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May 16, 2024

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Turned around okay daddy will accompany you su ruoxing said xiao xingchen could bring him back with a single word if she spoke by herself I don t know if it would work she continued to pretend to be sleeping without.

Saying anything she only heard one side of the bed collapse and a corner of the quilt was lifted it was the man who went to bed little xingchen slipped into qiao zhanchen clavin male enhancment s arms and fell asleep soon pxl penis enlargement this was the first time.

Complex emotions half an hour later qiao zhanchen the woman and the child were clavin male enhancment probably asleep he turned his handsome face and looked at su ruoxing qiao zhanchen looked what generic pills used to promote sex driv male at su ruoxing her fresh and refined face seemed to glow.

Let qiao zhanchen stayed with her in the ward hearing the man s footsteps su ruoxing closed her eyes tightly but her long eyelashes were trembling I .

How To Erect Longer And Harder Naturally Food ?

How Much Do Sex Pills Cost was struggling inside she is not the holy mother she does not want to penis enlargement exersise let.

Qiao chixuan s trick succeed at all just now xiao xingchen could make him stay with a single word so shouldn t she also try to keep him just when su ruoxing mustered up the courage to speak at this moment the quilt beside.

Her was lifted immediately afterwards the man s strong chest came over and pressed closely against her slender back my little heart throbbed hard my whole body seemed to be suddenly surrounded by the heat of a man filled with.

Delicate skin su ruoxing suddenly felt a dryness in her throat the place where his slightly cool fingers touched was like scrub leaving a fine numb feeling immediately afterwards qiao zhanchen stretched out her five fingers.

Thinking of bai yueguang in his heart but wanting to possess her in his body su ruoxing hold the man s head gently in your pills in sex toy stores heart and let him do whatever he wants but in her heart she was conflicted she could only bite her.

Love only if there is no love the heart will not hurt unable to respond she continued to pretend to be asleep .

How Old Do Men Stop Getting Erection ?

What Are The 3 Stagea Libido Max Male Enhancement Pills qiao zhanchen knew that the woman was awake seeing a woman not even willing to say love clavin male enhancment him to coax him his.

Trouble now that qin kangbo is dead interest clavin male enhancment groups have stopped making fuss about live worms for the time being and the live worm incident has gradually faded out of the public s w a g male enhancement Cbd Gummies Benefits eye as long as mr qiao doesn t wake up her.

Riding a tiger and cannot get off she is in a dilemma and can only accept accept the status quo after the meeting ended lu yaning left the room but she didn t take a few steps but she passed by a young man dressed in brand.

Place lu yaning walked to the door of the club and saw a middle aged man also wearing health care overalls being blocked by security guards woo the man danced and wanted to say something excitedly but he could only make a.

Tip clavin male enhancment of a knife was piercing it my heart is like a knife I saw in the photo qiao chixuan and qiao zhanchen lying face to face on the bed that ambiguous atmosphere is hard pills to increase women s sex drive to describe although su ruoxing had feelings for qiao.

Another he didn t even sleep a normal sleep therefore when other staff came to work he was sleepy instead and planned to enter his special rest room for a temporary rest take a break qiao zhanchen handed the phone to the.

Assistant and specifically told him if professor su calls me just call me and leave others alone okay professor qiao the assistant quickly took the phone everyone knows that qiao zhanchen will never let anyone disturb him.

When he is resting professor qiao has opened a green channel for su ruoxing but there is clavin male enhancment Cbd Gummies Benefits one person who is an exception that is qiao chixuan coincidentally qiao chixuan came to find him and knowing that qiao zhanchen was.

Resting he quietly entered the lounge this is the privilege qiao zhanchen gave her she can go straight to qiao zhanchen s Performance Cbd Gummies s w a g male enhancement private rest room since she was .

What The Name Of Good Sex Pills For Mrn

Why Cant I Maintain My Erection a child qiao zhanchen s long body was lying on the bed straight and.

Fingertips and wanted to help her check her physical condition s w a g male enhancement Cbd Gummies Benefits at this moment there was a movement outside the door the assistant s clavin male enhancment voice sounded professor su professor qiao is resting inside but how about I go and talk to.

Zhanchen and qiao chixuan had to hear the voice outside the door clavin male enhancment clearly qiao zhanchen was about to open the door but qiao chixuan jumped out of bed and hid in the closet xuanxuan what are you doing is there anything to.

Personal figure qiao zhanchen saw that the woman didn t even give him a hand so he retracted the hand that was stagnant in the air in embarrassment looking for me the female killer suddenly su ruoxing tried hard to suppress.

Years ago like strangers they clavin male enhancment missed the whole four years in vain clavin male enhancment now after finally being together she found various reasons to escape he didn t know what he did wrong in her eyes is he really not as good as a wu kuang.

Uncontrollably all the unwillingness came to my mind take care of yourself with your own hands her husband let the green tea that is deliberately trying to destroy her marriage no one can understand this super man sex pills on amazon kind of pain it Performance Cbd Gummies s w a g male enhancement s not.

Snatch him away su ruoxing walked out of the r d room with heavy and Performance Cbd Gummies s w a g male enhancement .

When Do Boys Get Nighttime Erections

Can T Stretch Foreskin When Erect decisive steps wu muchi dressed in professional attire walked towards clavin male enhancment her she originally tried everything to please qiao lixuan and wanted to save the.

Brother zhan chen and su ruoxing you shouldn .

Can I Still Take Morning Pill 9 Days After Sex

How To Main Erection t provoke it sister xuanxuan since clavin male enhancment this is between professor qiao and his sister in law .

Don T Be Ashamed Of An Erection

Can I Take Animal Pak And A Male Enhancement Pill it s not appropriate for you to be here right wu mushi is not stupid after all these ups.

A glow on the back sister xuanxuan let s go are you .

Why Do Men Lose Erection ?

Is It Normalto Get A Erection Dysfunction During Intercourse still here to be poked in the back wu mushi said loudly on purpose making it impossible for qiao chixuan to stay by qiao zhanchen s clavin male enhancment side when she forcibly dragged qiao.

Apologized which is extremely rare the researchers who were secretly watching were all wide eyed in disbelief professor joe would actually say yes can t afford .

Can Melatonin Cause Erections ?

Why Should Jack Rafters Be Erected In Pairs the three words something that has .

What Is The Average Penis Erection Size

What Are Erections For Boys never happened before su.

Ruoxing was also quite surprised what s wrong with you qiao zhanchen fell into silence his expression flickering he really .

Do Masseuses Care About Erections

What Muscle Is Responsible For An Erection didn t know what was wrong why did su ruoxing cry and why did he say she was in pain it was clearly.

Admitted his mistake against his will was because he couldn t bear su ruoxing to cry su ruoxing could tell that qiao zhanchen didn t think he was wrong at all maybe he thinks it s only natural to have an affair with his bai.

That qiao zhanchen was so focused on his career that he didn t understand women professor qiao professor su is just jealous why do you take it seriously women s w a g male enhancement Cbd Gummies Benefits want to coax jealous qiao zhanchen was stunned his mood was like.

All calm down and make an appointment to go through the formalities at another time qiao zhanchen after talking for a long time she still wants a divorce if she likes him she will be as reluctant to part with this.

Relationship as he is qiao zhanchen s domineering and strong character was aroused su ruoxing listen up I will if you share half of your family property you won t lose a penny he said grabbing su ruoxing s slender wrist.

Tip of su ruoxing s nose hit his tough chest hard superior the pain suddenly spread to the entire face let me go who wants your property she struggled hard in anger but the more you struggle the man hugged her harder su.

Allowed to say no qiao zhanchen you are unreasonable you are barbaric su ruoxing s hand hurt from the beating so she had to hold it against the man chest trying to push him away in an tea tree oil penis enlargement instant these two people one hugged.

The woman tightly pressing her tightly wild and arrogant another push he blushed clavin male enhancment Cbd Gummies Benefits with anger even the air was filled with the ambiguous smell of gunpowder which dumbfounded the other researchers professor qiao loves.

Phone and asked new vitality male enhancement su ruoxing do do gas station pills work for sex you want to write it down for you too that the ex husband is not allowed to visit the woman s daughter su ruoxing clenched her teeth clavin male enhancment her eyes were red little xingchen likes him so much why.

And do something to hurt him in short the marriage is divorced but it must be considered in the long run the top priority is to solve the crisis of erbao when su ruoxing raised her eyes again her eyes had become very firm.

Top trending search the title was inheriting the spirit of lei feng the three year old superman acted bravely when he saw justice su ruoxing clicked on the video out of curiosity only one person saw it a girl was being.

Hope to re appeal as far as I know there are at least two lives carried by the murderous maniac and there are probably more lives that have not been discovered even homicide hastily ended how capable is the person behind.

This su ruoxing .

Would Ephedrine Help Or Hurt Erection

How To Get An Erection To Stop recalled overhearing qin kangbo s words .

Can Guys Erect Penis Fit In A Gatorsde Bottle

How To Stronger Erections at that time saying that the murderer s father is a big man this is really a big man who can cover the clavin male enhancment Cbd Gummies Benefits sky with one hand if the murderer gets away with it what is the.

Because in the process of killing the perverted man he distorts the perverted heart got a pleasant experience such a person is like a drug addict how can he stop as long as the murderous maniac kills again everything he.

Ruoxing followed qiao zhanchen back to the hospital as soon as she got out of the car a middle aged man in a big health uniform rushed will butea superba enlarge a 59 year old mans penis over and knelt down in front of her with a plop woo the young man danced for a while.

Beating the ground clavin male enhancment with both hands until the tiger s mouth was shattered and blood flowed all over the floor he could not vent his anger and grief there was a thunderclap it seemed that even god felt his despair as if he was.

Probably no longer be alive brother where is he take me there su ruoxing rushed to see the girl s condition silently praying for a miracle to happen qiao zhanchen is in a hurry he asked her how can I rest assured if you go.

Like this bring my bodyguards he arranged for a few .

Can Viagra Help You Get Another Erection After Ejaculation ?

Why Is Erection Important bodyguards to escort clavin male enhancment Cbd Gummies Benefits su ruoxing and the mute man in a low key manner while he prepared to perform an autopsy on the female killer at this moment lu yaning also got out of.

Cologne and is carefree right by coincidence the mysterious representative of the interest group happened to meet her at that club doesn t he have any special relationship with the murderer lu yaning vaguely felt that it Performance Cbd Gummies s w a g male enhancement was.

Not that coincidental but naturally she would not tell others what she saw therefore lu yaning pretended to be she didn t know anything chenchen let me go in first to see if the old rockwerx male enhancement reviews man is feeling better today she walked.

Towards the inpatient building but received a call from the servant xuanxuan s phone number can t be reached it should be hers is the phone out of battery wait what club did you say she was invited to the servant repeated.

More crying or self mutilation just like that staring hard staring with deep hatred if eyes could kill a murderer that would be great su ruoxing helped the dumb man up feeling extremely heavy brother my condolences your.

Instead there was a faint and charming smile infirtility boost male enhancement pills master zhang sponge secret for growth male enhancement I m also very interested in your heart she said slowly approaching zhang yanbin putting her delicate white hands on his collar and helping him tidy it up zhang.

Indeed no one else has seeing su ruoxing doing anything unusual they all supported her that s right who dares to do something in the police station there are dozens of pairs of eyes staring at you do you want me to apply.

Inexplicably he pressed his shoulder blades I moved my hands and feet again but there was no pain at all it was as if the bone piercing pain clavin male enhancment Cbd Gummies Benefits just now was just his imagination zhang yanbin clavin male enhancment had no choice but to give up and.

Yanbin s background right no matter how rich the qiao family is they are still a business after all and they will offend the powerful serious Rejuvenate Cbd Gummies clavin male enhancment consequences you know better than me I don t want to implicate you and sex stimulation pills for men I don t.

Of the qiao family and everyone in the qiao family you must not stand up and be tough with them although su ruoxing didn t know what zhang yanbin was whose son is it and what kind of terrible background does it have but he.

Him be brought to justice su ruoxing clavin male enhancment Cbd Gummies Benefits turned around and stretched out his arms to hook qiao zhanchen neck at this moment the grievances between her and him divorce or not seem to be less important she was more attached and.

Reluctant to him su ruoxing stood on tiptoe her red lips slowly approaching the man s sexy lips professor qiao can you spare some time for Rejuvenate Cbd Gummies clavin male enhancment me su ruoxing rarely took the initiative qiao zhanchen was suddenly hugged clavin male enhancment tenderly.

That he had misunderstood she quickly took a step back and distanced herself from qiao zhanchen I clavin male enhancment want you to take me and my three children to the amusement park together will this be difficult for you in fact she is also a.

Arrangements today qiao zhanchen as he clavin male enhancment spoke he lifted up the woman s small face that was as white as jade and pressed her soft and thin lips over it when the four lips were about to touch each other su ruoxing s small.

Face turned aside qiao zhanchen was completely embarrassed the woman is rejecting him again she is still brooding over the quarrel .

What Male Enhancement Pill Help Your Penis Bigger And Longer

What Antidepressants Do Not Affect Orgasm Erection Libido in the research and development room and has no plan to reconcile with him qiao zhanchen let.

Now she it s probably too late to make him divorced but to make him widowed thinking that I would most likely not survive tomorrow I really wanted to have a grand farewell ceremony with qiao zhanchen su ruoxing replied.

Weakly professor qiao I m a little uncomfortable today in tri steel male enhancement fact it was inconvenient because her aunt was here he would feel disgusted and dislike her right but she wanted him badly it turns out she s not feeling well qiao.

Her head and pointed to her flat belly with a shy expression on his face it s the kind that women come every month and doesn t need to be hospitalized a gleam of light flashed across qiao zhanchen s deep black eyes original.

When she is in her aunt period then I ll buy sanitary napkins for you putting aside his precious face and helping her buy sanitary napkins is that sincerity enough although they have been married for five .

How Can My Erection Last Longer ?

What S The Best Male Enhancement Pill Yahoo Answers years they.

Doesn t she understand clavin male enhancment style qiao zhanchen thought for a moment then I ll make some brown sugar water su ruoxing still shook her head I ve given myself acupuncture to warm my uterus it s not uncomfortable she was from a.

Family of ancient doctors how could she need brown sugar for something as trivial as menstruation water qiao zhanchen was speechless if su ruoxing wants to get along with him he should let him cook brown sugar water and.

They know that their daddy is taking them to the amusement park su ruoxing couldn t help but raise the corners of her mouth penis enlargement sponge just at this moment qiao zhanchen received a call from qiao chixuan xuanxuan what s going on.

Amusement park couldn t be disrupted by qiao chixuan su ruoxing had no choice but to clutch her stomach and groan saying specifically it had to be loud enough for qiao chixuan to hear professor qiao my stomach suddenly.

Hung Rejuvenate Cbd Gummies clavin male enhancment up the phone without waiting for qiao chixuan to act .

What Is Erect At Will ?

Will Testosterone Pills Give You Hard Erections coquettishly why do you feel best male enhancments uncomfortable all of a sudden got a blood clot he sat penis enlarger video on the edge of the bed and covered su ruoxing s flat belly with his big palms on the.

Rushed into his arms and took the opportunity to knock his phone off the bed she desperately 2024 top male enhancement climbed onto the man s strong clavin male enhancment body and said softly and coquettishly professor qiao you lie quietly with me for a while okay.

Kissed her closely and moved her thin lips clavin male enhancment to su ruoxing s delicate ears full of temptation be good say clavin male enhancment you love me this time su ruoxing had no defense at all and with deep love she blurted .

Do Oral Steroids Affect Erections ?

How Long Should An Erection Last Before Penetration out clavin male enhancment I love you you qiao.

Integrate her into his flesh and clavin male enhancment blood immediately afterwards with a strong force he turned su ruoxing upside down su ruoxing was still full of thoughts on the way to the playground when the man fed her little mouth in.

Will definitely treat the three children well wait wait until she dies qiao chixuan will she become their stepmother but qiao chixuan natural herbs for penis enlargement s behavior she was really worried su ruoxing pondered for a moment and asked tentatively.

Professor qiao if you remarry can you give priority to your wife s character when choosing a wife would you like to spend more time clavin male enhancment Cbd Gummies Benefits examining the other person s patience and love for their children qiao zhanchen suppressed a.

Reminded su ruoxing got out of the car with complicated emotions suddenly she seemed to feel a pair of eyes staring at her she looking back warily he saw a car parked not far behind him the car window slowly lowered.

Ready su ruoxing was worried on time for the appointment this is a private restaurant su .

Why Can T I Keep An Erection In My 20s

Does Prostate Affect Erection ruoxing entered the designated box and found that zhang yanbin hadn t arrived yet so she sat down and waited patiently time passed by.

You saying that his target is not professor su or he already knew that we were planning to arrest him and deliberately played tricks on us at this time the dumb man suddenly ran into .

What Affects Your Erection

When I Get An Erection My Testicles Hurt the private restaurant in s w a g male enhancement Cbd Gummies Benefits a hurry and.

Said woo to the waiter dance but the people in the private kitchen didn t understand what he wanted to say you want to find someone the dumb man nodded frantically anxious we have a lot of customers here you can call him.

The waiter of the private kitchen wanted to drive people out so as not to affect the business but the dumb man just refused to leave and pushed open the doors of each box one by one without hesitation stop it quickly he.

Target such a young child this time su ruoxing suddenly thought of the last time safe penis enlargement com in the hospital the murderous maniac almost took away little xingchen little xingchen su ruoxing s head exploded with a boom brother did you.

Daughter must be more fun zhang yanbin handed over the lollipop in his hand baby what do you want what flavor my brother will take you to buy a lot of lollipops okay little xingchen was joyful and innocent I want to buy a.

Other end of the phone was hoarse and burst into tears zhang yanbin please let xiao xingchen go she is still so young I beg you please let her go pfft zhang yanbin laughed wildly wang said kneel down on the ground and.

Beg me okay I ll kneel down and beg you let the little star go I beg you su ruoxing made a pop and knelt heavily on the street now she could only buy zhang yanbin s time to buy time for the criminal police to locate .

How Fast Does An Erection Occur

Does Male Enhancement Pills Over The Counter Work .

How To Get Erection Normally

How To Enlarged Penis zhang.

Alone so start a live broadcast and let all netizens watch you undress su ruoxing she bit her lower lip tightly with thin white teeth and her eyes blurred by tears were full of determination you .

Why Do I Lose Erection After I Urinate ?

Do Men Get Erections At Strip Clubs promised to let xiao.

Xingchen go and I will do it that depends on whether I am satisfied do you have a choice haha take off su ruoxing looked at the evil face on the phone screen his five fingers clenched into fists and his nails were deeply.

Like a knife zhang yanbin felt as if otc penis enlargement medicine his whole clavin male enhancment body had been tortured he was sweating profusely from the pain and his face was distorted into an extremely ferocious face little thing you you torture me on purpose dabao.

Did not stop recovering the silver needle chatting and laughing I I no I am treating illnesses and saving people I heard that I pricked a pair of wings it will be more fun do you want to try it er bao snorted coldly this.

Now cut however clavin male enhancment different he began to suspect that he had been ambushed by three little things this time little thing when I carried you away you already knew that I wanted to kill you no daddy can even pluck off .

How To Control An Erection When She S Near Me ?

Does Gnc Stores Carry Penis Enlargement Aides the moon.

Child he doesn t believe in this evil a three year old child after all does not have enough experience so he can definitely get it .

How To Erect A Magical Shield Grey School Of Wizardry ?

Can T Get Erect With Partner done with coercion and inducement enduring the pain he coaxed and threatened showing.

The most delicious food in the world the most fun toys to play with let s make friends making friends with a murderer it s fun little xingchen sprinkled a touch of white powder on he put the lollipop on the lollipop and.

Handed it to zhang yanbin s mouth brother we have become good friends you can also eat a piece of candy the clavin male enhancment Cbd Gummies Benefits lollipop you bought tastes delicious zhang yanbin s pupils trembled white powder what is .

Should I Be Getting Rock Hard Erections During Masturbation ?

Can Infection Cause You To Lose Erection it it s the corpse powder.

Would die at zhang yanbin s hands for nothing because of her womanly kindness can t let him go absolutely not today even if she is charged with intentional penis enlargement surgery michigan homicide she .

Can I Get An Erection After Aortic Valve Replacement ?

Can Male Enhancement Pills Work will kill the murderer with her hands there were tears.

In front of zhang yanbin and shouted the big treasure the second treasure and .

How To Use Penis Pump For Enlargment ?

Can T Maintain An Erection During Masturbation the little star all obediently cover their eyes mommy I m going to slay the demon okay the three little guys are very excited obediently.

Covering her eyes with her small hands su ruoxing picked up the dagger on the ground staring at the pale zhang yanbin her eyes overflowed a little bit cold light eyes extremely firm zhang yanbin remember the person who.

Tall body standing behind him the tears accumulated in her eyes could not stop rolling down she knew very well what the consequences would be if she went down with the knife professor qiao I ve made up my mind and I m.

Knife pierced deeply into zhang yanbin s heart blood spattered out quickly staining zhang yanbin s clothes red as well as the dumb man s clavin male enhancment face with deep killing intent the ENE KMUTT clavin male enhancment dumb man pressed clavin male enhancment against the handle of the knife so.

Held on tightly his hand brother thank you his voice choked I can t express clavin male enhancment Cbd Gummies Benefits my gratitude to him in words the dumb man shook his head and made a gesture of thanking her he thanked her avenging his daughter was his zencore plus male enhancement only goal.

Resting her head on his strong .

Can Morphine Er Make You Lose An Erection ?

Were Confederate Monuments Erected During Jim Crow Laws arm I always feel that zhang yanbin his father who holds a high official position is a big hidden danger and it is not so easy for us to pass the test for the first time .

What Pills Help You Keep Erect

How To Stay Long Erect in su ruoxing s life.

Smile and nervousness were faintly visible in her chaotic mind su Rejuvenate Cbd Gummies clavin male enhancment ruoxing instinctively .

How To Get Max Erection

How To Stop Nipples From Being Painfully Erect moved her whole body towards qiao zhanchen and her little hands began to caress his clavin male enhancment back restlessly in the past few days qiao zhanchen.

Regardless and boldly placed clavin male enhancment it on the man s thin waist is your aunt period over without waiting for su ruoxing to answer qiao zhanchen laid his tall body on his back immediately afterwards with his strong and powerful arms.

Contracted hard after a while the dance became more sonorous and powerful su ruoxing was not idle for a moment her soft lips fell on his delicate collarbone again all the way down qiao zhanchen Performance Cbd Gummies s w a g male enhancement just shook clavin male enhancment his head and.

Found .

Does Penis Enlargement Gel Work ?

How To Erect A Two Man Tent that the woman had slid down to his thin waist his lower abdomen suddenly tensed like Cbd Gummies Reviews clavin male enhancment a drum and his blood was rushing but qiao chixuan s cry came from the other clavin male enhancment Cbd Gummies Benefits end of the phone his sword eyebrows frowned and his.

Reason returned xuanxuan what happened qiao chixuan kept crying but she just Rejuvenate Cbd Gummies clavin male enhancment didn t say what happened xuanxuan don t keep crying if you have anything to do tell me I will help you make male enhancement pill india the decision qiao zhanchen was.

Again but she refused to answer them su ruoxing had a vague premonition in her heart qiao chixuan s trick of playing hard to get is actually so effective for qiao zhanchen she knew that those who could keep a man could not.

Chixuan tonight qiao zhanchen s big palm best sex drive pills for women massage caressing the woman s blushing little face after all reason prevailed honey I have to go and see if something happens to xuanxuan I can t rest assured su ruoxing s long.

Will continue to accompany you when I come back he was worried that something was wrong .

How Can I Keep An Erection After Ejaculating

Is There Any Research Done On Penis Enlargement with qiao chixuan so he no longer hesitated and opened su ruoxing s hands the proud long legs do all natural male enhancement pills work decisively withdrew from the gentle.

Countryside and stood on the ground after qiao zhanchen was fully dressed he helped su ruoxing tuck in .

What Does Getting An Erection Look Like ?

Why Are My Erection Wet the quilt and said be good sleep peacefully su ruoxing looked at the man a touch of bitterness appeared on the lips of.

Mouth I wanted to explain but I found that qiao zhanchen had a smiley face sticker on the cuff of his shirt this kind of little girl s thing even xiao xingchen he doesn t like to play maybe only qiao chixuan who is obsessed.

Quietly opened the door until his stern back disappeared from sight did they have a quarrel or the legendary cold war after dawn su ruoxing taught the students with two dark circles under her eyes when get out of class was.

Professionals there is a high probability that qiao chixuan s wounds were bandaged by qiao zhanchen himself when su ruoxing thought of qiao zhanchen spending the rest of the night with qiao chixuan she lowered her long.

Got up to make pastries and I accidentally cut my finger it s a small wound and a band aid was enough qiao chixuan seemed careless he gently touched the gauze on his finger as if showing off but brother zhan chen insisted.