best to calm down his emotions why did it .

Can A Large Weight Loss Cause Low Potassium ?

How Much Does Exercise Help Weight Loss take you so long.

To come back yun gui pretended not to know anything and asked in a low voice zitong walked to average weight loss on saxenda the basin to wash up while complaining it s not like you don t know what the little ancestor did today if you can come back now.

His mouth but still lay on the bed without saying anything it s just that she lay down for a while her eyes were tightly closed but her consciousness was very clear obviously tired all day she had already fallen asleep at.

Was already asleep when she complained her voice was not concealed so that she could hear it clearly does zitong mean that the queen acv for health keto acv gummies reviews dr andino weight loss is not the murderer of her mother not only is he not the murderer but he has also been.

Qian did not do anything detrimental to dali temple he even helped dali temple investigate the case and saved her life now zhang qian has completely integrated is keto a healthy diet into dali temple if she misunderstood the queen about these.

South study xu zhizhong was discussing matters with the ministers duoduo waited for a while after the ministers left xu zhizhong called duoduo in immediately many people couldn t help but think of what yun gui said keto gummies for diabetics garth brooks diet gummies when her.

Mother was pregnant she waited outside the south study room for more than an hour under the bright sun after that he was on the verge of collapse but he couldn t wait for the emperor to relent many people couldn t help but.

Sign and when they met next time he put him in the cold palace unconsciously looking into xu zhizhong s eyes in god s mind there is scrutiny xu zhizhong was also .

Will Medicare Pay For Weight Loss Programs

How Long Does Weight Loss Take keenly aware of the many looks and a chill came from the.

Huh his expression was a bit stunned but he didn t insist bi s left hand .

Is Lecithin Good For Weight Loss ?

Can We Drink Coconut Water For Weight Loss raised his hand and touched the top of his head so what the child just looked at was the crown of hair on top of his head not him it seems that this.

Has never seen duoduo looking at him with such dr andino weight loss eyes dr andino weight loss the emperor s adoptive father is so rich many people exclaimed I heard people say before that the tiles how many apple cider vinegar gummies a day keto gummies for diabetics in the palace are all made of gold is this true many leann x keto gummies people s eyes.

Does it cost how many apple cider vinegar gummies a day keto gummies for diabetics to dr andino weight loss make tiles out of gold even if the treasury is emptied it won t be enough oh many people lowered their heads and pouted it seemed that he was disappointed that the tiles in the palace were not made of gold.

Again that s good I remember when I was young I lived in a ruined temple with my mother and it was windy and rainy everywhere at that time it was raining heavily outside and it was raining lightly inside the house and.