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May 17, 2024

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Minutes before the game .

Can I Put Cbd Oil In Vape

Where Can I Buy Cbd Gummies In Bulk the situation on the court broad spectrum cbd gummies for anxiety is basically the main attack of the paris team while the turin team retreated they waited for an opportunity to counterattack however in this game I don t know that due.

Are many players on both sides in the penalty area can you carry cbd gummies on airplane of the turin team at this time this is not a one handed situation therefore lin feng .

What Dosage Of Cbd Oil For Sleep

Is The A Difference Between Marijauna Cbd Oil And Hemp could not unleash the talent of single sword must vigor vitae cbd gummies blue vibe cbd gummies amazon attack facing neymar s sudden swiping.

His foot on lin feng s shoulder neymar himself fell to the ground beep the referee the whistle sounded lin feng frowned and then relaxed it again just now he frowned because lin feng didn t know if the referee would call a.

Penalty for this although this is neymar s foul but this is the home court of the greater paris team it is really hard to say how the referee brags and lin feng s brows immediately stretched out because lin feng has the.

Referee s red card was completely out of lin feng s prediction range so lin feng s mood fluctuated suddenly what he said to the referee at this time was already emotional duh beep beep the referee raised the red card in his.

Jianxiang shook his head in the next game the turin team will not be able to play at all one player less and cbd gummies para sexo the opponent will face a penalty lin feng was sent off ibrahimovic was also replaced this it can be called hell.

Say whether it will succeed or not assistant coach lawson luther accompanied lin feng in the locker room lin in fact the hidden meaning this time is very deep you are the goalkeeper those people don t want you to be at the.

Top all batch cbd gummies reviews the time lawson luther added lin feng has been listening lightly his eyes watching the picture on the big screen it was not that lin feng that lawson luther mentioned had not thought about it the goalkeeper position.

Playing passively the parisian team was still unable to really threaten the turin team s goal and the turin team s halo cbd gummies 1000mg reviews counterattack is also full of threats but now in the 37th minute of the .

How Much Is One Gram Of Cbd Oil

Is Cbd Oil Compatible With Medications game neymar and the same can dogs detect cbd gummies routine as.

We ll come back next season inzaghi knew what lin feng was thinking and comforted him coach I m thinking about one thing I want ultra cbd gummies for ed to play in the frontcourt lin feng made a decision and turned towards inzaghi said huh batch cbd gummies reviews really.

Mind but then inzaghi was very pleased because letting lin feng play eagle hemp cbd gummies near me in a position other than the goalkeeper is what inzaghi has always thought about it s just that lin cbd gummies for joint and muscle pain proper cbd gummies reviews feng has been stubbornly refusing to agree lin I m.

To his defensive actions and does not flop it is basically impossible to be shown a red card this is possible control and as a goalkeeper it is obviously impossible to take these things into account when making quick saves.

Was extremely resolute before the start of the game the grand paris team s there is no denying the recruitment of lin feng and we can talk about it after the season is over but now lin feng has decided not to leave if he.

Hadn t won three consecutive champions league titles with turin and hadn batch cbd gummies reviews t won three consecutive ballon d ors with turin lin feng wouldn .

Can Cbd Gummies Make You Anxious

Can Cbd Oil Make Your Lips Dry t batch cbd gummies reviews vitapur cbd gummies be planning to leave again the grand paris .

How Much Thc Is In Cbd Oil From Hemp

Where To Buy Pure Cbd Oil In Australia team never batch cbd gummies reviews thought that .

Is Cbd Oil A Drug Or Supplement

What Is The Naics C0de For Cbd Oil the manipulation.

Incomprehensible full body health cbd gummies vigor vitae cbd gummies superstar scoring goals true superstar the second half of intrinsic cbd gummies the game begins inzaghi replaced forward belotti and replaced midfielder obi this is a complete bust the torino team has another substitution does cbd gummies show up on a drug test 2024 put on a.

Midfielder put on a striker batch cbd gummies reviews this is the bus such a choice is undoubtedly the best choice but whether it has any effect or not we still need to see it again in the broadcast room huang jianxiang felt very nervous at this.

Bus useful is useful but not so useful with the turin team .

What Does Cbd Gummies Make You Feel

Where To Buy Cbd Oil In Albuq missing one player and playing away the probability of defending is less than 20 in the 67th minute of the second half what huang jianxiang was most worried.

But now that lin feng is not on the court he has already been sent off swipe with the sound of a clear football hitting the net the greater paris team equalized the score 3 0 big score 3 3 di maria started running wildly.

Entire the players of the greater paris team are all caught in a crazy celebration evened they evened the score after falling behind by 3 goals could there be anything more exciting than this tuchel also raised his arms and.

Continue the siege at this time the players on the turin team are also very aggrieved however with all the strikers replaced even if they want to fight back they are powerless in the 81st minute of the game neymar s long.

Shot from .

Have You Brought Cbd Oil On Plane Canada

How Fast Does Cbd Oil Get Into Your System the edge of the penalty area once again knock on the goal of the turin team 4 0 the big score is 4 3 the grand paris team finally completed the overtake huh in the locker room lin feng had been sitting in front of.

Ball it s normal for .

Will Cbd Oil Help With Pull Muscles From Car Accident

Does Cbd Oil Increase Thirsty In Dogs something like this to happen on the field after all football matches are commercial and all the changes in the rules match design and some hidden manipulations are all for better batch cbd gummies reviews ratings and.

Players of the turin team all boarded the bus while inzaghi left behind to deal with the siege of reporters pippo was eliminated in the first round of this knockout round does it mean full body health cbd gummies vigor vitae cbd gummies that the turin cbd gummies brighton mi team has already started.

Inzaghi s situation I heard lin feng lin yuan was also very happy when he decided to switch to the midfield position this batch cbd gummies reviews means that lin feng s commercial value will be further enhanced and the benefits that lin feng can bring.

Season s serie a championship should still be guaranteed however now that the boss has spoken the pressure on the turin team is naturally a little less three days later the media and fans finally knew what the surprise.

Inzaghi was do eagle hemp cbd gummies work talking about in the 22nd round of serie a torino challenged lecce away lecce so far it has been swaying in the relegation zone in ENE KMUTT batch cbd gummies reviews the eyes of the media and fans this game itself should not be too suspenseful.

Into the game the entire stadium was already packed .

When Is It Ilegal To Buy Cbd Oil

Does Cbd Oil Help With Anxiety lecce s head coach is liverani before the start of the game he also exchanged a few words with inzaghi on the sidelines livelani joked about letting inzaghi hold his hand.

What is the lecce team for training livelani s mood batch cbd gummies reviews suddenly became complicated on the one hand I was a little annoyed this is obviously because the turin team did not take the lecce team seriously on the other hand.

Undoubtedly much higher for a while livelani couldn t judge whether lin feng s change was a good thing or a bad thing for the lecce batch cbd gummies reviews vitapur cbd gummies team the game is about to start livelani formed a 4 4 2 cbd gummies online delivery mi formation in this game 4 defenders.

And gave some advice obviously this is to strengthen the defense and restrictions on lin feng after all when lin feng was the goalkeeper he single handedly defeated the golden leaf cbd gummies entire defense line although the sense of position.

The consequence of this is that the strength of the turin team will drop by at batch cbd gummies reviews least two levels the game officially begins ibrahimovic and belotti blue vibe cbd gummies scam batch cbd gummies reviews stand in the middle circle to kick off belotti flicked the ball and.

Have been circling around lin feng aiming to counteract lin feng s attack pass can kids use cbd gummies and break to limit lin feng observed the situation and then passed the ball to de sciglio who advanced forward facing rispoli s interception.

De sciglio handed the ball to lin feng again not long after the opening lin feng seemed to have become the absolute core of the turin team in the constant running lin feng constantly dispatched the ball lin feng played very.

The feeling of kicking the front waist I think this is necessary lin feng needs at least 5 games to fully adapt to this position liu cbd gummies with highest thc jianhong also said with a smile on the side I just don t are cbd gummies legal in canada know if it will affect the record.

Persistently as long as the blue vibe cbd gummies scam batch cbd gummies reviews top four in serie a can enter the champions league just do it liu jianhong was not so worried and expressed his opinion it is indeed the case huang jianxiang also laughed knowing that he was a.

Lecce several times I tried to press down and destroy the turin team s possession but they didn t succeed batch cbd gummies reviews deiola once approached .

Do Companies Test For Cbd Oil

Does Cbd Gummies Help Anxiety lin feng and tried to steal it but was pulled by lin feng s feet and easily got rid of .

Is Cbd Oil Made From Hemp Or Cannabis

Why Does Cbd Oil Keep Me Awake it.

More calm at this time the way of controlling the ball in the opening game was also intentional by lin feng after all the birdcage team feature is still there birdcage every time our side completes a kick successful passing.

In the front .

Is Cbd Oil Good For Dogs Braind

Is Purekana Cbd Gummies A Scam midfielder position lin revive cbd gummies for diabetes feng found that if he wanted to make an extreme guarantee not to concede the ball he could do it batch cbd gummies reviews vitapur cbd gummies just like now if lin feng wants to he can continue to control the ball like this lin.

Forward and the independent relief cbd gummies speed immediately increased like day trip cbd gummies an off string arrow it rushed straight towards the lecce team s penalty area oh mygod the fans at the scene all I couldn t help but let out an exclamation in today s football.

Is simply swing his leg and shoot so in the restricted area close position ibrahimovic has no reason to miss it s really easy if lin feng appeared in the .

How Much 750mg Cbd Oil To Take

Can You Take Cbd Oil With Simiastavin attacking midfielder earlier the turin team will not lose to the.

Opportunity it must be grasped the game continued and the lecce team came to the middle circle to kick off the conceded goal just now batch cbd gummies reviews was obviously a blow to them lin feng passed three full body health cbd gummies vigor vitae cbd gummies people in batch cbd gummies reviews a row in a small space and.

Has become very ugly this goal was obviously completely beyond livelani s expectations everything seems too easy for the turin team so easy it s unreal this is lin s true power livelani s bad premonition began to become.

Something big happened livelani is likely to dismiss get out of class because of a fiasco the lecce players on the field sighed when they saw livelani s instructions at home when one goal behind but choose to put the bus.

The carnival it s different everything looks how long do cbd gummies stay good for different before .

How Long Does One Cbd Oil Cartridges Last

What Is The Markup On Cbd Oil lin feng was the goalkeeper after .

Can You Bring Cbd Oil To The Uk

Is Cbd Oil As Effective Without Thc .

Can Cbd Oil Change Your Personality

Can You Take Cbd Oil With Food Or Empty Stomach .

Do Amazon Sell Cbd Oil

Can I Legally Buy Cbd Oil In Canada all he seemed a little unpopular and his influence was not that great lin feng has achieved the ultimate goalkeeper position.

Was set up but the turin team directly knocked on the lecce team s door with a long shot on the court lin feng opened up after running with both arms for a while I haven t adapted to the feeling of scoring goals in the.

Time lin feng subconsciously ran a few steps towards his own goal only to realize that he had already not a goalkeeper anymore haha lin aren t vigor vitae cbd gummies blue vibe cbd gummies amazon you used to it I thought I was the goalkeeper ibrahimovic rushed over and.

Football swipe facing the attacking goalkeeper vigorito belotti shot a volley batch cbd gummies reviews just past vigori hold batch cbd gummies reviews the top of .

Does Cbd Oil Help Ibs Symptoms

Is Cbd Oil Right For Me your head swipe the football crashed into the net 3 0 the result of the game has completely lost suspense in.

When defending you can also retreat to your own goal lin feng still plays b2b relying entirely on running without hesitation and lin feng s physical fitness was no longer a problem lin has played so well there is no reason.

Lin feng s passing skills bang ibrahimovic my life cbd gummies reviews just swung the ball swipe goal 4 0 ibrahimovic s brace twice seems so easy haha lin ibrahimovic did not use the forceful gesture of opening his arms to celebrate.

Playing style of a responsive center obviously has a deeper understanding of passing support now seeing lin feng s few understatement passes made a goal giroud is amazed if he .

How Much Cbd Oil Can You Put In Alcohol

Where Can You Buy Cbd Oil In Lincoln Nebraska had this passing skill himself wouldn t he be.

The assist king at his fingertips in the 73rd minute of the game lin feng made an imaginative heel pass after breaking into the lecce team s penalty area ball let ibrahimovic eat cake until can cbd gummies help with anxiety and depression he vomits 5 0 ibrahimovic.

Completed a shark tank cbd gummies quit smoking where to buy hat trick and at this time inzaghi also began to make substitution adjustments replaced milik and giroud replaced lin feng and ibrahimovic this kind of substitution and adjustment obviously made lin feng accept.

At blue vibe cbd gummies scam batch cbd gummies reviews passing seeing that lin feng was replaced the players of the lecce team finally breathed a sigh of relief especially deiola and magjer the two of them doubted their lives when they were played by lin batch cbd gummies reviews vitapur cbd gummies feng in this match.

Of 4 assists and 1 goal also made lin feng s enthusiasm soar proper hot search number one I feel it now the previous lin feng was really reckless with such ability why do you play goalkeeper although always conceding one.

Much lower than that of his opponent with zero batch cbd gummies reviews seals I batch cbd gummies reviews want to say lin feng changed to play the front midfielder and the change is beautiful in the broadcast room huang jianxiang excitedly made a decision .

Is Cbd Oil Sold At Whole Foods

Can I Order Cbd Oil In Indiana for lin feng s.

Performance argument that s true now I m looking forward to the rematch between lin feng and ronaldo messi liu jianhong on the side also laughed cheerfully we have to wait until next season blue vibe cbd gummies scam batch cbd gummies reviews with messi and the two teams have.

Attention of a lot of media and fans and the result also satisfied the media and fans because they gave lin feng the amazing performance they wanted to see haha .

What Is In Cbd Gummies For Sleep

Can I Sell Homemade Cbd Oil if lin feng wins this year s ballon d or there will be no more.

Was no need to pull lin feng so high and the strength of the lecce team is indeed a bit .

Does It Take Time For Cbd Oil To Work

Is Cbd Hemp Oil A Drug weak of course such doubts have not been .

Which Are The Best Cbd Gummies

How Often To Ingest Cbd Oil recognized .

What Are The Real Benefits Of Cbd Oil

How Does Cbd Oil Work For Diabetes by most fans because lin feng is no ordinary player two .

How Does Cbd Oil Show Up On Drug Test

Where To Buy Cbd Oil In Us time ballon d or winner.

Still as a goalkeeper identity it is not surprising that lin full body health cbd gummies vigor vitae cbd gummies feng also performed amazingly in the attacking midfielder position amidst the discussion of the fans the next game of the cbd gummies sold on amazon turin team came 5 days later after the.

Turn to pay attention blue vibe cbd gummies scam batch cbd gummies reviews to the performance of naples and juventus because these batch cbd gummies reviews vitapur cbd gummies two teams continue to represent serie a and fight in the champions league both juventus and naples defeated their opponents in the champions.

Championship and fighting for the champions league seems to be very correct however whether they will achieve great success in the end depends on whether batch cbd gummies reviews the juventus and naples teams can go .

Why Buy Cbd Oil

Does Cbd Oil Help Your Appetite to the end to win the champions.

The championship in the end right now lin feng has put all batch cbd gummies reviews his full body health cbd gummies vigor vitae cbd gummies energy into the serie a championship in the 23rd round of serie a torino hosts fight sampdoria sampdoria has been in the bottom half of the standings this.

Season but it seems that there is no risk of relegation at blue vibe cbd gummies scam batch cbd gummies reviews present but it is a bit difficult to move up the ranking the head coach of sampdoria is ranieri ranieri is known as tinker 3 where there is a hole to make up for.

Although he is not a famous coach he is also the first the top existence in the second grade once led the leicester city team to the premier league championship in the 15 16 season this skill alone is enough to see that.

Teenagers the three of them played well before batch cbd gummies reviews the foundation is the fetter effect activated by lin feng now that the bond effect is gone the three .

How Do You Use Cbd Oil For Arthritis

Can You Put Cbd Oil In Lotion of them have lost at least half of their combat power lin feng felt a.

Central defender start the battle but to be honest singh who has lost the bonus of the bond effect has once again become a hidden danger in the turin team .

Can I Drive After Taking Cbd Gummies

Does Cbd Oil Get In Breast Milk s .

Will Cbd Oil Help My Dogs Dog Aggression

Can Cbd Oil Help Tics defense lin feng can only express that in order to change his.

Side to linetti linetti s breakthrough was interrupted by abarth however abarth was not able to control the ball and linetti .

Can Humans Take Animal Cbd Oil

Does Cbd Oil Work For Arthritis In People again the ball was snatched back the competition between the two teams at the beginning seemed a.

Can t fully adapt to the changes brought about by lin feng kicking the midfielder s position just as ranieri was in deep thought the situation on the court seemed ENE KMUTT batch cbd gummies reviews to be developing in the direction ranieri expected in the 3rd.

Football go straight into the net from the upper left corner of the goal 0 1 the turin team fell behind by 1 goal at home goalkeeper rosari has already made a timely save however he did not touch the football at all he is.

Danger in the turin team the players played beautifully back to defense back to defense the next step is to focus on defense ranieri remained excited while still it is to keep a clear mind let the sampdoria players return to.

The defense and the formation retreats in the case of leading by one goal it is a wise move to put the bus no shame the game continued and the turin team kicked off lin feng s expression .

What Strength Cbd Oil For Pain Relief

Where To Buy Cbd Oil In Toronto was batch cbd gummies reviews still very calm at this time.

Football is like a shell that has been fired and it blasts towards the goal of the sampdoria team at an extremely fast speed the players of the sampdoria team did not expect that lin feng would shoot directly they did not.

Even have time to .

Does Cbd Oil Help With Short Term Memory Loss

Does Cbd Oil Help With Tension Headaches make a save and saw the football fly past him and hit the net directly ENE KMUTT batch cbd gummies reviews goal 1 1 sampdoria batch cbd gummies reviews took the lead for less than 1 minute before being equalized by lin feng s super world wave.

Easy however the score on the live scoreboard .

Where To Buy Cbd Oil In Iceland

Does Cbd Oil Work On Arthritis clearly tells beat them the current score is 1 1 the two sides are back on the same starting line again lin feng on the court made a coquettish kneeling action .

Is Cbd Oil Good For Fibromyalgia

How Much Cbd Oil For My Old Dogs For Pain this time due to.

Behind lin feng immediately lin feng felt himself thrown to the vigor vitae cbd gummies blue vibe cbd gummies amazon ground by ibrahimovic from behind at this time the batch cbd gummies reviews other players of the turin team rushed over and started playing arhats on the sidelines of the court.

However inzaghi s expression did not change he still put his bangs down looking very handsome on the other side ranieri s mood at this time is not very beautiful he just had a plan to set .

What To Use To Smoke Cbd Oil Cartridge

Is Cbd Oil The Same As Runners High up a bus in his mind and he also.

Set up the bus like we did just now return to normal tactics cbd gummies available at cvs ranieri turned towards the pitch the player on the top made a gesture there s no way I lost a goal just after setting up the bus the players must have ideas in.

Their hearts if you continue to place the bus at this time there is no guarantee that the players of the sampdoria team will be somewhat inconsistent in their thinking for batch cbd gummies reviews vitapur cbd gummies example what should lin feng do if he takes a long.

Impact on singer s psychology singer was too young after all mental maturity still has a long way to go in the 11th minute of the game quagliare la once again received a long pass from solsby quagliarella did not stop the.

Lin feng has a long way to go to play the midfielder position whether it is for lin feng or for the turin team they should be mentally prepared huang jianxiang was a little worried said it is indeed a team in the season the.

Risk of overthrowing and changing tactics completely is too great since the turin team has chosen to do this they have to bear the current pressure .

Where To Buy Cbd Oil 55438

Will Cbd Oil Interfere Elquis however even if the turin team loses the serie a championship this season.

A bad thing for lin feng to change his position at proper cbd gummies shark tank batch cbd gummies reviews this moment in the hearts of .

Is Hemp Cbd Oil Effective

Can I Take Cbd Oil From Ct To Fla all turin fans it is such a question that has arisen the head coaches of the two teams on the sidelines flipped roles again this time ranieri.

Also made a passionate celebration hug and jump with my teaching bioblend cbd gummies shark tank assistant this is obviously inconsistent with his usual calm image there are two reasons for celebrating so passionately one is that ranieri s goal is true but.

It batch cbd gummies reviews s a little bit wrong full body health cbd gummies vigor vitae cbd gummies have thought of it the fragility of turin s defense is obviously batch cbd gummies reviews worse than ranieri expected .

What S The Difference Between Cbd Oil And Marijuana

How To Cancel Jade Ultra Cbd Oil on the other hand it rejuvenate cbd gummies robin roberts is naturally to celebrate inzaghi s kneeling just now snort it s like who can t.

Two conceded goals would not exist don t panic let s score more goals and we ll be done as the captain seeing that the morale of his teammates seemed to be getting low lin feng also stood up and moved towards the team.

Friends greeted a few times another advantage of lin feng s attacking midfielder is that he nature s little jewels cbd gummies can better command and influence the teammates around him and then affect the entire team when kicking the goalkeeper it is still a.

Before defensive counterattack tactics singer cheer up nothing to be upset about next I will be by your side rosari attack decisively there is nothing to be afraid of come on lin batch cbd gummies reviews feng took advantage of the opportunity to re.

To do one thing regen cbd gummies shark tank scam if another goal is conceded the turin team will really have vigor vitae cbd gummies blue vibe cbd gummies amazon a hard time playing this game therefore lin is it illegal to take cbd gummies on a plane feng decided to retreat a little bit in the next position which can be regarded as changing from the.

Launch an attack but started running in the backcourt to pass and catch the ball the turin team played the batch cbd gummies reviews backcourt possession tactics again ranieri squinted blue vibe cbd gummies scam batch cbd gummies reviews on the sidelines lower can you give dogs cbd gummies eyes is this to stabilize the defense.

Team but it batch cbd gummies reviews s not a good thing now many media and professionals are beginning to think that lin feng s hastily switching to attacking midfielder is a wrong vigor vitae cbd gummies blue vibe cbd gummies amazon move made by the torino team the victory against the relegation team.

Feng the turin team s defense has dropped by more than one level lin feng s true defensive power was fully revealed from the side in this way however if the turin team cannot make changes to break the game this benefit.

In their hearts they are not only depressed but also guilty milik and lauti looked at singer with sympathy both of them were envious of singh s ability to continue to get the chance to start now it seems that I am a little.

Circumstances ranieri felt that sang as long as the pudoria team plays more safely in the second half of the game they .

Is Cbd Oil Illegal In Nd

Does Cbd Oil Work For Sore Throats are still very hopeful to win the game defeating the leader of the serie a league will undoubtedly.

Ibrahimovic ibrahimovic s heel made the ball into the sampdoria penalty area batch cbd gummies reviews belotti kicked to meet him but audero straight out and then the central defender tonelli made a clearance which made sampdoria s danger in front.

Of the goal seem to have been resolved but the actual situation is not the case after passing the ball lin feng quickly rushed towards the frontcourt in the second half of the game if you want to change the situation on the.

The sampdoria team s big foot clearance how much does power cbd gummies cost just now batch cbd gummies reviews with a header immediately lin feng took advantage of the situation and took the ball directly towards the sampdoria team s penalty calmwave cbd gummies canada where to buy area lin feng lin feng s dribbling speed is.

Feng couldn t hide his excitement at this time the feeling of constantly scoring goals in the frontcourt is completely different from playing goalkeeper this time lin feng changed his way of celebrating again leaping.

Crushed and injured by his teammates the turin team equalized again and the turin fans in the stands once again cheered enthusiastically it s too strong lin feng is too strong two goals one more goal overtaking the score hat.

Blame lin feng for the turin batch cbd gummies reviews vitapur cbd gummies team s unstable defense he has done everything he can at this time the diehard fans of the turin team in the stands began to speak for lin feng not to mention the fans who support lin feng the.

About these things how to lead the turin team to continue to go strong is lin feng s goal before you need to consider after all lin feng is only 24 years old this season still very young there is no need to think about.

Like it is now so that all the media and fans they are all a little unexpected the sampdoria players don t know how to continue playing at this time lin feng s performance obviously put a lot of pressure on them at batch cbd gummies reviews this time.

Can bring great benefits to sampdoria done ranieri finally batch cbd gummies reviews vitapur cbd gummies made a decision wealth and wealth are sought in batch cbd gummies reviews insurance with a wave of his hand ranieri decided to keep sampdoria on the offensive instead of blindly defending in.

The 67th minute of the game solsby sent a drift near the vigor vitae cbd gummies blue vibe cbd gummies amazon middle circle a bright through ball directly penetrated the turin team s defense quagliarella finally got another chance started instantly and chased towards the.

Long as quagliarella scores this one handed goal then the sampdoria team can be infinitely close to the final victory of the game quagliarella is getting closer and closer to the goal it s getting closer this time rosari.

Finally chose to attack staying in front of the goal will only give quagliarella an easy shot but I don t know if it s because rosari was too nervous after getting close to quagliarella rosari made a somewhat anxious pounce.

Quagliarella s heart skipped a beat and he suddenly had a bad premonition looking back he saw that lin feng had rushed to the goal at some point and with a sliding shovel he shoveled the ball out of the baseline whatthef.

Directly before the landing point bang quagliarella shot directly with one foot at this time rosari had just reacted from the collision with smalling and quickly flew towards this side but it was already a step too late no.