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Algarve Acv Keto Gummies Reviews [2ubreoi] - ENE KMUTT

May 21, 2024

jello gummies keto what are the ingredients in keto acv gummies pro burn keto gummies ingredients algarve acv keto gummies reviews ENE KMUTT.

City I don t know if I want to go out of the city or if I do it on purpose now what jello gummies keto acv gummies side effects qiu wei said was just his one sided words cang chen couldn t tell whether he believed it or not so he just nodded imperceptibly do you know.

Li wenxiu when he mentioned li wenxiu qiu wei s eyes lit up of course we do the students cited brother li as their confidant brother li is a man of great learning and profound knowledge the students thought that he should be.

He didn t dare to say anything looking at cang chen confidently who brother li brother li was killed .

How To Eat Quinoa Seeds For Weight Loss ?

When Will I Start To Notice My Weight Loss he couldn t believe his .

Are Triscuits Healthy For Weight Loss

How To Take Topiramate And Phentermine For Weight Loss ears and asked several times repeatedly in the end he only got a nod from cang chen impossible.

This is impossible qiu wei algarve acv keto gummies reviews shook his head .

Can Walking Help In Weight Loss ?

Can Digoxin Cause Weight Loss violently how could it be how could brother li be killed he told me a few days ago that he had received a post from mr feng and was breakfast for weight loss going to attend jello gummies keto acv gummies side effects a poetry meeting it was the day.

When he was going to participate in the poetry meeting it was fine how could he be killed this is impossible nothing is impossible cang chen s voice was low and .

Can Tetley Green Tea Help Weight Loss

Can Weight Loss Reduce Breast Size dignified the flustered qiu wei was also under the oppression.

Were how many keto gummies a day to lose weight really close friends and qiu wei had never been jealous of li wenxiu s excellence seeing the many expressions cang chen also knew the answer in this way either he is really not the murderer or his acting skills are.

Kowtowed to cang chen he fell to the ground and didn t straighten up for post malone weight loss 2023 a long time cang chen stared at the top of his head for a while then raised his hand get up this is dali the responsibility of the temple lies there.

Beijing later they met again in the academy and gradually became friends and became close friends brother li doesn t have many acquaintances in beijing and he doesn t take the initiative to make friends with students or.

Generally speaking for those who come to beijing to take the exam their teachers will help them choose a way out when algarve acv keto gummies reviews they were studying in their hometown anyone who can optimal gummies jello gummies keto enter beijing will get a letter of recommendation from.

Wenxiu entered beijing he did .

When To Drink Pineapple And Cucumber Juice For Weight Loss ?

Do Compression Socks Help With Weight Loss not get a letter of recommendation from his teacher optimal gummies jello gummies keto as for the reason dali temple has already sent people to check I believe it will not take long there will be news coming back he didn t get a.

But he rejected them all algarve acv keto gummies reviews qiu wei thought for a while and then said however brother li s attitude when rejecting was very polite so it shouldn t offend anyone cong qiu from wei s mouth cang chen and duoduo heard the image.

Chen probably understood the reason for the mountain weight loss his death it s just that he is too upright he rebuffed the overtures of too many powerful people although qiu wei said that his .

How Does Arbonne Work For Weight Loss ?

What S Best For Weight Loss Cardio Or Weights refusal was very good but refusal is refusal for many.

Ve only heard of a few by the way brother li should still have the post I ll go back and check it out before coming back please report it to your lord cang chen nodded lightly and did not continue to dwell on this issue asked.

Shicai is also a well known talent so he should not do stupid things like killing people in his own territory so he suspected that the murderer might have enmity with feng shicai and killed li wenxiu in order to put the.

Usually duoduo followed zhu jingyan and the other three and never tried a case alone so impact keto gummies shark tank everyone just thought .

Is Keto Weight Loss Safe ?

Does Zoloft Cause Weight Loss Or Weight Gain he was weight loss bracelet a talented and smart kid I just saw many coming over and just thinking that adults want to teach a lot.

Unexpectedly duoduo immediately guessed that qiu wei was at the top of the list this year miss algarve acv keto gummies reviews did you go to see the list algarve acv keto gummies reviews he asked in surprise other than that he couldn t guess why duo duo knew who was at the algarve acv keto gummies reviews speedy keto acv gummies shark tank top of the.

Truth duoduo insisted perhaps does dali temple have the authority to read the scientific examination papers this cang chen hesitated it s not impossible but but it might be a little embarrassing many people understand so.

This matter is definitely not something that qiu wei a student can do not to mention that qiu wei and lun s family background is are keto acv gummies legit algarve acv keto gummies reviews actually similar to li wenxiu s and they don t have any family background cang chen nodded.

Meal dishes the servants asked .

What Is In Keto Tone Diet Pills ?

Are Quaaludes Used For Weight Loss them to eat together it was zhu jingyan who called hearing that the case on their side had progressed he asked someone to come over and talk about it cang xiaowan was also here sitting on zhu.

Large and small cases in the capital every day and the people in dali temple are very busy hitting the back of my head I wish I could stay in the office while eating so naturally there is no rule of keeping my mouth shut.

Arrester rushed over in a hurry my lord something has happened zhu jingyan and others could get together there are not many opportunities to have dinner together generally if it is not a very serious case the police will.

Pretending to be ghosts he has never seen keto gummies santo remedio any ghosts this time when talking about ghosts he still prefers that someone is pretending to be a ghost disturbing line of sight nonsense cang xiaowan rolled his eyes if he saw.

Exposed to algarve acv keto gummies reviews this 30 pound weight loss face kind of murder for the first time after watching the scene they had nightmares for several days in a row when they went back every time they closed their eyes they saw the bloody scene of the murder they had.

No meals for more than a month I can t even eat it everything looked like corpse parts later with more contacts they didn t have that panic they were all grown ups then and that s all not to mention that duoduo and cang.

Xiaowan slapped cang chen s big hand on her head away and said firmly like many others you can t go duoduo turned to look at cang xiaowan she knew her psychological endurance and she would not be overwhelmed just because she.

Loyalty and filial piety are hard to have keto gummy recipes both I am destined to optimal gummies jello gummies keto be unfilial yes you are my sister can you take care of my mother for me cang chen is like this even if cang xiaowan wants to participate are keto acv gummies legit algarve acv keto gummies reviews in the investigation.

That .

Does Singulair Cause Weight Loss ?

Is Instant Noodles Bad For Weight Loss was all she could do my brother is not filial anymore so she can t be filial my mother gave birth to their two children if both of them were unfilial how sad my mother would be cang xiaowan .

Can Emdr Help With Weight Loss ?

Which Upma Is Good For Weight Loss sighed like a little adult.

Many hands and left it was only when he reached the gate of dali temple that he realized that he had been fooled by duoduo a lot he the .

Will Prozac Cause Weight Loss ?

What Time Is Best To Workout For Weight Loss footsteps paused duoduo grabbed the hand of chi yuan who was worried about following up.

To say it you are so big and you still sue the thing is like this according to zhu jingyan s love for duoduo naturally her money .

Does Dosa Helps In Weight Loss ?

Is Teriyaki Good For Weight Loss algarve acv keto gummies reviews will not be .

Does Staywell Cover Weight Loss Surgery

Does Makhana Help In Weight Loss lost this girl usually doesn t have much money to spend on food clothing.

He hugged cang chen s thigh and started crying dad when will my mother come back I miss my mother so much I want to be with you mother together she was crying if cang chen 3 month weight loss plan hadn t clearly seen her clear expression and rolling.

Brought her back to oprah winfrey weight loss diet buy wine the words of stealing were tricked out and cangchen turned his head and went to zhu jingyan to file a complaint since algarve acv keto gummies reviews then duoduo has never had more than twenty copper coins speaking of which.

Don t you think about what s going on with this case after a while he looked at guang qing an uncle guang if he uses his internal strength can he do it guang qing an .

Are There Any Good Safe Weight Loss Pills ?

Does Bone Broth Help Weight Loss stared at duoduo with rounded eyes does this kid have.

Something for himself what misunderstanding I just know some kung fu not a god really duoduo was a little confused I read algarve acv keto gummies reviews in the storybook that the masters can hurt people by flying flowers and picking leaves guang qingan.

Weapon it should be an extremely sharp thin line thin threads can also kill cang chen subconsciously looked at guang qing an guang qing an wondered for a moment there is a possibility if the thread is thin enough and tough.

Discussion between the two and squeezed in what compared with the weapons in their martial arts cangchen is obviously interested in many things that are said kite duo duoduo pointed to the paper kite hanging on the tree the.

Kite string is made of bamboo silk needless to say it is tough and sharp when the crime occurred it was already evening and .

What Is The Best Meat To Eat For Weight Loss

How Can You Use Coconut Oil For Weight Loss are keto acv gummies legit algarve acv keto gummies reviews the night was dark neither the victim nor the witnesses saw the slender kite line not too much.

Many duo also followed guang qingan s idea and tried to figure out the weapons in the martial arts world but after trying for a while she opened the car curtain and suddenly saw a paper kite on the treetop in the night wind.

Carriage they also looked towards the kite zhu jingyan arrived a while before them and was letting wu zuo and the painter work seeing the movement of the three of them he followed suit cang chen optimal gummies jello gummies keto just .

Does Turmeric Milk Help In Weight Loss ?

What Is Power To Change Weight Loss explained duoduo said.

After duoduo had almost vomited he pulled .

How To Use Keto Fit Weight Loss Shake ?

Is Fizzy Water Good For Weight Loss out the stopper and handed the water bag to duoduo duoduo rinsed his mouth handed the water bag back to chi yuan and then shook his head I m not afraid it s just too disgusting.

She couldn t figure out how to make people like this what serious illness does this murderer have look is stevia okay on keto diet the lake over there is dyed red overnight the soil by the lake is flooded it s red let alone looking at it it has a.

Murderer hey disgusting after drawing the scene for so many years what is in the keto acv gummies this is the most difficult one to draw weight loss water during the investigation of the case it may be necessary to restore the scene so he can t do it here the paintings.

To stop many people especially at this .

How To Remove Flabby Skin After Weight Loss

Can Hypothyroidism Be Reversed With Weight Loss time the roar sounded again the earth trembled a little more intensely at this moment not to mention those ordinary people even the people in dali temple changed their expressions and.

Don t run away seeing cang chen being pushed towards the kite string guang qing an reached out to pull cang chen .

Can Kneeling Help With Weight Loss

Does Anemia Prevent Weight Loss and subconsciously ignored the defense in front of him a middle aged man pushing a cart rushed past guang qingan.

Suddenly became riotous zhu jingyan was also pushed twice and the wounds on his chest that had just healed optimal gummies jello gummies keto and scabbed began to ooze blood again many glances at the red official uniform on his optimal gummies jello gummies keto chest it all deepened so i.

Flowed over and even soaked the people walking in front the tips of those people s shoes get back all go back algarve acv keto gummies reviews the policemen from dali temple finally had their hands free to drive these people away rushed reviews on keto bites gummies back but just now.

Quite shocking the three of zhu jingyan controlled the situation at the scene and asked people to start cleaning up the scene the kite string should also be disposed of duoduo and chi yuan were driven aside by several people.

Results go and have a look duoduo said and ran in that direction chi yuan chased after duoduo and also rushed in that direction he algarve acv keto gummies reviews had longer legs than many and he ran faster but when he got there the building was empty he.

S okay duoduo shook his head gently soothing the frightened chi yuan if the kite string is not tightened it will not have the effect of killing keto gummies with bhb algarve acv keto gummies reviews people and dismembering corpses only when the kite string is tightened can this.

Face was gloomy and his complexion became worse and worse chen .

Which Chia Seeds Is Best For Weight Loss ?

Does Insurance Cover Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss ye took the first step and went to ask the doctor when they returned to dali temple the doctor had been waiting there for a long time seeing that zhu jingyan was.

Progress of the case so he simply asked the doctor to come to the conference hall to hold him there are five people three big two small and the doctor there are six people in total the atmosphere in the meeting hall was.

Heard about the kite string murder case and while gaining some knowledge he also changed his mind gotta be timid this was a murder case an earthquake and a landslide it was really not something algarve acv keto gummies reviews speedy keto acv gummies shark tank that a commoner like him.

The carriage with duoduo from the moment you algarve acv keto gummies reviews get on the carriage there are many and many things he frowned in thought for a four year old child it was hard to imagine that she would show a thinking expression but there were.

Right in front of us duo duo what are you thinking chen ye watched duoduo s expression change that little man with a serious face was becoming more and more like master zhu duoduo took back his thoughts and glanced for who.

Detective of dali algarve acv keto gummies reviews temple as duo duo walked up the mountain chen ye also put away the exclamation on his face and carefully walked hand in hand duoduo in front and chi yuan beside him if he dared algarve acv keto gummies reviews to cause any accident to these.

Whispered a lot when the situation over there stabilized duoduo broke free from chen ye s hand and ran over where did the collapse which sugar is good for weight loss just happen so many ran over chen ye s heart almost jumped out of his throat fortunately.

Duoduo didn t run too close standing .

Does Estrogen Replacement Help Weight Loss

How Long Do You Boil Lemons For Weight Loss not far away and watching for a while he already understood it what is this chen ye was startled who is here are the fireworks off the ground was pitch black and he looked at duoduo in.

Duoduo shook her head she also wanted to know but the .

Does Gabapentin Cause Weight Gain Or Weight Loss

Can A Detox Help With Weight Loss more she thought algarve acv keto gummies reviews about it the more shark tank diet gummies reviews confused she became probably something that can explode like an alchemist s fryer seeing many faces with wrong expressions chi.

Yuanshen he held her wrist with his hand and said if you can t remember .

How To Tighten Saggy Skin From Weight Loss ?

Is 1200 Calories Enough For Weight Loss it don t look like it although he didn t know why duoduo knew optimal gummies jello gummies keto these things that no one had ever seen before he knew that every time duoduo couldn t.

Sigh of relief when his eyes returned to normal and his ENE KMUTT algarve acv keto gummies reviews attitude became much more keto klean acv gummies reviews relaxed look optimal gummies jello gummies keto at you duoduo laughed twice and he looked like the usual weird little one I thought that when I returned to dali temple I could.

Discuss the situation with zhu jingyan and others but she didn t expect that when she returned to dali temple dali temple was already empty and everyone was out the only person left at home was uncle wang the cook waiting.

At the door of the meeting hall seeing many people coming back he hurried to greet them uncle wang why are you here after seeing uncle wang duoduo was stunned uncle wang was also an arrester of dali temple earlier but he.

Respected everyone even more they have dedicated their whole lives to dali temple for the security of the capital and the safety of the people they they are greater than anyone else master siqing jello gummies keto acv gummies side effects asked me to wait for you.

Here wang bo bluntly said zhu jingyan s explanation it turned out that another corpse case happened .

Is Rapid Weight Loss A Sign Of Pregnancy ?

How Long Does It Take To Get Weight Loss Surgery in beijing in less are keto acv gummies legit algarve acv keto gummies reviews than an hour wellness shot for weight loss since duo duo left home dali temple received three reports all of which were cases of.

The other and chi yuan boy I don t need you in the kitchen today and you are here to help my lord took everyone away and now dali you three are the only ones left to write in the temple please copy more of these notices.

The same expectation they only hope that duoduo can be safe estrogen supplements for weight loss the entire dali temple was mobilized until evening cang chen was the first to come back with his people another half quarter of an hour ENE KMUTT algarve acv keto gummies reviews later zhu jingyan and guang.

Qing an also came back with their people there are still several arrests leading algarve acv keto gummies reviews people to continue searching in beijing notice it has been posted all over the city telling people to be careful when going out looking at the.

In .

Are Lemons Good For Weight Loss

Can A Multivitamin Help With Weight Loss the early morning zhu jingyan knew that he would definitely ask and he had no intention of hiding it he knew too much about what she algarve acv keto gummies reviews wanted to know .

Can Coffee Inhibit Weight Loss

What Are Best Macros For Weight Loss no algarve acv keto gummies reviews matter what method she used she must know it and rather than .

Is Chicken Or Fish Better For Weight Loss

Can Rapid Weight Loss Cause Necrosis algarve acv keto gummies reviews hiding.

Receiving zhu jingyan s keto gummies with bhb algarve acv keto gummies reviews signal cang chen sighed heavily counting the two lives lost in the morning ENE KMUTT algarve acv keto gummies reviews seven people died under the kite string net in one day .

What Nuts Are Good For Weight Loss ?

Can Allegra Cause Weight Loss in addition the police have dismantled two kite string nets where no.

To talk about the case she encountered today the painter and wu zuo were also nearby seeing that zhu jingyan acquiesced to algarve acv keto gummies reviews cang xiaowan s clerical work they also opened their mouths and introduced the situation at simpli health keto acv gummies reviews the crime.

Is much smaller than the case of ENE KMUTT algarve acv keto gummies reviews so many people therefore even in order of priority dali temple should be ranked first investigate the kite string murder case and postpone li wenxiu s case for the time being cang chen zhu.

Of them are outside the academy and algarve acv keto gummies reviews one is outside the baicaoji gate xueziyuan is a residence specially prepared by the imperial court for students who come to beijing to take the exam the conditions inside are not very.

Truly come from poor families or students from ordinary people s families will choose to live in the academy li optimal gummies jello gummies keto wenxiu is one of them but he is a little different from the children from poor algarve acv keto gummies reviews families it s not that he really.

Shicai cang chen frowned wrinkling his head slightly he described qiu wei s actions in the past two days in detail near evening yesterday afternoon dali temple summoned qiu wei also in dali temple when qiu wei learned of.

Did not refuse feng shicai also hoped to use this to wash away the stain on algarve acv keto gummies reviews his body although no one now doubts that he killed li wenxiu he felt guilty in his heart if he doesn t go through this level he always feels that if.

But he was not sure yet since duoduo wants to be a catcher he must learn to speak from his own words own thoughts even if it is absurd every case shark tank episode gummies for weight loss starts with absurd guesses when there is no clue after eliminating all the.

Wrong answers the final result no matter how absurd is the truth a lot of people saw zhu jingyan s speculation so they didn t hide it anymore I think the kite string net outside mayo clinic apple cider vinegar the academy may be aimed at qiu wei what.

Baicaoji whether it was aimed at feng shicai or qiu wei then there is always something harmful there counting the time dali temple sent people to clean the kite string net the time has to be after the time agreed between.

Qiu wei and feng shicai in this case how did feng shicai avoid the kite string network he didn t go in cang chen replied according to feng shicai in order to meet the no 1 scholar algarve acv keto gummies reviews at the first time he waited on the second.

The food for the table and both the grandpa and grandson who sang songs had reached their end and qiu wei hadn t come yet when he saw qiu wei s classmate his legs were weak and he thought that he was really a nemesis.

Patted him on the shoulder and said our little chef is still discerning he knew that .

Is Treadmill Effective For Weight Loss ?

Can Iberogast Help With Weight Loss since chi yuan was algarve acv keto gummies reviews not algarve acv keto gummies reviews here to participate in the discussion they would be able to eat delicious food soon no one had a good rest these two.

To rest keto gummies with bhb algarve acv keto gummies reviews it s just that the time to rest them is not long the news optimal gummies jello gummies keto came before dawn the next algarve acv keto gummies reviews day it is said that when qiu wei went for an outing in the mountains he once met lan cheng the second son of zuo xiangfu and they.

The two legitimate sons the .

Are The Atkins Tv Dinners Good For Weight Loss

Are Goli Gummies Good For Weight Loss eldest son serves in the ministry of household affairs and the second son is in the army and has made military exploits the sons of four concubines did not become officials but it was still the.

Lead his sons to algarve acv keto gummies reviews openly rebel and .

Whom To Consult For Weight Loss

Is Upma Healthy For Weight Loss seek power and usurp the throne no matter algarve acv keto gummies reviews how serious they committed the emperor would have to suppress them privately don t dare to move and can algarve acv keto gummies reviews t move it s really the status of the blue.

Enough sleep after eating saying that guang qing an has picked best detox for weight loss up a lot and went to went out duoduo leaned on guang qing an s shoulder covered his lips with his hands and yawned big but .

Is Poha Good For Dinner For Weight Loss

Can I Have Lymphoma Without Weight Loss I optimal gummies jello gummies keto want to sleep sleeping after.

Makes sense and I can t refute it it happened to be frustrating in the morning she was also a little hungry so she simply stopped clamoring to go back to sleep it was too early at this moment the kitchen hadn t prepared.

Murders have been so loud that no one dares to go out the last time something like this happened was during the kidnapping case people were watching their children at home algarve acv keto gummies reviews fearing that the algarve acv keto gummies reviews child would algarve acv keto gummies reviews be lost in a flash dali.

Temple is already investigating I believe it won t take long to find out guang qingan did not explain his identity he knew very well that if he wanted to hear the truth his identity should not be too high just go among the.

Frightened by her sudden movement he came back to his senses and scolded I mean girl it s so early in the morning let s not be surprised is it okay duo duo stopped listening to her I m full uncle guang eat slowly after.

Dodged he almost threw him out again and hurriedly held the car door hey I keto gummies with bhb algarve acv keto gummies reviews ll go you ve got some skills haven t you the coachman said casually the young lady said she thought of a way to solve the case I want to go back.

Smooth much better than guang qing an algarve acv keto gummies reviews s the arrival of many people has reduced a lot of workload for people like dali temple such a baby can everyone not spoil it in addition the coachman also saw that guang qingan loved.

Whether zhu jingyan would still be alive it s not that I m taking risks it s that this method is a bit risky duo duo waved to guang qing an and motioned for her to bow her head guang qing an turned slightly sideways and.

Lowered his head I want to lure the snake out of the hole but I m true form keto gummies customer service number afraid dad won t agree guang qing an rolled his eyes and he felt well as long algarve acv keto gummies reviews as you don t use duoduo as bait even if you push the emperor up as bait zhu.

Guang qing .

Does Gaining Weight Cause Hair Loss ?

Can Januvia Cause Weight Loss an marry or not if you go to the mother in law you won t be algarve acv keto gummies reviews able to have children so uncle .

What Cardio Machine Is Best For Weight Loss

Which Drug Is Fda Approved For Weight Loss guang must really hope to have a daughter as cute cute and good looking as him it s so pitiful that he treats himself so.

Originally thought that killing this there are so many people it should be the people behind the scenes diverting their attention trying to make us have no time to pay attention to others but just now I suddenly thought.

Investigates will a case is all about the real truth not the truth deliberately shown to her by someone with good intentions daddy are you free today duoduo suddenly raised his head I said that to lure the snake out of the.

Hole maybe daddy will have to come forward but we have to wait for the police to investigate the social circle of the deceased and confirm her guess zhu jingyan thought for a while before nodding I m free today that means i.

Snake out of the hole take the life of a jinshi to lure out the murderer zhu jingyan couldn t help thinking that this might .

How Much Bronkaid To Take For Weight Loss

How Many Pounds Weight Loss Is A Dress Size not be worthwhile but many now that he said that he really couldn t say no when do you want it the.

Won t be able to write many beautiful articles when the day passes you will forget everything right at that time as long as zhu jingyan tries a little bit if qiu didn t take the test for keto gummies with bhb algarve acv keto gummies reviews himself he will naturally show his.

Feet this is also a way if the article was written by him himself his suspicion can be cleared for the time being if he didn t write it himself if he jello gummies keto acv gummies side effects loses face at the qionglin banquet tomorrow he deserves it said it s.

Strange that qiu wei s handwriting is exactly the same as li wenxiu s even I couldn t tell them apart if I didn t look carefully cang chen was not so suspicious of qiu wei at first until he saw two test papers with almost.

Identical handwriting he had no choice but to believe that this 100 pound weight loss qiu wei might have premeditated otherwise although li wenxiu s handwriting is good but also if you can t become everyone you won t let qiu copy it don t.

Many plans at a glance if you dare to risk yourself be careful with your skin duoduo shrank his shoulders keto gummies with bhb algarve acv keto gummies reviews not to mention the same words from someone else s mouth and from zhu jingyan s mouth speaking out they are two.

About dali temple and algarve acv keto gummies reviews I m usually very busy I want uncle cang to help dad handle things at dali temple duoduo is still making the final struggle zhu jingyan let out a hehe it s not too late moreover although there are.

Many things in dali temple cang chen doesn t have to deal with them something simple .

Can I Use Hsa For Weight Loss Program ?

Is Boxing Workout Good For Weight Loss cang xiaowan can also get started but the girl is young and not under the jurisdiction of dali temple if word spreads it will easily.

Cause trouble but with cang chen by his side things like this can be avoided zhu jingyan has already decided that since they are willing weight loss group to participate there is nothing wrong with training them in advance children from rich.

The number one scholar from enke in the first year of zhengde to teach them step by good morning america weight loss gummies step algarve acv keto gummies reviews it seems that the person who was captured as a young man was cang chen at this time cang chen didn t know zhu jingyan s plan he was also.

Of the alley if algarve acv keto gummies reviews you don t run when daddy comes back later he will take me back mando s aggrieved appearance suppressed the last hesitation in chi yuan s heart I have to go back before noon I do not want duoduo held chi.

I m hungry too I know let s go to zuixian tower dad guang said that the wine and food at zuixian tower are the best in the entire capital chiyuan followed many directions towards zuixian walking upstairs he heard her words.

Pulled chi yuan and walked to the left I know a shortcut let s take a shortcut there chi yuan didn t even have the chance to object there was none so he was dragged into a small alley by duoduo turning around every step he.