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Keto Friendly Gummy [ltynxc]

May 21, 2024

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Vegetables that are not commonly seen in the palace grew on the ground many people expected them to disappear and the palace officials must have gone .

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Is Kodiak Oatmeal Good For Weight Loss crazy looking for them they go out like this it is difficult to explain.

And they are easy to be targeted she simply pulled chi yuan to dig wild vegetables in the woods as a cook chi yuan s basic skill is to know the ingredients in order to pack wild vegetables many more tore the cloak on his.

They are evenly matched it s hard to imagine that a person like lan yu er can let someone no worse than her be by her side for so long keto pills and apple cider vinegar results is he .

Is Herbalife Tea Good For Weight Loss

Will Not Eating Help With Weight Loss someone the emperor s adoptive father likes seeing xu zhizhong s body froze there.

Expression on xu zhizhong s face but very helplessly xu zhizhong was lying on the table although duoduo had tried his best he still couldn t see his expression and face clearly the lan family is so powerful that I have no.

Love with each other keto friendly gummy for several months unexpectedly he still failed to protect chu mingyue and their child let chu mingyue and their children buried in the sea of fire did the empress do it duoduo finally finished sorting.

Out the information when he looked up he saw that xu zhizhong was still immersed in pain too sad to control himself besides her I can t think of anyone else he is top rated keto gummies keto friendly gummy weak but he is the emperor after all and his control over.

That duoduo had been found and a trace of vitafusion gummy vitamins apple cider vinegar reviews anger flashed in her eyes still alive how come she didn t have an accident and died directly but soon the secret guard sent news it s a note the message from leng gong zi su sent the.

Ancient forest with chi yuan but she didn t expect that this little girl actually went to leng palace she s just a little girl she thinks she s smart what s the point .

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Does Calorie Deficit Work For Weight Loss you know everything is in the empress schemes zisu smiled.

If the queen hadn t ordered someone to give them a hint early how could those two little things have avoided all the .

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How To Use Kalonji For Weight Loss sentries in the palace and entered the cold palace quietly the queen even left the center of the cold palace.

Around her have changed one after another but she still feels that only chu mingyue is the most comfortable with just a look from her chu mingyue can understand everything it s a pity that it was out of control it was downside of keto diet also.

She didn t expect that chu mingyue fell in love with xu zhizhong stupid it was in vain that she brought chu mingyue by her side since she was a child and taught her everything she knew but she never expected that she would.

Emperor zi too calories on keto diet made the emperor feel a little angry but then he became silent again since then the emperor has been indifferent keto friendly gummy keto organic acv gummies to everyone only after meeting many people did he gain more popularity but no one in the.

Palace knew that concubine ming was a taboo that could not be mentioned earlier a concubine said a few bad words about concubine ming and was directly punished by the emperor he found a reason to lower his status and he is.

Still at the bottom since then he has never even seen the face of the emperor and he is not even eligible to participate in the palace banquet nowadays many people dare to mention concubine ming one sentence after another.

In front of the emperor isn t this looking for death wang fugui did not dare to look directly at xu zhizhong s expression he could only use the how to take keto gummies weight loss clinic milwaukee corner .

When To Drink Kombucha For Weight Loss

Will Weight Loss Help Blood Pressure of his eyes to pay attention to the emperor s expression reaction if the.

Lie to you xu zhizhong took many hands and sat down at the table sister immortal isn t she here many asked tentatively that is the mother the mother is gone she has personally felt it at that time she was hugged tightly by.

That was exposed by many people was gone on his face yes she is no longer here xu zhizhong said ha it s useless that I am still the emperor but I can t even protect the people I like many people blinked their eyes let go.

Of their inner emotions and put on a smile the appearance of a child she held xu zhizhong s hand as if comforting xu zhizhong but only many of them know that she is feeling xu zhizhong s emotions through the movements of xu.

Chaotically about his how to take keto gummies weight loss clinic milwaukee .

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What Causes Constant Weight Loss acquaintance with chu mingyue the process of knowing each other and loving each other it s bloody that is at the one year palace banquet I met an assassin who didn t know who arranged it and the.

People ENE KMUTT keto friendly gummy couldn t make it through didn t the fairy sister also make it through it has to be said that many of them are heart breaking when keto friendly gummy xu how to take keto gummies weight loss clinic milwaukee zhizhong thought that chu mingyue had a child in weight loss clinic milwaukee shark tank gummies episode such a difficult situation and he.

Mingyue s body one by one he felt that even breathing was a dull pain but he still failed to protect keto friendly gummy chu mingyue why many voices even though they tried their best to control them still had some sharpness that she didn t.

Realize lan yuer asked people to keep the child well this may not have been the case originally it had been a day but she was used to making extra preparations look doesn t this come in handy do it cleanly lan yu er was.

Be considered the protagonist when you are someone else s vassal she wants to leave her .

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Does Caffeine Help With Weight Loss name in history and she wants to be admired by all generations disdainful by lan yuer many of them are still in the emperor s bedroom the.

With a golden spoon in her mouth married into the palace after she was born and became the .

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How Long Between Meals For Weight Loss .

How Much Is Twin Hills Weight Loss Program

Is Iso 100 Hydrolyzed Good For Weight Loss most respected woman in the world a noble woman the mother of the world xu zhizhong sneered her ambition doesn t stop there to this.

One who pays the bill is also because of this when he said that he wanted chu keto thinx gummies mingyue lan yu er had no objection and sent chu mingyue to him directly and cooperated with him to give chu mingyue the position of head because.

How could a woman in the harem have such rights she is backed by a powerful maternal family but she shouldn t be so powerful that she can even overthrow the royal family and the government right a wry smile escaped xu.

But what she wanted was too big she wanted the throne even for to achieve the goal do whatever it takes she had done so 12 week weight loss program many outrageous things that xu zhizhong could no longer tolerate her reality always brings too many.

She know and what can she do but the child s intentions were good so xu zhizhong continued with many words okay then the adoptive father can be waiting for duoduo to grow up one look at xu zhizhong s expression and duoduo.

The table and despite duo duo s best efforts he still couldn t see his expression and face clearly the lan family is so powerful that I have no choice but to send her how to take keto gummies weight loss clinic milwaukee to the cold palace to protect her after an unknown amount.

Everything was done to protect chu mingyue and his children every day of his life during that period ENE KMUTT keto friendly gummy was heart wrenching he originally thought that since it was already like this no one would find out the apple cider vinegar gummies acid reflux truth that chu.

They also know the lan family why are they not satisfied I just want a child with a life I like why they can t even tolerate this duoduo spent a long time laughing at the information in this passage xu zhizhong s intention.

That portrait she finally understood I see she was almost deceived by lan yuer in fengyi palace lan yu er learned that duoduo had been found and a trace of hostility flashed in her eyes still .

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How To Stop Taking Topamax For Weight Loss alive how come she didn t have.

An accident and died directly but soon the secret guard sent keto friendly gummy news it s a note the keto friendly gummy message from .

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Are Fried Eggs Bad For Weight Loss leng gong zi su sent the letter to lan yu er lan yu er s eyes flashed and then she chuckled so that s it everyone in this.

Yuer slowly opened the letter with her slender white fingers and asked casually you want to know why she went to the cold palace can you still find her on the way to lenggong zi su nodded hurriedly but she also understood.

With chu mingyue like a young boy but despite keto friendly gummy all her calculations she failed to realize that chu mingyue also what diet pills actually work fell in love with xu zhizhong stupid it was in vain that she had brought chu mingyue with her since she was a.

That kid is useless lan yu er said zi su said huh a little surprised when she met lan yu er s cool gaze she came to her senses in a daze and hurriedly leaned over I ll take care of it now I ll make sure it s dealt with.

Stroking many hairy heads suddenly froze and his gaze also fell on many many body he seemed to understand why he felt kindness towards duoduo as soon as they met if my son is still alive he should be keto friendly gummy about the same age as.

Unexpectedly the moment xu zhizhong heard .

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How To Use Honey For Weight Loss At Night about the girl his lips almost burst into laughter then she should be the most beautiful little girl in the world she looks exactly like her mother after saying that xu zhizhong.

Looked at her a lot and then said seriously I .

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Is Beef Jerky Bad For Weight Loss m not bragging my little princess must be more than how good looking you are duo duo I really can t speak so I can shut up but she also breathed a sigh of relief in her heart.

Reasonable she proposed thrive weight loss patch to go home this time firstly because she really wanted to leave the palace and secondly because she wanted to test what xu zhizhong wanted to use her for but what he didn t expect was that julian dennison weight loss xu.

I .

What Is The Safest Weight Loss Pill To Take ?

Is Eating Meat Good For Weight Loss want to drive you away isn t it because you .

Is Semolina Healthy For Weight Loss ?

Which Melon Is Best For Weight Loss are in cao ying and your heart is in han and you only think about your father go back go back I am still upset keto friendly gummy after looking at you an ugly girl all day long duo duo.

You really have to go home if you don t go back your father is going to join my dragon palace at first he wanted to use many calculations to make lan yu er reveal his flaws but now he suddenly I don t want to put many.

People in danger it s just a child even if lan yu er really killed her according to the power of the lan family lan yu er can still be exonerated and maybe in the end he will pour a lot .

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Which Elliptical Machine Is The Best For Weight Loss of dirty water on duoduo and.

He raised his hand and caressed his chest in his chest his heart was ENE KMUTT keto friendly gummy beating disobediently many many he left the emperor s bedroom and went directly to fengyi palace are you going out of the palace lan yu er paused while.

Playing with the flowers and plants then turned her head to look at duo duo who was standing by the side yeah duoduo nodded obediently duoduo has been in the palace for a long time if he stays any longer the queen s.

Duoduo came into the palace to accompany the queen s stepmother many duo just made an excuse casually but to lan yu er s ears it turned out to be a gesture of goodwill it s easy to think too much if you don t talk about high.

To use than chu mingyue however the person is dead she sighed and thought of many people who were 40 50 similar to chu mingyue time traveler it s really uncommon in this world unfortunately it s a fool he is obviously how many mg apple cider vinegar a day not.

From this world but he still wants to be her mother revenge what a fool sure enough not everyone has her pattern since she came here she keto friendly gummy firmly believes that this era is for her to be the protagonist to be queen how can.

With a golden spoon in her mouth and after she was born she married into the imperial .

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Which Idli Is Good For Weight Loss palace and became the most noble woman in the world the mother of the world xu zhizhong sneered her ambition doesn t stop there to this.

What the lan family thinks they will naturally not give them this chance lan yu er will never have his children does trisha yearwood endorse weight loss gummies even according to the rules of his ancestors he had to spend the night in fengyi palace on the first and.

Fifteenth day of every month and he never thought of giving lan yu er a child under his deliberate control lan yu er has never been able to conceive he was complacent at first feeling that the lan family counting the whole.

World into the applause but not counting .

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Are Any Weight Loss Pills Safe him but later by chance he weight loss clinic milwaukee shark tank gummies episode discovered that it was not him who was toying with the lan family but lan yu er lan yu er didn t want to give birth to his child at all chu mingyue was.

Smile on xu zhizhong s lips she xu zhizhong thought about lan yu er s various methods and couldn t help but think if this person is not lan yu er she doesn t have rebellious thoughts in her heart if she is just if he.

Capital there was only one person he could trust wholeheartedly zhu jingyan after hearing these words duoduo looked at his lonely expression and thought about it then she raised her head how much can you trust the emperor.

S foster father xu zhizhong was surprised then laughed and shook his head she is just a child what can she know and what .

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Is Congee Good For Weight Loss can she do but the child s intentions were good so xu zhizhong followed duoduo s words okay then the.

Adoptive father will wait for duoduo to grow up one look at xu zhizhong s expression and he knew that .

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Is Brown Rice Good For Weight Loss he did not treat himself of take it to heart she didn t make much excuses .

Are Hot Peppers Good For Weight Loss

How Elliptical Helps In Weight Loss anyway xu zhizhong would naturally know about it.

Calm as ever and if you look closely you can still see the difference in his eyes I saw a hint of resentment the miracle doctor lu shi an sat next to zhang qian his eyes rolled around looking at this for a while looking.

These the queen is humiliating us saying that our dali temple has no good things the .

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Does Sweet Potatoes Help In Weight Loss things in the palace are indeed the best yeah guang qing an qi clenched his fists it s great but we simple diet plan for weight loss don t need it lu shi an was afraid.

Has no good things lu shi an shook his head foolishly he remembered that the keto friendly gummy eunuch s original words were xu duoduo was used to these things in the palace and when she returned to dali temple for the first time she was.

Explained patiently lu shi an performed a dumbfounding gesture that that that if we say that we is there any home better than this .

Can Your Doctor Give You Weight Loss Pills

Are Beans Good For Weight Loss Livestrong now even zhang qian looked at lu shi an s expression as if he was looking at a fool who uses.

To be angry about duoduo even told zhu jingyan seriously tomorrow after dad goes to court in the morning can you thank you empress dowager for keto friendly gummy duoduo as soon as these words came out even the most innocent lu shi an looked.

At duoduo with a different look this child is really damaged he poked zhang qian s arm and asked in a low voice this little girl has been is such a stomach full of bad water how can it be zhang qian retorted sharply duo duo.

Used to be the most pure and kind hearted but now he is like this it was forced in the palace xu zhizhong s movement of stroking duo duo s hair suddenly how to take keto gummies weight loss clinic milwaukee froze and his eyes fell stiffly on duo duo he seemed to understand why.

Lips almost burst into laughter then she should be the most beautiful little girl in the world she looks exactly like her mother xu said zhi zhong also looked at duoduo and then said with a serious face I am not bragging my.

Appearance he should treat his daughter he is also very doting the emperor s adoptive father said so duoduo is angry my father always said that I am the most beautiful girl in the world duoduo is not good with the emperor s.

Adoptive father duoduo wants to go home to find his father he was joking but he was actually testing xu zhizhong s .

Does Blood Sugar Affect Weight Loss ?

Do Bowel Movements Help With Weight Loss plan she could see that there must be something wrong with xu zhizhong who left her in the palace at first.

Things want to be done but now keto friendly gummy he doesn t seem to do anything but let people feed her all day long keto friendly gummy which is unreasonable when she proposed to go home this time firstly she really wanted to leave the palace and secondly.

She wanted to test out what exactly xu zhizhong wanted to use her for unexpectedly xu zhizhong followed her words okay then you can go back to your father your heart is not with me anyway duoduo s eyes widened the emperor s.

Adoptive father is going acv start keto gummies to drive duoduo away hey xu zhizhong was unhappy keto friendly gummy why keto friendly gummy do I want to drive you away isn t it because you are in cao ying and your heart is in han and you only think about your father go back go back i.

Lan yu er but now he suddenly didn t want to put many in danger he was just a child even if lan keto friendly gummy yu er really keto friendly gummy killed her according to the lan family s power can exonerate lan yu er but it may end up pouring a lot of dirty.

Dali temple to pick up duoduo xu zhizhong didn t expect that the child was quite smart okay you heartless little ENE KMUTT keto friendly gummy thing I don t call him .

Will Insurance Pay For Weight Loss

How Much Ghee For Weight Loss if someone picks you up you won t miss me will you sure enough if you have a real.

When xu zhizhong heard the word father he was already frozen in place the ground is gone for a long time he raised his hand and caressed his chest in his chest his heart was beating disobediently one month before and after weight loss duoduo left the emperor s.

In the bathtub for a quarter of an hour cooperatively until the fragrance of grapefruit leaves was all over her body she finally get keto friendly gummy out of the tub of course she couldn t help but appreciate her father s kindness of course.

Brother prince you are here too xu jintang keto friendly gummy bent down to pick him up duoduo flew over like a little butterfly duoduo finally got out of the sea of suffering how could brother shizi not come duoduo jenny doan weight loss weight loss clinic milwaukee shark tank gummies episode nodded in .

Is Masturbation Bad For Weight Loss

What Is The Key To Weight Loss a serious manner.

Obviously agreeing with the words he said to get out of the sea of suffering duoduo was in xu jintang s arms she glanced around and couldn t find chi yuan she was stunned for a moment isn t the little brother out yet I heard.

Its owner if the young sect master doesn t care about the change of owner of the keto friendly gummy yunlai sect doesn t he also do you care about yunlaizong becoming the imperial court s minion chi yuan s expression froze what did you say.

Related to the imperial court later it seems that you ve torn your face again who chi yuan took a deep breath to suppress the anger in his heart rivers and lakes the most taboo thing about a sect is to have anything to do.

Orders not to allow people from the sect to have anything to do with people from the official sect how could such a thing happen again situ how to take keto gummies weight loss clinic milwaukee yi guardian zuo chi yuan has been away from the sect for a long time but I still.

Charge of grain and grass and now it s time to collect land taxes once yang tingzhou dies he will lose his ability those who are capable of taking charge of the overall situation are afraid that the entire grain.

And chi yuan but he didn t know that the top rated keto gummies keto friendly gummy queen had sent something to dali temple when they .

Why Is Protein Important In Weight Loss ?

How Do I Tighten My Skin After Weight Loss returned to dali temple they saw cang chen standing at the door of the meeting hall as if facing a formidable enemy guang qing an.

Scared back by the reactions of several people he is afraid these people are obviously angry at the same thing but he really didn t see anything to be angry about he endured it for a long time but finally couldn t hold back.

Stretched out his finger and lightly poked zhang qian s forearm on the armrest of cat weight loss the chair feeling how does mounjaro cause weight loss that zhang qian s muscles were stiff his voice was a little softer almost keto friendly gummy inaudible what are you angry about people are.

You said we don t have diet pill on shark tank any good things in dali temple do you remember lu shian shook his head stupidly he remembered that the eunuch s original words were there are so many things she was used to these things in the palace.

Back would be contempt of the emperor s favor zhang qian explained patiently lu shi an performed a dumbfounding gesture that that that if our family has more than what about this good thing at this time .

What Time Should I Eat Dinner For Weight Loss ?

Do Waist Trainers Work For Weight Loss even zhang qian.

Looked at lu shi an as if he was a fool who dares to use something better than the royal family myni selfcare diet gummy don t die lu shi an ah he made a sound and scratched his head then we have to suffer the loss of being dumb zhang qian what is a good breakfast for weight loss nodded.

There is really no other way at the moment at this moment zhu jingyan led many people and chi yuan came in juzfiit avc keto gummies from outside as soon as b12 shots weight loss a few people came in they saw something in the middle of the meeting room what 3ds gummies keto is this duoduo.

The blink of an eye she shook her head solemnly and taught uncle guang is too old fashioned isn t it I am angry because these things were sent by the queen we should be angry with the queen not these good things the enemy.

Did not pay much attention to duo duo yang tingzhou was killed in his residence and omo weight loss the person who discovered his murder was the housekeeper of yang s residence at this moment the housekeeper was trembling and frightened at.

Yang found yang tingzhou dead the injury is on the top of the head duoduo raised his head and looked at the roof just in time to see light leaking from the roof and the sun pouring keto friendly gummy down the man was murdered the wound on his.

Body but zhu jingyan s tough attitude pushed her back after returning to dali temple uncle wang from the kitchen came to find zhu jingyan and duoduo uncle wang always likes to be in the back basking in the sun in the.

Left duoduo still stood there with a cold look on his face zhu jingyan sighed softly remembering that cang chen had told him before that an outsider had come into .

How Does Raspberry Ketones Help Weight Loss

What Do Water Pills Do For Weight Loss dali temple at that time they thought it was the queen s.

People who came to deal with duoduo but now it seemed that they were coming to find chi yuan looking at the many expressions it is obvious that they are well aware of this matter since we already knew that he would leave.

Jingyan s shoulder I .

Does Cortisol Cause Weight Loss ?

Can Liposuction Help With Weight Loss know perhaps she had experienced too keto friendly gummy many things during this period and she began to be a little pretentious duoduo quickly sorted out her emotions and retreated a little in zhu jingyan s arms I m fine.

He felt that these keto gummies lose weight people might have too many filters but he hasn t been in contact with duoduo for long and keto friendly gummy it s hard to say what duoduo s temperament is I keto friendly gummy can only remain .

Does Zonisamide Cause Weight Loss ?

Do Iron Supplements Cause Weight Loss skeptical duoduo is kind hearted and adaptable.

Potatoes however zhu jingyan asked duoduo to prepare a bath in water with grapefruit leaves many people .

Can Dairy Intolerance Cause Weight Loss

What Is The Best Weight Loss Smoothie are dumbfounded when they see grapefruit leaves isn t this also a folk way to get rid of bad luck where is it better.

The young sect master is still unwilling to go back and take charge of the overall situation the yunlai sect will change its owner if the young sect master doesn t care about the change of owner of the yunlai sect doesn t he.

Also do you care that yun laizong has become a minion of the imperial court chi yuan s expression condensed what did you say uncle .

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Are Pistachios Good For Weight Loss li s face was covered with a black scarf revealing only one pair of eyes but these eyes were.

Because he has a brain that chi yuan thought of everyone except that the person who did such a stupid thing would be situ yi the suzerain and his wife are both injured now the sect is controlled by situ yi if the young.

His wife and made a fuss about princes and generals xiang ning has the right kind to encourage people s hearts now more than half of the people in yunlai sect have been inspired by situ yi to have thoughts that they shouldn.

After all situ yi has been following the sect master for more than ten years not only is he .

Are Built Bars Good For Weight Loss

What Is The Best Fruit Juice For Weight Loss cunning he is also resourceful and good at manipulating people s hearts he was worried that chi yuan was no match for situ yi keto friendly gummy but at.

Reconcile miss xu said goodbye I left her a letter chi yuan drank two sips of water then handed the water bag back to uncle li let s go go back earlier uncle li glanced at chi yuan s dusty face why don t you rest for a.

Got on it but he had to go back as soon as possible to take charge of the overall situation today at dali temple zhu jingyan and others analyzed a series of consequences caused by yang tingzhou s death he had heard it all.

Longer stay out of this matter moreover dali temple is now ENE KMUTT keto friendly gummy isolated and helpless many identities it became clearer and brighter that she could no longer stay out of it duoduo is deeply involved in it so naturally he cannot.

Ugly where are they situ yi hadn t finished speaking when chi yuan s voice came from .

Is Skipping Meals Good For Weight Loss ?

Does Raw Thyroid Help Weight Loss outside the door uncle situ he was stiff but he reacted quickly and greeted chi yuan with a smile on his face young sovereign where have.

Delicate and naive appearance he is already familiar with the road it s just that I have apple cider lose weight done things dozens of times in the past but now that I know what situ yi has done I feel awkward in how I behave situ keto friendly gummy yi is also a it.

Return they knew too well what the murder of yang tingzhou meant this means that the queen can t wait to start acting and what awaits them will be a more severe battle next there is no room for them to slack off and.

About the situation only zhu jingyan took duo duo to yang tingzhou s study which was the scene of the first crime where butler yang discovered yang tingzhou s death the injury is on the top of the head duoduo raised his head.

As many guesses it s hard to guess who keto friendly gummy the murderer is it s just that zhu jingyan and duoduo already have the answer in their hearts apart from lan yu er they couldn t think of a second person who wanted yang tingzhou to die.

While zhu jingyan and duoduo took yang tingzhou s body back to dali temple during the period the wife of the yang family wanted to keep yang tingzhou s body but zhu jingyan s tough attitude pushed her back after returning to.