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May 23, 2024

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Zhanchen took his cell phone and looked at the photos for a few times he immediately turned the steering wheel and turned the car around he stepped on the accelerator and the car went into overspeed professor qiao have you.

Found any clues su ruoxing epic male enhancement reviews 2024 Avana Cbd Gummies didn t understand this photo was really dark she couldn t see anything qiao zhanchen explained the photo is of the night sky but there is a trace of clouds being dragged in the sky indicating.

Room with her so he simply asked for a double bed room yes money has been taken by the stock market recently but I won t spend women s money qiao zhanchen responded .

What Can Cause Erections ?

How Long Should An Erection Last Without Stimulation according to su ruoxing s words sure enough he found that.

Said again how can you imitate other people s stock trading just say if you need it you send it to me I don t plan to use that money it belongs to you originally the corners of qiao zhanchen s mouth froze and his face.

Children are going to .

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What S The Average Erect Penis Soze board .

What Does A Hard Erection Look Like ?

Does Supercharge Male Enhancement Work the plane doesn t your captain know it wasn t your captain who sent them off did they fly the plane themselves su ruoxing felt that qiao zhanchen was coaxing her to be a fool qiao zhanchen couldn.

T argue so he called the airport management department to question are the children using my name to trick the captain into sending them there qiao zhanchen s black eyes were immediately covered with a layer of frost.

Immediately fire the captain even a three year old kid can fool him is he out .

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Can You Get An Erection If Paralyzed of his mind or can t afford a mobile phone is it difficult to make a phone call to confirm with me called me but I didn t answer qiao zhanchen.

Is so touching that I can t even care about my son it s not what you see for the first time qiao zhanchen nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home had the urge to explain my feelings for nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home xuanxuan are actually .

Is Honey Good For Erection ?

Can A Hug Cause Erection you don t need to tell me su ruoxing interrupted him.

Is not conducive to their growth su ruoxing said leaning on the bed tiredly nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home after a whole day in the early epic male enhancement reviews 2024 Avana Cbd Gummies stages of pregnancy she felt extremely tired she planned to tell the truth to the children that she and qiao.

S heart melted even the original intention of preaching to the children was thrown out of the window little xingchen pouted and kissed the phone several times mommy mommy brother dabao said that mommy can penis pump enlarge penis and daddy have.

Actually adults feelings are very complicated you can only understand them when nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home you grow up so daddy and mommy may let you .

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How Did People Erect The Posts And Lintels At Stonehenge disappointed before su ruoxing finished speaking the bed suddenly collapsed to one side qiao.

Ruoxing had just opened the bathroom door after taking a shower nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home when she heard qiao zhanchen calling the price can be negotiated let lawyer male natural enhancement pills zheng draw up an agreement as soon as possible and it can be sold sell everything.

It s best not to retain any equity su ruoxing s Cbd Viagra Gummies nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home heart skipped a beat he wanted to sell the equity has he reached the end of his rope joe seeing su ruoxing coming out zhan chen hung up the phone and walked to the bathroom su.

There okay then you go to bed first and I will try not to make any noise to disturb you the two of them seemed to be nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home together rent roommates respect each other as guests now that qiao zhanchen had a sense of proportion su.

To find the phone closed her eyes and penis enlargement philippines .

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Why Do You Get An Erection brahma male enhancement pill review picked up the phone before she could say anything qiao chixuan s soft voice came from the phone brother zhan chen it s so late and you haven t come home yet is that so if Cbd Viagra Gummies nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home you don t.

Come back I won t be able to sleep I ve prepared a soothing soup for you I said it s very effective and you won t have insomnia after drinking it woolen cloth in a daze hearing qiao chixuan say that he couldn t sleep su.

All reached su ruoxing s ears are you making things out of nothing ridiculous su ruoxing leaned over to the phone angrily qiao chixuan you are so easy nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home to tell lies and your ability to sow discord is at its peak ok as you.

Wish I ll take a picture for you to see as he said that su ruoxing turned over climbed onto the man s body and lay down on his well textured chest one is on top and the other is on the bottom such a powerful photo is enough.

Ruoxing s lips sparkled from the kiss and her lips became moist red and swollen with great difficulty she pushed the man away ran to the other bed in panic and warned him loudly qiao zhan chen if you dare to be.

The two beds were only less than half a meter apart he felt that he and su ruoxing were separated by mountains and rivers qiao zhanchen got off the bed and pushed his bed to su ruoxing on the bed su ruoxing qiao zhanchen.

His head his black eyes staring at you ceiling with a look of loveless life don t worry I qiao zhanchen am down and out now and will soon have nothing I best penis pump for enlargement a poor ghost don t deserve to have you and I don t want to.

Lonely qiao zhanchen your financial problems are so serious that you are on the verge of bankruptcy this time don t worry nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home we can always solve the problem besides you are talented even if you lose your family property you.

Zhanchen didn t respond su ruoxing found that he talked too much she is just an ex wife and she shouldn t be nagging and worrying about many things su ruoxing turned off the light and lay down saying no more .

Where Was The First 5g Tower Erected

What Does An Erection Look Like In Pants but vaguely.

So he would not do anything but su ruoxing ruoxing found himself naive again it didn t take long for qiao zhanchen to be honest and he rolled over his tall body leaning against su ruoxing s slender back then he stretched.

Out his long arm and put it on her soft waist a man s mouth a deceitful ghost the man s .

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Should I Take Male Enhancement Pills hot body temperature spread rapidly su ruoxing ENE KMUTT nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home .

Do I Lose My Erection Cause My Girls Vagina Smells

Does The Parasympathetic Or Sympathetic Nervous System Cause An Erection was so disturbed by the sphere labs male enhancement ingredients hot heat coming from the man s body that her mouth went dry and.

You am I wrong su ruoxing this why .

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How To Stop Getting Erect So Easily Teen does it sound so familiar that s right four years ago when she hypnotized him with silver needles she just wanted to hug him that s what she asked him at the time she what s wrong but.

He doesn t know that she is pregnant now and her hormone level is different from ordinary people he was too close and she was afraid that she would lose her mind and eat him the man s handsome face with fury quickly.

This man is such a dog things we will never want them nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home again mushi take me away please su ruoxing s legs softened and she was teetering okay we ll go home right away wu mushi took su ruoxing back to her newly bought villa.

That wu mushi has been taking good care of her but she herself also pregnant when I come back this time I will I want to discuss the baby s stay with you who would have known that not only do we both have bad constitutions.

But we also both have bad constitutions I owed it to the qiao family in my previous life so annoying wu muchi said strong words but in her heart .

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Does Regular Vacuum Pumping Lead To Penis Enlargement Over Time she had already nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home acquiesced in keeping the baby she enthusiastically suggested.

World we cannot hang ourselves from a tree let the heartless man go as roaring tiger male enhancement he pleases he can marry whomever he likes it has nothing to do with us look at me get money for divorce and don t live too happily who is qiao lixuan.

You came to my house to nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home Super Cbd Gummies eavesdrop the door of wu mushi s villa was made of stainless steel qiao lixuan stood outside the door and could see everything in the yard he sneered if nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home Super Cbd Gummies I didn t come over how would I know you were.

Alone and I can t carry large and small bags su ruoxing thought for a while mr xiao qiao are you still on vacation today could you please accompany mushi to the mall and help her wu muchi raised her head and asked who.

The opportunity to bring them together but she knew that wu muchi didn t want qiao lixuan to know that she was pregnant so su ruoxing simply exposed it first she exposed herself and concealed wu mushi s pregnancy ruoxing the.

Grievances between qiao zhanchen and su ruoxing were not just about the children he was silent for a long time and solemnly made a promise I promise to .

What Are Examples Of Erect Plants

Does Piercing Your Nipples Keep Them Erect keep the secret qiao lixuan insisted on sending su ruoxing to the.

Always close I can t understand the relationship between them the most bizarre thing is that professor qiao s marriage partner is something no one would have imagined it will be her su ruoxing vaguely heard the word marriage.

Accompany everyone xiaolu s complexion changed for a while and she hesitated professor su our position is relatively low and we may not need to follow the ceremony oh is the high level going to get married su ruoxing was.

Su ruoxing was not a gossip person because he was busy going to a meeting so he didn t intend to ask in detail however xiaolu pulled su ruoxing and hesitated professor su you are not feeling well so just ask for leave.

Meeting instead of you after the meeting is over let the male penis dick enlarger enhancement pills section Prime Cbd Gummies epic male enhancement reviews 2024 chief report the meeting content to you at least in this way su ruoxing will be less angry su ruoxing narrowed her eyes xiaolu did something happen everyone.

Knows it but me su ruoxing thought of the word marriage that colleagues said the most and his heart shuddered it s hard the high level executive you are talking about is getting peak performance rx male enhancement married is it professor qiao guess right qiao.

Had insomnia for many days qiao zhanchen hugged su ruoxing tightly in his arms and buried his handsome face deeply into her neck wishing to carve himself into her flesh and blood he inhaled hard as if he wanted to fill his.

Cochlea again su nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home ruoxing you are my good medicine the doctor is kind you will not push me away huh su ruoxing was speechless she has grown up can she still be his .

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Do Penis Enlargement Pills Works medicine she had to believe this ridiculous excuse but.

Man you just have to use it su ruoxing didn t resist at all and rested her head on the man s arm with peace of mind and put her slightly swollen legs and feet on his waist after groping for a while she found the most.

Of bed and stretched his hands and feet maintaining the appearance of a respectful and good bed friend outside the door the assistant reported master everything has been prepared the captain and the flight attendant my.

Stewardesses the stewardess came to su ruoxing s side and bowed her head respectfully hello professor su if you need anything please just ask su ruoxing noticed that although the two stewardesses were greeting her their.

Eyes were quietly glanced at qiao zhanchen and their necklines are extremely low and when they bend down the two balls in the low collar are are corner store sex pills safe ready to come out their skirts sex pills sold at gas stations are so short that they barely cover them her plump.

Buttocks and beautiful legs wearing flesh colored stockings are not reserved in front of men at all it makes people feel that they are the kind of women who wish they didn t even wear skirts su ruoxing s beautiful eyebrows.

Frowned as far as she knew the stewardess professional attire was not so exaggerated and was obviously shortened on purpose are they trying to get qiao zhanchen to look at them more or all .

Do You Need Testicles To Have An Erection ?

Can A Transgender Man Get An Erection Without Surgery of them dream of marrying into a.

Wealthy family and becoming rich wives a dream to deliberately show off in front of men in whats a good male enhancement pill short their coquettish appearance affects their mood professor qiao plus the nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home captain and assistant .

Can A Phalloplasty Get Erect ?

How To Maintain An Erection After 50 he there are only four of us on.

Professor su is just his ex wife how can a man listen to her unexpectedly qiao zhanchen didn t even look at her and was disgusted .

Do Chow Chows Have Erect Ears

What Is The Best Erection Cream get off professor su said .

Es Posible Que El Pene No Erecta Por Masturbacion

Do They Make Girl Sex Pills I don t need you so I don t the flight attendant hesitated and.

Breakfast please pass me the wontons open the lid and blow a few times what kind of service is this hello when you ENE KMUTT nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home eat it is called home service qiao zhanchen put a spoonful of wontons on his lips and blew it a few times.

Favor my hole is very big this time and .

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When A Man Loses His Erection During Sex su family medical center can t help me much qiao zhanchen said winking at the assistant the assistant quickly handed over an approval document professor su prolong your life the new.

Drug approval number of the pill has been approved professor qiao said that qiao will strongly support this project so fast su ruoxing was shocked but immediately her expression sank the approval of the new drug means that.

Not be enough for a while in order to .

What Is A Clitoran Erection

How Long Can You Have An Erection For ensure the progress professor su also needs to personally check it su ruoxing frowned qiao zhanchen wouldn t let her go she wasn t in a hurry to follow her on the plane qiao zhanchen was.

Want to get their .

Can Trans Women On Hrt Get Erect ?

How Long Should Dog Erection Last three little guys back as soon as possible she and qiao zhanchen will have to get a marriage certificate in this city right away and then go abroad for interviews at aristocratic schools so this marriage.

Can I get the certificate at will we nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home are already married for the second time and if we take it again and divide it wouldn t it be another big joke su ruoxing is in a dilemma at the door of the civil affairs bureau su ruoxing.

Possessed the unique knowledge of ancient medicine for generations and their ancestors have guarded their own one third of nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home an acre of land penis enlargement pills does not work the unique knowledge of ancient medicine that could have become a national treasure.

Has had its influence shrinking with each generation therefore the vision and structure of the new generation must be broadened so that the unique skills of ancient nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home Super Cbd Gummies medicine can have .

Why Do Nipples Get Erect When Touched

What Are Some Good Sex Pills a chance to develop and grow su ruoxing.

In order to maximize oh baby male enhancement drink his ancient martial arts talent you don t want your second child to be just a child when he grows up for a martial arts star or a rich third generation who only knows martial arts and little xingchen who.

For .

What If Get Erection In Sauna ?

What If I Get An Erection During A Massage a nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home lifetime can your Power Cbd Gummies nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home future son in law love her for the rest of his life su ruoxing had to admit that qiao zhanchen had long term considerations and was very often makes sense men are reliable and sows can climb trees if.

Xiao xingchen wants to be happy when she grows up she still has to cultivate her independent thinking and ability but do you have to get a marriage certificate qiao zhanchen you have such a bright mind you must be able to.

Of red roses from the trunk of the car nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home and handed them to su ruoxing then he took out the fireworks again threeinone penis vacuum extender belt rod hanger male enlargement stretcher and released them over su ruoxing and qiao zhanchen with a pop su ruoxing stared at qiao zhanchen speechlessly as he.

Back of his feet epic male enhancement reviews 2024 Avana Cbd Gummies it was a coincidence boom his thin crimson lips just happened to stick to su ruoxing s red nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home lips he was kissed unexpectedly and su ruoxing s conditions reflexively he put his hands on the man s tall chest.

The two of them from the sky and the picture was extremely beautifulenough kissing qiao zhanchen and su ruoxing held hands and entered the civil affairs bureau but just as they were going through the process of getting the.

Bureau su ruoxing took a breath of air and ftm with enlarged clit penis porn felt chills running down her spine it turns out she every move is under the supervision of the .

Do Strap On Penis Solve Erection Problems ?

Can Male Enhancement Pills Cause Urethritis lord so horrible if the master monitors her at all times wouldn t it be dangerous for.

Choice at the window of the best sex pills for men gas station civil affairs bureau the clerk asked qiao zhan chen went to take pictures qiao zhanchen stood in front of the bright red and very festive photo studio constantly raising his wrist to look at his.

Let them ENE KMUTT nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home take the picture first the prospective couples queuing up behind also shouted impatiently stand up sir your wife Power Cbd Gummies nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home hasn t come over for so nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home long could it be that she wants to be a runaway bride sir you are so.

Professor su you played a lot this time so you re not afraid that qiao zhanchen will settle accounts with you after qiu qiu su ruoxing s eyes darkened male enhancement xr reviews a bitch you ran all the way here on purpose and sat beside me supervise.

Me I don t speak nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home so harshly nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home can you believe me su ruoxing s five fingers hidden .

When Do Guys Get An Erection ?

How To Make Getting An Erection Easier in his pockets were tightly nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home clenched into fists but his expression remained calm heh who made him play so fancy when he slept with other.

States in person this time what kind of .

How To Get An Erection While On Concerta ?

How To Get Harder Erection Naturally big shot is sick over there the sinister smile on the lord s face remained unchanged but his .

Why Do Young Dogs Get Erections

Does The Parasympathrtic Contract Or Relax The Erection over the counter sex pills at cvs words were very cruel don t ask nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home what you shouldn t ask if you cure him you will be.

Couldn t help clenching her teeth it seems that this trip is more or less auspicious the dog who refused to reveal anything just ran over without warning and escorted her to the united states I don thxlove silicone male enhancement t know where this trip is.

Soon as you the best male enhancer think of it if it s too late you may not be able to use your phone freely su ruoxing pretended to receive the call hello who asked you to call sure nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home enough the boss reached out to how to shave to make your dick look bigger .

When You Do Exercise Does The Penis Enlarge ?

Do Penis Enlargement Pills Wo4k grab su ruoxing s cell phone to.

With the plutocratic alliance in other words he wants to benefit use her to claim credit but also prevent her penis enlargement pills in sa momentum from surpassing him villain su ruoxing wanted to think back but her expression was still calm and her.

Delicate face of an oriental beauty when she and zhi rui stand on the street she is an out and out golden girl with a 100 chance of turning heads passers by were very interested in them and many people even came to strike.

Mr zhi s home is also nearby yes professor su nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home got in the car with me zhi rui said wanting to hold su ruoxing s hand su ruoxing quickly pretended not to know raised her hand to brush her hair and cleverly avoided touching.

Is strange zhi rui s home is in the suburbs just when she was trying to remember the driving route of the car zhi rui suddenly asked professor su do you still miss qiao zhanchen I heard that he is getting married zhi rui.

And support rui they are approaching step by step much Cbd Viagra Gummies nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home like foreign terrorist organizations su ruoxing s little heart rose to her throat and a dense thread of sweat oozed from her back she had just arrived in the united.

Someone but the gun against su ruoxing s temple but did not evacuate we can t wait any longer he was shot in the chest and must be rescued immediately otherwise he will lose too much blood and die of shock su ruoxing.

Missed by an inch and missed his heart su ruoxing breathed a sigh of relief as long as the bullet epic male enhancement reviews 2024 Avana Cbd Gummies was removed and the bleeding stopped in time he would not die she took out the dagger and sterilized epic male enhancement reviews 2024 Avana Cbd Gummies it then administered the.

Needle and took out the bullet because her expression was so focused she forgot to be afraid bio science male enhancement gummy reviews for a moment without noticing another off road vehicle drove up and a burly man got out .

Can A Man Still Have An Erection After Prostate Cancer

What Happens If I Get An Erection During A Massage of the vehicle the man stands still in.

Is the legendary chinese acupuncture the man asked only then did su ruoxing realize that there was a masked man beside him penis enlargment pill however this man s dress seems nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home Super Cbd Gummies to be more expensive and his temperament is more aggressive and.

Domineering with the nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home demeanor of a king he is probably the leader of a terrorist organization su ruoxing wiped the cold sweat off nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home his forehead and forced himself to speak calmly mr understand the boss man snorted.

Probably because vmax male enhancement amazon he felt that a nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home weak woman could not escape from his palm so he did not bind su ruoxing in any way su ruoxing was able to breathe heavily she wondered isn t their goal not zhi rui but to capture her alive.

Become infected if it cannot be bandaged in time su ruoxing took out his cell phone but it was confiscated by nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home the ringleader do you think we would let you call the police nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home then I ll call his family members so it s Power Cbd Gummies nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home okay right.

Out the pistol from the leader man s waist the masked thug who just got out of the car realized something was wrong and turned around quickly don t move su ruoxing put the muzzle of the gun on the head man s forehead clicked.

Shot to death directly is it still possible for him to find an accomplice to come and kill her in a how to make your dick bigger and harder life and death situation being kind to your enemy is being cruel to yourself su ENE KMUTT nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home ruoxing naturally understands the.

He imprisoned su ruoxing s delicate body and pressed it even tighter su ruoxing was pressed heavily by him and he couldn t stop vomiting rather than being raped by a man it s better she took it out with her of pills and.

Out the pill why are you pretending to be noble afraid that I won t pay you bah su ruoxing spat at him she didn t want to linger and she didn t want to be with anyone he man was vain and meandering dog man I feel like.

Vomiting when I see rx 9000 male enhancement you if you have the guts give it a good time what kind of man is a man who bullies a woman not a man I m not a man george was enraged and suddenly punched the fist wind roared nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home and the bowl sized fist.

Me you george really let go of her and seemed to be very interested in her name su ruoxing quickly shrank into the corner of the back seat of the car his whole body was on guard my name is su .

How Does One Treat An Erection That Won T Go Away

How To Erect Aura 3 Tent ruoxing I am an ordinary.

Choose the most beautiful one bright ones I ll send you a dozen old guy are you nervous afraid that you will die on the hospital bed and epic male enhancement reviews 2024 Avana Cbd Gummies no one will save you george didn t buy it at all I best male enhancement pills 2024 uk just don t want your disease to be.

Grabbed su ruoxing s hand cheeks eyes filled with murderous look you feel sorry for zhi rui speak for that bastard wild kind su ruoxing suddenly discovered that there was a shadow of zhi rui in george s eyebrows you and zhi.

Rui are half brothers su ruoxing finally understood why george hated natural penis enlargement community zhi rui s father so much but didn t kill him directly george was most likely the son of his original wife their nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home ambitious father cheated and gave birth to.

T mention that old thing in front of me again george glared fiercely then took out a piece of black cloth and covered su ruoxing s eyes the world fell into darkness and su ruoxing Prime Cbd Gummies epic male enhancement reviews 2024 became nervous where are sx pills male enhancement you taking me.

Concept of sex I believe that mr zuo is the leader of the black gang so nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home he won t go hungry and attack a pregnant woman like me george paused as he wiped the gun Cbd Viagra Gummies nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home in his .

Does Coffee Affect Erections

When Did The Monuments In The South Get Erected hand and his male enhancement review sharp face suddenly became cloudy mibu are.

Improved a little just as he was talking george s subordinates rushed over to report boss someone reported that we traded drugs in several places and the police came to clean up go he goes after taking a few steps he.

Turned around and told su ruoxing just stay here my monitoring system operates 24 hours nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home Super Cbd Gummies a day don t try to escape if you let me go nothing will happen su ruoxing he just doesn t understand what does it mean for him to.

Have her stay here isn t it annoying that he even called the police for her sake shut up george shouted at su ruoxing again and left without looking back su ruoxing found that although no one could be seen here they were.

Unknown amount of time a bloody smell came from the tip of his nose su ruoxing opened his eyes in surprise and was taken aback I saw that george s whole body was blood lying beside .

Why I Couldnt Get Erect Woth A Girl Ibloke

Can U Have Unprotected Sex After Morning After Pill her why did you bleed so much su ruoxing.

Have another chance su ruoxing s action of administering the needle froze which made sense ENE KMUTT nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home but she couldn t take advantage of others danger su ruoxing was still patient and helped george deal with the wound your subordinates.

For him then she must be in love with him the sounds of chaotic footsteps were getting closer and closer and the sounds of gunshots and shouts could also be heard su ruoxing only felt that her ears were ENE KMUTT nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home full of chaotic.

While some people in the gang began to speak out keep her my daughter needs medical treatment .

Is It Good To Get Erect Without Cuming ?

How To Get Your Erection Harder I also agree to keep her we all need a doctor with good medical skills there was a lot of noise but there was no one in charge.

Report but she wanted to save george saying that they wanted to die together and live together oh .

How To Erect A Telephone Pole Without Equipment ?

How Does It Feel To Get An Erection george is so powerful he s almost gone even if he died he could enhanced male product ingredients still make a chinese woman be devoted to him it seems that.

The abilities there are very powerful haha the smelly men let out a burst of greasy laughter su ruoxing estimated that these were the leaders Power Cbd Gummies nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home of other external gangs that george mentioned she didn t want to nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home Super Cbd Gummies hear such vulgar.

Conference there are only a few gang leaders in the on site meeting room as well nudist shocking penis enlargement method at home as su ruoxing and george and other important people only through remote vision appears on their respective big screens su ruoxing silently.

Relationship here is too complicated and he can t casually confess which one is his father su ruoxing glanced at several lcd screens and basically concluded who george s father was a person who has been ill for a long time.