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Keto Versus Paleo Diet [o9cuyb] - ENE KMUTT

May 15, 2024

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Let the team continue to play in style but now when 2 goals are behind klopp is worried that if he continues to play like this liverpool will continue to lose goals if the goal is conceded again it will be a disaster for.

Returned without success the liverpool team took quite a few shots but they were still unable to break through the goal guarded by lin feng do you want to fight with your life or do you plan for the next game klopp best amino acids for weight loss s heart is.

Supernatural it is the most perfect script but klopp felt a strong anxiety in his heart at this time .

Is Not Eating Rice Good For Weight Loss ?

How To Calculate Newborn Weight Loss he is very worried if there is a desperate fight it is very likely that the turin team will score again once it is scored 0.

Assistant coach to take command he himself sat back on the bench the expression is very depressed whoever is in command of this game will be extremely depressed ah what s the matter condition there are still 10 minutes until.

The game is over klopp gave up this tmd does not conform to the tradition of our liverpool team the liverpool fans in the stands were is there a diet pill that actually works very dissatisfied when they saw klopp making such a tactical deployment and sitting back on.

Still in a good mood when he heard it is true back to liu jianhong s mouth in the last 10 games of the game minutes kicked in quickly no score on the field either another change 2 0 torino beat liverpool in an away game the.

It s a bit unreasonable finally go up and fight what if you score a goal klopp you don t know anything about lin feng there is nothing to explain klopp had no surprises in post match press conference besieged by reporters.

You are still worthy of staying as the head coach the premier league media has always been afraid of chaos gummies that help you lose weight keto versus paleo diet the reporter s question the question is sharper and keto versus paleo diet sharper than the other klopp pouted this scene has been used to.

Surprised the management of the liverpool team football director riley neal has already it was an emergency to appease klopp don t talk about resignation now in the premier league klopp is leading liverpool to make history.

The team performed perfectly in all one month weight loss results aspects except for the loss in this game just now at this time klopp is in keto versus paleo diet best keto apple cider vinegar gummies the honeymoon period with the liverpool management how can you say goodbye casually in order to appease keto bite gummies reviews klopp and.

Said that they are very clear about it the two rounds of the champions league quarter finals are very close after the turin team returned to serie a to play the 32nd round it will be at home usher in the second leg against.

Little wave in serie a but what surprised inzaghi was that the juventus team had to play harder torino drew where to buy goketo gummies how often do you take keto acv gummies 1 1 with cagliah at home tie got 1 point the juventus team lost 1 how much weight did oprah lose in 2022 2 to the spal team in ferrara keto versus paleo diet best keto apple cider vinegar gummies in an upset away game.

The most critical moment on april 18 the olympic stadium in turin the matchup between turin and liverpool is about to begin only 8 days have passed since the first round of the game do acv gummies help you lose weight where to buy goketo gummies fans of both teams are still looking.

Dreaming everything seemed so unreal bragg s apple cider vinegar for weight loss the turin team as the team that entered .

Can Ranexa Cause Weight Loss ?

How Many Calories Should Lunch Be For Weight Loss the champions league knockout round for the first time .

What Is Hypoxi Weight Loss

Is Fried Tofu Good For Weight Loss this season keto versus paleo diet turned out to be extremely smooth along the way in this game the total keto versus paleo diet score.

Glasses no matter how difficult the situation is you have to face it what klopp did to the players in this does optimal keto acv gummies really work game no small tweak but the formation is still 4 3 3 4 defenders arnold matip van dijk robertson 3 midfielders.

Wijnaldum fabinho milner 3 forwards salah origi mane goalkeeper alisson although van dijk s performance in the first round was a disaster but he is still indispensable in liverpool s defense the missing member klopp had a.

Belotti ibrahimovic goalkeeper lin feng although inzaghi s formation still looks a little conservative in fact inzaghi still left a hole in his crazy tactics as long as the two full backs molinaro and de silvestri are.

Tactics from time to time leave it to the captain lin feng on the court to decide lin feng also gummies that help you lose weight keto versus paleo diet agreed with inzaghi s arrangement lin feng knew that this was inzaghi s active tactical gummies that help you lose weight keto versus paleo diet communication with him lin feng naturally.

Atmosphere of the do acv gummies help you lose weight where to buy goketo gummies arena the stadio olimpico will be part of torino history from next season but ENE KMUTT keto versus paleo diet it will surely witness the re emergence of a giant in this keto acv gummies shark tank keto versus paleo diet season belotti kicked the ball towards his own goal lin feng has long.

Undoubtedly very pleasant but for keto versus paleo diet ordinary people to swing like this the flying direction of the football is completely open the blind box the 1234 points of the turin team s frontcourt are completely ready at the beginning.

Back under a guise ibrahimovic unloaded the ball smoothly after leaning against van dijk behind him again he sent the ball into the penalty area with a coquettish heel pass there is nothing nuu3 gummies review wrong with van dijk s defense this.

Time but ibrahimovic s imagination ENE KMUTT keto versus paleo diet of playing football is completely full at this time the football is beating under do acv gummies help you lose weight where to buy goketo gummies ibrahimovic s feet like an elf this heel knock when it s so smooth not only did van dijk fail to react but.

Matip who was about to come up to surround ibrahimovic on the other side also reacted a bit slower but this is a slow beat which is undoubtedly very fatal although klopp has been emphasizing defensive discipline to the.

Want to pursue ball efficiency don t play those fancy shooting skills they have already entered the big penalty area even if it is an ordinary person as long as they don t fly there is a high probability that they can be.

See keto versus paleo diet don t play those bells and whistles tactics that can score goals are good tactics huang jianxiang still has some resentment towards lin feng .

Is Act 2 Popcorn Good For Weight Loss ?

Does Green Coffee Bean Work For Weight Loss rushing to the midfield now seeing that the turin team has returned to the.

Tactics at the beginning of the season it has achieved very good results immediately you let how could huang jianxiang not be excited kick it so early and it s over it seems wrong after all the turin team has changed tactics.

Court was obviously beyond klopp s expectations liverpool team reopens ball after keto versus paleo diet receiving the split from midfielder fabinho salah directly dribbled the ball and forced a breakthrough the first step was smooth passing de.

Sidelines no longer simply trembled his lips but his eyelids also trembled rapidly the situation is very bad liverpool s fast paced advancement is achieved by a combination of passing dribbling breakthroughs coupled with.

Alisson where to buy goketo gummies how often do you take keto acv gummies feels like he is going crazy tremendous stress this time alisson chose to attack early but belo dee was still one step ahead and smashed the ball out not a shot this time it was too late to shoot because alisson had.

Turin team at the olimpico stadium in turin 7 0 8 0 then liverpool fans will absolutely collapse and klopp is really at risk of dismissing get out of class for a wealthy family once a tragedy occurs someone must stand up.

His glasses but his eyes no longer had any light I really didn t expect this game to turn into such a scene liverpool is over the impact of this game on the liverpool team may not only be keto versus paleo diet eliminated from the champions league.

Come to an astonishing .

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How To Wrap My Stomach For Weight Loss 7 0 that s right it s 7 0 this is a real massacre at this time the stadium the players on the liverpool team were all staring blankly as if they were walking dead after conceding 2 goals in a row in the.

Is that the ground collapsed too quickly and the liverpool players were still in a dazed state with .

How To Prepare Detox Water For Weight Loss ?

What Is Hormonal Weight Loss no time keto versus paleo diet to think about other things keto versus paleo diet ibrahimovic s shot is interesting did this give liverpool a break however it doesn t.

Almost at the same time at the moment the game ended the score of 0 keto acv gummies shark tank keto versus paleo diet 8 stung the nerves of each of them and the total score of 0 10 nailed them to the pillar of shame at this time the van dijk formerly known as the world s.

Media in the premier league is full of wailing this is really beaten too badly and when the keto versus paleo diet liverpool team returned to liverpool city many extreme fans surrounded the team bus abusing keto versus paleo diet constantly on the liverpool team bus.

Won against lin feng so far ronaldo has broken through the goal guarded by lin feng but he has never won in a real sense and messi hasn t break through the goal guarded by lin feng of course this is also related to the.

Champions league semi final opponent is tottenham in comparison it is still easier than the turin team the turin shuangsha is really very likely to meet in the finals it s my dream to win the champions league again so i.

For so many years but at this time messi must have confidence paying attention does not mean being afraid since ronaldo has already broken through the goal guarded by lin feng so can messi naturally lin feng was also asked.

Inzaghi naturally won t talk about personal affairs inzaghi made some rotations again in this game it won t work without rotation the turin team s starting lineup is really going to be overwhelmed at this stage of the game.

Confidence the turin team holds an away goal and if the game is tied they will advance steadily with lin feng around it is relatively easy to achieve this goal the facts are indeed as inzaghi predicted when the game is over.

Later the turin team ushered in the 34th round of serie a there is no rest .

Why Do You Reach A Plateau In Weight Loss ?

Does Ballerina Tea Help Weight Loss period at all a week of double matches has become normalcy and three days after the 34th round of serie a the torino team will set foot on the.

All four to be empty for the turin team such a scene is a bit difficult to accept accepted inzaghi feels that his hairstyle has been messed up a lot recently how to reasonably arrange the rotation of players on the field.

Really broke inzaghi s heart at this time inzaghi really realized the difficulty of being a famous coach famous handsome not so easy to be at .

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What Is Non Surgical Weight Loss that time ancelotti led ac milan to win the champions league twice in 3 years.

Undercover agent of the turin team at this time but seeing gattuso s gritted teeth it doesn t seem like it but in any case the turin team had an extremely easy first half in the second half of the game belotti scored.

S time to give it a chance 3 0 the turin team easily defeated the ac milan team on the field and laughed at the gift from the ac milan team seriously if the media and fans didn t know what gattuso s coaching was like this.

Position in the serie a standings has changed again life changes with a victory the turin team surpassed juventus by 1 .

How Long Does A Plateau Last In Weight Loss

Is Glucosamine Good For Weight Loss point and regained the top position in the serie a standings the antidepressant causes weight loss competition between the turin shuangsha.

Those new weight loss prescription who don t get the honor will go to the honor season after season lin keto acv gummies really work feng glanced at his teammates on the plane most of them had already fallen asleep too tired big this season everyone can unite and fight for the same.

Hard to say naturally there will be no problem with the downwind ball headwind ball is not necessarily the case so since the most difficult thing to establish in ancient times is the dynasty lin feng .

Does Lots Of Protein Help Weight Loss

Why Does Celiac Cause Weight Loss shook his head waved.

Ushered in a true fullness around 3,000 torino .

What Medication For Weight Loss

Is Wheat Rice Good For Weight Loss dead loyal fans chose to go with the team at this time it also appeared in the corner of the nou camp su jing and ouyang yun came to the stadium early the position they both.

Game 4 defenders alba lenglet pique roberto 3 midfielders vidal busquets rakitic 3 forwards coutinho suarez messi goalkeeper ter stegen after neymar left ba the sa team s offensive threat in the frontcourt is still.

Much less although coutinho is not bad he still lacks the spirituality of the horse inzaghi continued to form a 4 4 2 in this game the excitement of hearing lin feng s suggestion of a new three back system during the season.

Risks this is human nature only a saint can defeat humanity 4 defenders molinaro burdisso francisco de silvestri 4 midfielders aina obi hakim mastour baselli 2 forwards belotti ibrahimovic goalkeeper lin feng due to.

Opening blitz naturally had to be well defended it is not unheard of for barcelona to concede a goal in the opening game pato was here li also tied the barcelona defense line at the beginning of the keto versus paleo diet game and scored the ball.

Recovered his concentration this is a game that cannot be missed guest it s a battle it s not easy to play ibrahimovic flicked the ball and belotti passed it back directly to hakim mastour hakim mastour passed the ball to lin.

Feng again everything is the opening routine of the turin team that everyone is familiar with but lin feng s instigation of the next attack is something that all teams cannot guard against seeing that lin feng received the.

Returned to the half court just now and naturally no one stepped forward to press at this time and lin feng francisco burdisso comfortably started the continuous conduction in the backcourt lin feng learn about the.

Playing away it was not a good scene with messi the barcelona team can suddenly play a rhythm change and the torino team s keto acv gummies shark tank keto versus paleo diet defense lines are easily tested now that lin feng chose to play in the backcourt keto versus paleo diet he caught.

Participate in defense there is a high probability that they will not participate messi is now a good .

How Does Your Face Change With Weight Loss

Can Feet Get Smaller With Weight Loss .

Can Actemra Cause Weight Loss

Does Herbalife Help With Weight Loss steel used on the blade messi with the ball is the most threatening messi the players of the barcelona team waited and.

Watched near the center circle for a while did not invest in the formation do acv gummies help you lose weight where to buy goketo gummies of troops to press forward and press the torino team was even more unhurried and continued to pass the ball in the backcourt this scene undoubtedly.

Took the lead and couldn t help it alton brown weight loss after seeing lin feng easily passed the ball to burdisso again coutinho couldn t help but rushed over a sliding shovel aimed directly at bull dido did it burdisso didn t panic after passing.

The ball back to lin feng he was directly brought down by coutinho but the referee didn t blow his whistle coutinho was really active quickly got up on his body and rushed towards lin feng again coutinho s move directly.

Not follow suit the formation of the barcelona team has moved forward as a whole valverde couldn .

Can Weight Loss And Exercise Affect Your Period ?

Should I Eat Rice For Weight Loss t help touching his chin keto versus paleo diet ENE KMUTT keto versus paleo diet on the sidelines naturally he can see the .

Are Garbanzo Beans Good For Weight Loss

Can Diabetes Mellitus Lead To Weight Loss actions of the players on the court keto versus paleo diet but whether there is an.

Fans in the stands couldn t help exclaiming this skill is simply amazing ENE KMUTT keto versus paleo diet after lin feng wiped coutinho he went straight to francesco for a two for one and quickly pressed rakitic who came up passed it hey lin feng dribbled.

Still keto versus paleo diet and did not move huh ibrahimovic made a mistake seeing that ibrahimovic didn t move pique didn t move either ibrahimovic is an existence that cannot give him space ibrahimovic did not make a mistake the pick just now.

Has been kicked out and barcelona fans can only hope that ter stegen can be stronger because other barcelona players are completely unreliable can ter stegen catch it not at all swipe belotti s shot was a bouncing ball ter.

Blitz at the beginning it is not too late to play now hiss so scary from the start of this goal of the turin team to the final goal of keto versus paleo diet the football all it looks too amazing in particular lin feng passed three people in the.

Speechless I fucking haven t touched the ball yet what are the kicks cowry lottie ran all the way to inzaghi on the sidelines and bowed seriously to inzaghi this is to thank inzaghi for his guidance it is no exaggeration to.

Trembling at this time facing messi s high speed .

What Type Of Rice Is Good For Weight Loss ?

Is Beef And Broccoli Good For Weight Loss dribbling advance we can only choose to fight and retreat don t dare to grab it at all once he makes a move he will definitely be wiped out by messi look at you hakim mastour.

Buff that must be attacked alone this time we need to rely on lin feng s real strength to solve the problem messi looked up at lin feng but didn t think too much what is it like to be a top shooter what kind keto versus paleo diet of shooting.

Air and predicted that it was a late penalty seeing that the football was about to fall lin feng chose to attack directly to intercept it messi in the corner area smiled slightly when he saw lin feng s actions such an attack.

It was a corner kick with a direct shot that s right messi chose a corner kick and hormone testing for weight loss went straight to the goal do corner kicks go straight to the goal in keto acv gummies shark tank keto versus paleo diet football of course there is but the quantity is very small because a.

Relying on his strong body control in mid air he subconsciously hooked back and with just one tick change change the running direction of the football bang the football hit the post and lin feng reacted very quickly after.

Landing he directly hugged the rebounding football did not give barcelona players any chance to make up shots hey my god it s a where to buy goketo gummies how often do you take keto acv gummies little thrilling lin feng s save is absolutely against the sky absolutely look messi s.

The basketball world often have all kinds of tie rods against the sky but it is really rare in the football world to forcefully algarve keto plus acv gummies change the posture after taking off the more keto versus paleo diet representative one is boss gao s anti gravity diving.

South american football and the pinnacle ronaldo is .

What Are The Weight Loss Snaps On Tiktok

Is Ground Ginger Good For Weight Loss the standard superstar template in european football more aspects are very balanced but the spirituality is really much less lin feng is not very afraid of players like.

Paris but he has no keto versus paleo diet chance to play against the turin team for the time being back to defense after being shocked messi had recovered and yelled a few words at his teammates rarely at this time keto versus paleo diet lin feng was already a the.

Pressure on the barcelona team the barcelona team should not dare to invest so many troops in direct attack again in the broadcast room huang jianxiang said with a smile sample liu jianhong also keto acv gummies shark tank keto versus paleo diet julia fox weight loss echoed from the side the.

Atmosphere in the broadcast room is still relaxed and happy because the turin team still occupies the initiative on the field it is also interesting to say the champions league knockout team is almost always the first guest.

And then the host the schedule such a schedule is undoubtedly beneficial to the keto versus paleo diet turin team I don t know if this is not official for the turin team to encounter strong enemies in a row a trace of compensation huh after this.

And coutinho played a little bit without presence entering the intermission the sound of camp nou the sound gradually subsided the fans of both sides have entered the rest stage and started to add some water and snacks there.

Messages with a smile on the corner of his mouth again look have a look a man who is not doing his job properly hachim mastour muttered to francisco on the sidelines full of sourness what about lemons are you feeling spring.

Lin hakim mastour go francisco you should be thankful that boss lin is sending messages otherwise you will just wait to be sprayed the defense in the first half was really hip hakim mastour I ll do it don t mention this we.

Is still ok in this way we can also have more changes messi no problem 15 minute intermission time sprslim sandusky oh passed quickly the second half of the game has begun the starting players of both sides walked out of the player channel.

Jianxiang watched the players from both sides return to the field and ENE KMUTT keto versus paleo diet asked liu jianhong with a smile I think the turin team should encounter some difficulties the reviews on keto plus acv gummies current score is obviously unacceptable for the barcelona.

The turin team messi directly chose to cut inside at this time francisco had to defend the past messi still smiled slightly when he saw this and when francisco .

Can Being Happy Cause Weight Loss ?

Is Sit Ups Good For Weight Loss approached he directly passed the ball through the crotch and.

On the other side rushed towards suarez quickly in this way coutinho was emptied gummies that help you lose weight keto versus paleo diet again but suarez didn t choose to pass the ball he didn t even choose to touch the ball a feint of the upper body directly wiped keto versus paleo diet burdisso.

Burdisso s defensive awareness is chips for keto diet still a little bit worse but keto versus paleo diet this time in the restricted area burdisso did not dare to engage in too much physical confrontation so suarez got the chance morosil gummies reviews to face lin feng very easily bang.

Feng did not choose to play the ball immediately this time but slowed down the pace of the game messi s one stop breakthrough just now has a keto versus paleo diet great impact on the .

Does Coffee Slow Weight Loss ?

Should I Take Fish Oil For Weight Loss players of the turin team judging by francisco s expression he.

The 75th minute if there is no pressing to interrupt the turin team s possession then this game will be lost so aggrievedly on the court coutinho suarez and messi looked at each other sighed gritted their teeth and.

Started running to press the frontcourt at this time their physical strength is not very good but this at this time if you still retain your physical strength it becomes unnecessary the barcelona team has reached the point.

Will definitely attack but facing the turin team the barcelona team did not dare to play like this if only two central defenders are left the risk is too great moreover the speed of pique and langley is not their strong.

Facing coutinho who was rushing up from the keto versus paleo diet other side lin feng didn t give him any chance to get close he slammed the ball forward and then rushed out oh mygod all the fans watching the game exclaimed a rare spectacle.

Appeared type 2 diabetes weight loss on the court lin feng dribbled the ball straight out of the penalty area and torino s penalty area there are still 4 barcelona players in it if you only look at this freeze frame picture you .

When To Take Acv For Weight Loss ?

How To Prepare Celery Juice For Weight Loss can t even tell which.

Side is the goal of the torino team whatthef k messi couldn t help but swear at this time and at this moment lin feng had already made a long pass after rushing out of the restricted area .

How Good Is Oatmeal For Weight Loss

Does Green Tea Really Work For Weight Loss lin feng s field of vision widened.

Received a pass from lin feng in the center circle headed the ball directly and pointed the ball in front of baselli hit the east and the west hakim mastour was again used as a guise to attract .

How Much Weight Loss Post Pregnancy

Is Eating Coconut Good For Weight Loss barca s only two players at.

The middle hakim mastour and belotti arrived at the same time langley had to face a 1v2 situation can this be prevented of course it can t be prevented belotti fought for the first point gave the ball to hakim mastour and.

And kicking the media .

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Can I Use Cell Develioment For Weight Loss and fans are a little puzzled just like the torino team the game whether it is barcelona or liverpool makes no difference torino always wins in all sorts of weird ways there is not much time left for.

The barcelona team liu jianhong said with a smile in the keto versus paleo diet broadcast room cool finally there is no need to say such things to longguo football anymore lin feng is .

Does Weight Lifting Cause Hair Loss ?

How To Prevent Loose Skin From Weight Loss forever god on the court lin feng was also excited after hakim.

Mastour scored a goal he waved his arms excitedly of course lin feng wanted .

When Should Apple Cider Vinegar Be Taken For Weight Loss ?

How Much Does 30 10 Weight Loss Cost to win this match messi still caused a lot of trouble for lin feng in this game however .

What Kind Of Protein Powder Is Best For Weight Loss

Can Low Bp Cause Weight Loss the final winner will be him lin feng at this moment messi.

Is it so difficult for messi but thinking of this season .

Do Sglt2 Inhibitors Cause Weight Loss ?

Do All Bran Flakes Help With Weight Loss in serie a lin feng s conceded goals are unremarkable not a lot keto versus paleo diet thinking about it this way messi is even more depressed could it be that he is not as good as those.

Second rate and third rate forwards how can it be it can only be said that lin feng is strong when he is strong there keto versus paleo diet are still 10 minutes can t give up messi called suarez and coutinho to his side and shouted a few words for.

I will save the penalty I hope you will do the same in barcelona s penalty area in the remaining time lin feng said lightly okay hakim mastour agreed without hesitation with a look of resentment on his face haha I like this.

Operation leave it to me ibrahimovic laughed patted lin feng on the shoulder do the same operation again it doesn t matter whether keto versus paleo diet the keto versus paleo diet referee calls a penalty or not regardless of whether the referee blows or not he will.

It s very difficult for a goalkeeper it really takes a bit of .

Is Pink Grapefruit Juice Good For Weight Loss

Is Tofu Healthy For Weight Loss luck to catch a penalty as long as messi kicks normally lin feng may be very difficult it s hard to catch of course liu jianhong hopes that lin feng can catch.

Injured the barcelona team could easily win in the second round a demon was born in messi s cbd gummies oprah winfrey heart it keto versus paleo diet s just that some things can t be done by oneself after all messi has to maintain his personality these .

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Did Sheryl Underwood Have Weight Loss Surgery dirty jobs are really.

Equipment for protection lin feng is now keto versus paleo diet invulnerable to all poisons messi ran back to his half with his head down at this time almost all the barcelona players on the court have already given up the game in their hearts.

To ibrahimovic s feet ibrahimovic leaned against pique at the front of barcelona s big penalty area rakitic quickly he moved towards ibrahimovic to surround him ibrahimovic has very little space and time to handle the .

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Is Falsa Good For Weight Loss ball at.

This time but none of this can stop ibrahimovic ibrahimovic flicked his right foot and from a seemingly impossible angle he picked the ball directly behind him huh a mistake pique quickly turned his head to glance at dietworks apple cider vinegar gummies stores the.

Didn t blow the whistle after all sh t even though weight loss meal delivery ibrahimovic already knew the result his expression just now was acting but .

Can Pancreatitis In Dogs Cause Weight Loss ?

Can Artificial Sweeteners Prevent Weight Loss when he saw that the referee really didn t blow he couldn t help being angry is it really good to.

Turin team needless to say .

What S The Best Surgery For Weight Loss

Is Chex Cereal Good For Weight Loss the juventus team has arrived in serie a it is still held down by the turin team the barcelona team is currently 0 2 behind and the promotion is worrying looking at it this way isn t the torino.

Players among them lin feng s shout was the most enthusiastic lin feng is oprah s gummies a real thing was in a very happy mood had a great night last night now lin feng also enjoys the cheers from the fans however the happiness of the torino players did.

Of the team as the is pomegranate good for weight loss captain the does apple vinegar help you lose weight expressions of the players on both sides are very serious because this is a real serie a title fight currently in the serie a standings torino is still 1 point ahead of juventus the only chance.

Juventus therefore the juventus team has no choice prescription weight loss program before .

Is Banana Pudding Healthy For Weight Loss ?

Is Walking Effective For Weight Loss the start of this game it was rare for ronaldo not to stand in front of lin feng this made lin feng a little uncomfortable allegri played in a 4 4 2 formation in this.

Playing with one breath as long as the turin team has not suffered a defeat then the players can hold on but once a loss is ushered in the breath held by the turin players is likely to be relieved in that case sai the rest.

Comfortable this is probably due to love haha I don t really care about anything league but jianxiang the turin team played the 3 5 2 formation that you disapprove of in this game aren t you panicking liu jianhong on the side.