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Can I Buy Cbd Gummies Near Me [zor9wbp] - ENE KMUTT

May 15, 2024

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Far back however as long as belotti dybala can i buy cbd gummies near me and morata cross the half and start from the frontcourt it must be .

Does Cbd Oil Help Cancer

Do Pot Shops Sell Cbd Oil offside because when they started the sprint there was only goalkeeper lin feng between them and the turin.

Team s goal this is the essence of the turin team s crazy offside tactics bang lin feng did not stop after controlling the ball and once again the free cbd gummies trial ball is kicked towards the frontcourt the target this time is ibrahimovic .

Does Cbd Oil Or Hemp Oil Contain Any Thc

Can U Buy Cbd Oil In Ireland the.

Accuracy of lin feng s pass is much higher than that of ronaldo s pass just now ibrahimovic caught the ball very comfortably in ronaldo s cross just now ibrahimovic was not able to compete for the first point in the.

Confrontation with de ligt it almost made ibrahimovic think that he really couldn t lift a knife but now it seems that c luo can t pass the ball now that lin feng is passing the ball isn ENE KMUTT can i buy cbd gummies near me t ibrahimovic stopping steadily.

Undoubtedly for the juventus team natural native cbd gummies reviews it is a very fatal thing bang ibrahimovic kicked the ball up without waiting for it to hit the ground the footwork of this shot was perfectly controlled pure cbd gummies extra strength by ibrahimovic after 20 years of.

Such a wonderful tactic juventus have no risk of conceding a goal at all possess the ball more push forward steadily allegri quickly adjusted his emotions and quickly can i buy cbd gummies near me gave new instructions to the juventus players on the.

Field ibrahimovic looked very excited keanu reeves cbd gummies for sale can i buy cbd gummies near me can i buy cbd gummies near me he jumped up high and waved his arms fiercely I scored again this is a very happy thing I can also help the team this is what ibrahimovic is more concerned about at the moment if one.

Himself as a substitute but I can t accept that I have become the mascot of the team can i buy cbd gummies near me trileaf cbd gummies ibrahimovic scored again I believe that as long as ibrahimovic continues to play he can i buy cbd gummies near me will soon be able to refresh the record of the oldest.

Careers but the championship is not enough not to mention many stars did not never won a championship especially the champions league champions then there is no more these elderly stars did not choose to join the torino team.

Victory in the remaining time belotti kicks the ball and the game continues the turin team formation continues to press forward quickly but the juventus team seized the gap in the process of the turin players forward pressure.

Hit out a counter offside cooperation belotti got a chance for a one handed goal haha our chance is here single handed goal belotti must be able to score the turin team paid the price for their arrogance it sounds like an.

Belotti s shooting skills are currently the best in the juventus team in addition belotti has been playing for the turin team before so he must know lin feng s goalkeeping style very cbd gummies work for anxiety well this also means that belotti s.

At ENE KMUTT can i buy cbd gummies near me high speed on the court .

Where Do You Buy Cbd Oil For Pain

Can I But Medix Cbd Oil In Texss at this time was not happy at all the reason is simple belotti knows lin feng so well naturally I also know that lin feng single sword must flutter at the moment when he just ran out of the single.

Handed ball belotti was also happy but when he came back to his senses and calmed down he was so depressed that he wanted to die however it is impossible for belotti to stop kicking the single handed ball without kicking.

Allegri on the sidelines felt a little pity when he saw that belotti missed this one handed goal but I didn t care too much if the goal guarded by lin feng is so ENE KMUTT can i buy cbd gummies near me easy to attack then it is not lin feng s style therefore it.

Loopholes in the process of the turin team s rapid forward pressure and add take advantage of the opportunity to create a single handed ball can i buy cbd gummies near me in the next game ENE KMUTT can i buy cbd gummies near me as long as the juventus team continues to stick to this style of.

Following lin feng to limit it it s just that juventus defensive masters are all on the back line allegri can never send a defender to mark the opponent s goalkeeper this is crazy too but if can i buy cbd gummies near me you don t do this the current.

Area juventus defense line was restrained so although lin feng s pass was deep kelan gai was not offside boss lin s pass is really too aggressive kelan after gai controlled the ball he sighed from the bottom of his heart.

Still the main force fighting for the first landing point giroud hit the ball directly and set up a fort for ronaldo bang cristiano ronaldo also didn t stop and kicked the football bang ronaldo s luck was a little bit bad.

There will always be a high quality kick in 10 crosses and once the turin team plays a high quality offense it is reddit cbd gummies anxiety cbd gummies for kids really not far from scoring a goal liu jianhong on the side also said with a smile and analysis on the.

Improve as much as possible bit such a tactical arrangement can i buy cbd gummies near me is reasonable because if the juventus team were given the chance to take a one handed goal that was too easy they would be attacked by lin can i buy cbd gummies near me feng more and the.

Confrontation in the 82nd minute of the game juventus finally won again a single handed chance this time it was belotti who gave morata a chance morata directly chose a lob shot but lin feng jumped up to save the can i buy cbd gummies near me ball in.

The 84th minute of the game torino s counterattack followed ronaldo s shot was saved by szczesny giroud s header shot was slightly higher than the goal again in the 86th minute of the game dybala outside the penalty area 1 1.

Will score twice in this game one pogba is proud enough to break the goal guarded by lin feng twice in a game for a while pogba thought a lot beep the referee whistled pogba ran up and kicked the football hard top left corner.

Hands he can i buy cbd gummies near me jumped up from the ground very coherently cbd gummies barcelona grabbing the ball with one hand can i buy cbd gummies near me lin feng stretched out the index finger .

Can You Take Too Much Cbd Oil Without Thc

Does Cbd Oil Help With Gerd of the other hand and pointed forward shake pogba fell to his knees before the penalty kick no he.

1 The referee then blew the whistle for the end of the cbd gummies for hives game don t give the turin team another chance to attack lin feng for this this situation has long been expected so there is no plan to launch an attack at all a draw such.

A result is not unacceptable both sides played their cards but none of them were able to win the game it seems that the competition for the serie a championship will continue until the final round how about this game the turin.

Result because the final penalty kick has to be it s not lin feng the turin team s loss is inevitable in that case the turin team is 4 points behind juventus in the serie a standings with a difference of 4 points it will be.

Successfully win the serie .

How To Become A Cbd Oil Seller

Can Cbd Oilo Help You Lose Weight a championship allegri pondered for a while then smiled at the corner of his mouth and walked into the player tunnel the turin derby draws again the sign of the turin can i buy cbd gummies near me team s loss of dominance.

Such a situation lin feng and mourinho also had expectations and psychological preparations after cbd gummies market all at the beginning of this cbd gummies on empty stomach season the goal of the turin team this season has changed from winning the championship to.

Competing for the championship it is also a good experience to play evenly after hitting the crushing game the mentality of the torino players down yes all very good after the turin derby the turin team s schedule is still.

Many waves in their hearts on the contrary the players of the liverpool team are somewhat depressed because the turin team is a very weird team it cannot can i buy cbd gummies near me be measured by paper strength judging from the cbd gummies spencers strength on paper the.

A each has its own characteristics the premier league pays more attention to fast paced offense defense and confrontation but in terms of skills and tactics it should pay less attention to it however with the turin team s.

Lack of physical fitness the liverpool team naturally occupied a certain amount advantage ENE KMUTT can i buy cbd gummies near me in this game .

Is Cbd Oil Keto

How Much Cbd Extract Is Used In Oil I think the turin team can i buy cbd gummies near me can start with a .

Is Cbd Oil Good For Candida

Is It Alright To Take Cbd Oil While Taking Xanax steady rhythm and control the ball in this way the players of the turin team.

Feng directly passed ruota head on I ll go ruota s expression was obviously stunned at this time the whole person is also a little confused this is the goalkeeper thanks to salah and what mane defended was lin feng s pass.

At all klopp naturally knows lin feng s dribbling breakthrough ability but the problem is that now lin vibez cbd gummies can i buy cbd gummies near me feng is playing the goalkeeper position ah can you talk about the basics is it really good for the goalkeeper to break.

Through the midfield with the ball like this the liverpool team s first lab grade cbd gummies line of defense was directly broken by lin feng and lin feng dribbled the ball to the middle circle which again attracted the defensive attention of.

The overall tactical style of the .

What Cbd Oil Should I Buy To Shrink Tumors

How To Take Cbd Oil For Anxiety Uk liverpool team is .

What Are The Different Concetrations Of Cbd Oil

How Much Is A Pack Of Cbd Gummies .

Is 100 Mg Cbd Gummy A Lot

Can I Take Cbd Oil To Get Less High still biased towards natures boost cbd gummies side effects offense high position can i buy cbd gummies near me pressing and crazy counter grabbing are also for better and faster attacking bang lin feng took the ball straight to the position.

Raised his arms .

What Is The Highest Quality Cbd Oil

Does Cbd Oil Fight Cancer and shouted in front of liverpool s goal the strongest roar was issued the other players of the torino team also became excited in an instant it s off to a great start what about the where can you buy cbd gummies 300 mg mighty liverpool team don.

The middle circle and kicked off again jota flicked the ball and salah passed it back to fabinho fabinho quickly split the side to mane mane directly dribbles the ball liverpool s pace of play is not there is reduction but the.

Ball in front of him there was a couple of passes and catches with burdisso and at this time only nota stepped forward to disturb him both salah and vitality cbd gummies near me mane chose to retreat to the midfield the goal conceded in keanu reeves cbd gummies for sale can i buy cbd gummies near me the opening game.

In recent seasons aside from the turin team liverpool and klopp .

How To Give Cbd Oil To A Child

What Is Tincture In Cbd Oil are all the rage in world football lopp s fast paced offensive and defensive tactics are obviously sought after by many fans sample for the liverpool team the.

Is really good good job how is your physical fitness can you still hold it after returning to the locker room mourinho first affirmed the players performance in the first half of the game then he cared very much about every.

Player of the torino team physical problems especially the physical fitness of giroud and ronaldo I can still hold on 70 minutes should be no problem both giroud and ronaldo gave positive answers in the first half of the game.

Matter if you don t find it in the .

Is Cbd Gummies Good For Naisea And Diarrha

Who Owns Hazel Hills Cbd Gummies whole can i buy cbd gummies near me game being 1 goal behind in the away game is 3 thc cbd gummies ENE KMUTT can i buy cbd gummies near me acceptable to us when we return to the home court vibez cbd gummies can i buy cbd gummies near me we will take down the game klopp said what is cbd gummies made out of firmly the 5 minute break in the midfield will.

Soon pass the second half of the game is about to start jianhong for the second half of the game what do you think in holistic health cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes the longguo broadcast room after taking a sip of strong tea huang jianxiang started talking I think if.

Themselves juventus has not won the championship for a long time ENE KMUTT can i buy cbd gummies near me therefore the juventus team made such a decision three days later villa came to challenge juventus the real team was surprised to find that the juventus team.

Taking the lead in the two rounds juventus is for serie a the champion is fighting I even gave up the champions league game I guess I want to win the championship too much only the serie a champion is the most controllable.

And decisive there is no need to think can i buy cbd gummies near me about unrealistic things but can i buy cbd gummies near me to ensure the most stable one under such circumstances the difficulty for the turin team to compete for the championship has once again increased because.

Milan and naples the final result of the draw was torino vs ac milan juventus vs naples in the first match between juventus and naples there was another shocking scene allegri s rotation is more thorough this time directly.

Very uncertain thing a little bit of a surprise the turin team is really likely to lose the championship in all three lines in that case it would be a big blow to the turin team it will also mean that the turin team s.

Holding the ball in the backcourt the inter milan team is not in a hurry did not immediately step forward to press for the inter milan team this game is to .

How Long Till Cbd Oil Is Out Of Your System

Can I Get Cbd Oil In England keep the tie and win in the 21st minute of the game after.

Of ability giroud s catching is also an ability seriously if this tactic of the turin team is to be played well there must be a master catcher in the frontcourt to support the scene fortunately giroud did a very good job at.

In defense they started a frantic press in their own half this undoubtedly .

Does Cbd Oil Effecf Parkinson S

Does Oprah Endorse Cbd Gummies brought greater difficulty to the turin team s offense at .

Where Can I Buy Cbd Oil In Columbia South Carolina

Does Cbd Oil Reduce Inflammation In The Entire Body the same time in terms of defensive actions the inter milan team is also getting bigger.

And bigger the fierce confrontation made the game fragmented may be by the lucky affected by lu s injury the turin players are also a little weak in confrontation it s obviously a bit of dodging and kicking when the first.

Half of the game was about to end the turin team was completely suppressed by the inter milan team on the scene on the sidelines of the court mourinho s brows were already wrinkled into a word sichuan the potential of the.

Negative impact can i buy cbd gummies near me on the turin team in all aspects if mourinho can t improve the morale of the turin team during the intermission it is very likely that in the second half of the game the inter milan team will continue to.

Suppress the turin team for the entire half lin feng now it may be difficult for inter milan to score but it will become extremely difficult for the turin team to score goals and win the game for the turin team a draw is a.

Room after returning to can i buy cbd gummies near me the locker room mourinho immediately asked about giroud s injury the answer .

What Does Cbd Oil Do For Dogs

Can You Take Amitriptyline With Cbd Oil is that it is not optimistic conservative giroud needs to be injured for a month this can i buy cbd gummies near me is mainly because giroud is not young.

Indeed necessary lin feng nodded if it s just a few games then the turin team doesn t need to make much changes but if giroud is injured for a month it will affect more than ten games even if giroud returns from injury it.

The shoulder and handed over the final choice gave it to lin feng at this time on the other side of turin city is the allianz stadium allegri finally showed a relaxed look giroud is injured which is a bad thing for the.

Interfering if lin can i buy cbd gummies near me feng chooses to break through directly there will be another player from the inter milan team come forward dzeko on the other hand will quickly return to keoni cbd gummies with pure hemp cbd extract defense and fill in the position of the player.

Just now this is the deployment of new york cbd gummies low inzaghi jr on the defensive end in this game limiting lin feng to the greatest extent is what the inter milan team is doing because lin feng is still playing goalkeeper so lin feng can t.

Only choose to pass the ball bang lin feng suddenly raised his foot the ball is sent in the direction of ibrahimovic drink ibrahimovic yelled loudly and jumped up to fight for the top with de vrye however ibrahimovic s.

Physical fitness has bottomed out at this time people can not refuse to accept the old the excessive physical consumption is always reminding ibrahimovic that his age is already 40 bang ibrahimovic s confrontation with de.

Breakthrough didn t immediately choose .

Does Cbd Oil Interact With Prescription Anti Inflammatory Drugs

Does Broad Spectrum Cbd Oil Contain Thc to pass because of the pass near the center circle it is easy cbd gummies for digestive issues to fall into the offside trap of the turin team but the breakthrough does not have this problem lautaro vidal suddenly sent.

Extreme I can catch up seeing that the football was about to scrape against the lower edge of the crossbar and fall into the net lin feng .

Is It Safe To Use Cbd Oil With Pharmaceutical Drugs

Does Cbd Oil Heal Cncer jumped violently I .

Does Refrigerating Cbd Oil

Can I Sell Cbd Oil In Harris County touched it lin feng felt ENE KMUTT can i buy cbd gummies near me that the tip of his right finger touched.

Completely change the situation on the court such a goal is even more commendable it looks even more rich in gold it s even more exciting not to mention lin feng scored a single goal as a goalkeeper this is bound to leave an.

Indelible scene in the history of football how many wonderful goals has lin feng .

Can Cbd Oil Help Neuropathy Pain

How Does Cbd Oil Help The Body contributed to football this season I can t count them on one hand on can i buy cbd gummies near me the court lin feng opened his arms and can i buy cbd gummies near me ran towards his own goal after.

Turin team is pressing too tightly behind juventus also dare not lose a game don t even dare to tie is there any specific news turin s next game is to go to the knockout round of the champions league .

Where To Buy Cbd Oil In Ssugus

Can I Take Klonopin With Cbd Oil and challenge liverpool.

Away before that mourinho and lin feng were one get up and visit giroud who is lying on the hospital bed giroud s mental state is not bad although the injury is not light this time but for veteran players like giroud it s.

Difficulties giroud s injury is one aspect the turin team has become exhausted in the intensive schedule there can i buy cbd gummies near me is a problem with ibrahimovic avena cbd gummies s physical fitness and it is still unknown whether he can start this game no.

A 4 3 3 reddit cbd gummies anxiety cbd gummies for kids formation the liverpool team responded with a 4 3 3 formation in the away game and when they returned to the home court they naturally favored an offensive style and this game liverpool the pu team also had to.

Keeping the goal without losing is enough to advance to the next round therefore mourinho also intends to let the turin team take the bus at any time under the strict bus arrangement it is not easy for liverpool to score.

Difficulty to cracking the bus formation all in all this game the ling team has some kicks lin feng didn t need to change to the frontcourt either because the turin team does not need to score in this game just keep the tie.

Friends from the audience friends from the fans fengmi it s time for our old friends to reddit cbd gummies anxiety cbd gummies for kids meet again I don t know if you will be bored does cbd gummies make u lose weight .

Does Cbd Oil Conflict With Blood Thinners

How To Use Cbd Oil Salve For Pain by the commentary of our two old guys but the current young commentator there are also many.

Atmosphere of the live broadcast at the gathering place of fengmi is the best at this time the fans watching the live broadcast at fengmi gathering place also laughed at this time on .

Is It Legal To Sell Cbd Oil In Ny

Are People Looking To Buy Cbd Oil the anfield stadium the starting.

Goalkeeper it is always the moment of being vibez cbd gummies can i buy cbd gummies near me passive when the offensive player hits a dead end in the absolute sense the goalkeeper is also powerless liu jianhong on the side also made a serious analysis he also expressed.

Draw does cvs or walgreens sell cbd gummies it s enough to advance to the next .

How To Take Cbd Oil For Pcos

Is Using Cbd Oil Legal In Nebraska round liu jianhong added another sentence on the sidelines mourinho let the turin team recover all three lines mourinho was can i buy cbd gummies near me not satisfied with salah s defense just now it was too easy.

For .

Does Using Cbd Oil Show Up On A Drug Test

Where Can I Buy Edible Cbd Oil salah breakthrough space can t even arrange the bus mourinho thinks it s unbearable to have this in the first 30 minutes of the first half the game looked a bit like liverpool s offensive and defensive drills because the.

Turin team s vibez cbd gummies can i buy cbd gummies near me defense was completely suppressed 30 meters away from the goal liverpool s offense can be said to be wave after wave the turin team has been passively defending and the scene looks very embarrassing this is not.

Great difficulty but it s not that the players didn t cooperate it s just that I don t practice much at ordinary times this is a mess it is a low level mistake to be true a mistake that no normal team blue light cbd gummies should make however due.

Kick ronaldo s super long range shot seems random but the effect can i bring cbd gummies into canada is quite good it flew out of the bottom line by rubbing the beam shocked liverpool fans and ronaldo s lob shot also slightly eased the embarrassing situation.

Of the turin team it can be regarded as interrupting the rhythm of liverpool s mad can i buy cbd gummies near me keanu reeves cbd gummies for sale can i buy cbd gummies near me attack in the next game liverpool s offensive slowed down after can i buy cbd gummies near me all profit liverpool players are also normal people the continuous high.

Intensity offensive rhythm liverpool players will also be unable to withstand it at this time the rhythm of the game slowed down which reddit cbd gummies anxiety cbd gummies for kids also allowed the liverpool players to breathe a sigh of relief klopp on the sidelines.

Situation the situation of the liverpool team has not improved because liverpool failed to score this is the hole dug in the first round if the big score is a tie at this time keoni cbd gummies mayim klopp is not panic at all but now as the game.

In the blink of an eye the first half the game has come to an end beep .

Where To Huy Cbd Oil Lical In Springfield Mo

Does Cbd Oil Cancel Your High as the referee blew the whistle to end the first half the two teams tied at 0 0 such a score is undoubtedly beneficial to the can i buy cbd gummies near me turin team as .

How To Make Canabutter Cbd Oil

How Much Thc Is In Charlottes Web Cbd Oil long as they.

Long as we can stick to 70 minutes it is estimated that .

Can I Return Cbd Oil At Fred Meyers

Does Trulieve In Fort Myers Florida Carry Cbd Oil the liverpool team will become more and more impatient if we don t get it right by then we can push a wave of counterattacks lin feng smiled lightly in fact according.

A little different at the front of the turin team s penalty area there are too many players from both sides at this time the referee blows a penalty in favor of liverpool don t make it too easy as long as you give liverpool.

Are actually a big risk hmm mourinho nodded without saying anything more since mourinho left after the season it has become an open secret so the current position and situation of mourinho it is also in can dogs take human cbd gummies a subtle way however.

T .

What Is The Doseage Of Cbd In Chill Gummies

Where Can I Find Eagle Hemp Cbd Gummies have much to do at the moment this game has already set the tone from the tactical choice at the beginning of course you will be besieged by your opponent the torino team has made such a choice so it can only bear this.

Feng for lin feng this may be just a trivial matter liu jianhong eased the atmosphere aside on the court salah is already standing in front of the free kick penalty spot this opportunity is very important for the liverpool.

Liverpool team may come to compete for this free kick but now the liverpool players have tacitly given the opportunity to salah huh salah took a deep breath and can i buy cbd gummies near me adjusted own breath after measuring the distance salah started.

Level save in the entire football world only lin feng can make such a quick mayim bialiks cbd gummies second reaction in the longguo broadcast room huang jianxiang broke his throat again fortunately the lozenges of fengmi gathering place can i buy cbd gummies near me are.

Enough it also gave huang jianxiang and liu jianhong extra throat maintenance bonuses so huang jianxiang also gave his own roaring commentary the method has been carried forward in the wind honey gathering place this ball is.

Really exciting whether it s salah s direct free kick or mane s supplementary shot the quality is actually very .

What Are The Legal Uses For Cbd Oil In Wisconsin

Can You Get A Prescription For Cbd Oil In Texas high but lin feng still does it when you arrive keep all the opponent s shots at the door .

Could Cbd Gummies Cause Spotting

Is Selling Cbd Oil A Good Business this is not an easy.

Of the court at this time klopp also felt a little skeptical of life what a great opportunity it turned out to be guarded by lin feng again this is too it s vibez cbd gummies can i buy cbd gummies near me against the sky but at this time .

How Long To Heal Sciatica Taking Cbd Oil

Did My Cbd Oil Go Bad klopp didn t too much time to go.

Be impossible to create some opportunities just don t make mistakes mourinho felt that his reddit cbd gummies anxiety cbd gummies for kids little heart hadn t been beating so hard for a long time lin feng s match was so exciting if you want to coach lin feng well you.

Hit him directly on the head in that case it is estimated that fan dai ke immediately suffered a concussion although that can block lin feng can i buy cbd gummies near me s shot but van dyke flinched in his heart at this time and there is a feeling of.

Time liverpool s other players can t do much anymore we can only hope that the goalkeeper alisson can i buy cbd gummies near me can be stronger alisson who was standing in front of the goal had a very serious expression on his face thanks to klopp s.

Reminder just now alisson s position is very low at this time just in front of the goal so there is no cbd gummies chill such thing as hanging the door however seeing football with coming towards the goal at an extremely fast speed.

Feng quickly ran back to the goal torino his teammates all tacitly did not how long does cbd gummies stay in your system reddit stop lin feng from running instead they waited for lin feng to return to the front and back of the goal and then swarmed in starting to stack.

Time left can i buy cbd gummies near me for liverpool is running out haha in the longguo studio liu jianhong finally laughed heartily in the previous games both he and huang jianxiang were always worried now finally I am completely relieved I said it.

Of change after a powerful goal the liverpool team has no way to save it can only give up then hope that the opponents in the next round will be stronger and can complete the task of sniping the turin can i buy cbd gummies near me team at the moment the.

Game ended klopp quickly walked into the player channel without looking back not even in the mood to shake hands with mourinho mourinho .

Where Can I Get Both Cbd And Thc Oil

Where To Buy Where To Buy Cbd Oil didn t care either a failure let the reader vent their emotions there is no need to care.

In the stands liverpool s home fans booed a lot obviously they are very dissatisfied with this result eliminated in the first round of the champions league knockout round this is obviously not what liverpool should look.

Turin after the excitement of the turin players they were all feeling a strong sense of exhaustion feel many players fell asleep directly lin feng can i buy cbd gummies near me didn t fall asleep but checked the rest of the season s schedule the.

Strives for every championship every season not to mention the depth of the turin team s lineup is the worst among all the champions league teams in the cbd gummies make you tired knockout stages so cbd gummies for dogs calming from this perspective the turin team is indeed a.

Normal for the players of the turin team physical and mental exhaustion are not so easy to eliminate but at this stage of keanu reeves cbd gummies for sale can i buy cbd gummies near me the season all players must grit their teeth and persevere because only in this way can we achieve a.

Good result at the end of the season for the current is still the possibility that all three lines are empty therefore the players of the turin team cannot relax in the slightest the 30th round of serie a is coming this.