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Best Diet For Pcos Weight Loss [okhrtv] - ENE KMUTT

May 16, 2024

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Checked zhu jingyan s pulse again after a long time when many people were waiting impatiently he finally nodded gently it s okay the remaining poison has been cleared great it s just the doctor said however many cheers.

Is now extremely weak he needs to recuperate for a while and must not work too hard duoduo breathed a sigh of relief and nodded hurriedly I will definitely take good care of daddy zhu jingyan he reluctantly raised his hand.

Medicine for the wound must naturely lean apple cider vinegar gummies be changed best diet for pcos weight loss on time .

What Is Red Light Therapy For Weight Loss ?

Is Ribena Good For Weight Loss chi yuan sent the person out and zhu jingyan asked duoduo where are guang qing an and cang chen duoduo hesitated for a while but told the truth about the situation another.

Jingyan down best diet for pcos weight loss with a raised hand the doctor said you .

Is Muscle Milk Light Good For Weight Loss ?

Will My Insurance Cover Weight Loss need to rest and you can t go out she has heard it said that the people are excited and may cause riots zhu jingyan is still injured and cannot go out to risk it risk duodo.

Jingyan over what they saw was the picture of guang qing an and cang chen helpless under the pressure of the .

Is Mushroom Soup Good For Weight Loss

Are Supreme Protein Bars Good For Weight Loss common people a pang of boredom welled up in her heart the temple minister is legs up the wall weight loss here master siqing is here I don t.

Qing an did not thinking of zhu jingyan s appearance he was startled monthly weight loss tracker health keto acv gummies when he saw zhu jingyan s appearance turned around and ran back ketosis keto gummies best diet for pcos weight loss many hands took him why did your lord come out uan guang qing an asked in a low voice in.

Dissatisfaction is particularly clear the people best diet for pcos weight loss did not expect that best diet for pcos weight loss a child would appear in dali temple dissatisfied even more so than them when dali temple is working .

Do Magnetic Weight Loss Bracelets Really Work ?

Is Purple Sweet Potato Good For Weight Loss day and night to solve the case what are you doing.

At each other many began to .

What Prescriptions Help With Weight Loss

Is Watermelon A Good Snack For Weight Loss take the path of warmth I know that you are anxious when your child is lost and dali best diet for pcos weight loss temple is also anxious but at this time everyone should stay calm today lord guangma and lord cang were.

Should do is trust dali temple and cooperate with dali temple instead of coming to dali temple to cause trouble and give us adding chaos do you understand finally duoduo promised in an extremely firm tone I want to express.

His face was pale how many keto gummies a day to lose weight and bloodless and anyone could tell that his current how to tighten skin after weight loss condition was not good in addition the news that the minister of dali temple was attacked and was seriously injured and almost died came out just this.

Someone back every hour for any news they got while running around outside if there was any news it would be sent back .

Does Omega 3 Fatty Acid Help Weight Loss

How To Make Homemade Weight Loss Pills immediately in this way even if zhu best diet for pcos weight loss jingyan is in dali temple self cultivation but also can keep track.

Originally bustling market had become sparsely populated this discovery made duoduo wonder if he best diet for pcos weight loss had gone to the wrong place not only are there fewer nucentix keto acv gummies reviews customers but there are also no vendors there are only best diet for pcos weight loss a few old people.

Quickly don t be caught by kidnappers he pushed a lot and couldn t help complaining why are there such heartless parents if the child is lost they won t have a place to cry pushed and shoved duoduo walked a few steps.

And realized the reason why this place is sparsely populated the kidnapper incident caused a scene people were so panicked that no one dared to go out for fear that their children would be stolen if no one was watching pushed.

And shoved by the old man to go home best diet for pcos weight loss until duoduo nodded and said that she would go back with her brother the old man let her go and did not forget to remind her you must go home these days are not peaceful don t come.

Out and run around looking at duoduo and chi yuanli looking at the back of the old man the old man sighed again what s the matter parents really don t care walking out of the alley seeing that the old man didn t chase.

Around let s go buy some vegetables and go back okay dali temple is now in a mess and everyone is very busy let s not cause any more trouble to uncle wang chi yuan wanted to say chef the house was originally under the.

People came out to pawn clothes but it .

Why Is Exercise Important For Weight Loss ?

A Healthy Weight Loss Goal For 55 Year Old Woman was the first time I saw such a .

Can Desogestrel Cause Weight Loss

How To Weight Loss Fast At Home For Female person who looked like a rich person the shopkeeper didn t react when his children came to diet gummies best diet for pcos weight loss use them as clothes as clothes duo duo repeated the shopkeeper.

To what did he do he took a step forward and after many there was a knock on the head don t talk nonsense duoduo pursed his mouth only then did chi yuan step forward and walked best diet for pcos weight loss up to the shopkeeper shopkeeper it s like.

Talking about si qing to best diet for pcos weight loss death moreover si qing is really sick now and he didn t lie duoduo sansan nodded and was led by chi yuan into the carriage when they got on the carriage the two of them were just children from a.

Would end up like this the market that the two of them came to was an area that chi yuan was quite familiar with probably away from the best diet for pcos weight loss bustling area the city is noisy the high profile kidnapping case has not had much impact.

Here chi yuan was still like before carrying a basket optiplex keto gummies ingredients and money to .

What Does Epsom Salt Bath Do For Weight Loss ?

Can Provera Help With Weight Loss buy vegetables from the vegetable stall unexpectedly as soon as the two of them got close to each other they were pushed yes someone was discerning and.

He has to eat monthly weight loss tracker health keto acv gummies please sell us some we really have money money who can watch a little girl crying so hard that the earth is falling apart without changing her expression at least this vendor couldn t do it especially when the.

Many cries attracted a group of onlookers to point and point he was even more I can t do it anymore oh don t be so cruel this little girl is very pitiful just sell her a little it s not like I won t pay you that is if it.

Were me and the little girl cried so miserably I would just give her a handful of vegetables when duoduo heard this his eyes lit up and he turned his head to look at the uncle who was talking well he sells fish the fish is.

Nutritious and he can just go back and make fish soup for his father the uncle looked at duoduo and was stunned for a moment san san changed his gaze most of the people watching the fun were businessmen after seeing many.

Make up for your father by the way other uncles and aunts also want to send you some food you go quickly don t make uncles and aunts wait in a hurry it s gone duoduo looked at the desperate look in the eyes of the merchant.

In front of him .

Are Dried Bananas Good For Weight Loss ?

Is Starvation Mode A Myth For Weight Loss and a sentence suddenly appeared in his mind because I have been wet in the rain I have to tear off other people s umbrellas many I don t understand much but my hands are shocked by the way I collected.

Them this made chi yuan tense up feeling chi yuan s nervousness duo duo was afraid that best diet for pcos weight loss he would do something bad so he hurriedly said brother don t worry dad will be fine understanding ENE KMUTT best diet for pcos weight loss duo duo s meaning chi yuan forced.

Big problem from the perspective of outsiders chi yuan will only feel best diet for pcos weight loss that chi yuan is fried fish good for weight loss is older and .

How Does Golo Weight Loss Work

How Much Hcg Should I Take For Weight Loss more thoughtful than his young and innocent sister walking in the alley chi yuan and duoduo deliberately slowed down but the.

People following behind did not make any moves which made duoduo a little confused the two entered the ruined temple their front feet after stepping in duoduo oprah slimming gummies reviews felt the urge to run away looking over with numb eyes duoduo.

Getting closer and closer behind her her mother rolled her down the cliff and held her tightly in her arms she heard the muffled sound of her mother s body hitting the rocks and was finally intercepted by a tree the mother s.

Afraid I m here brother is here there were gentle soothing sounds like my mother s voice coming from outside the sky my lose weight with vinegar mother s arms seemed to be warm again a dazzling and warm light suddenly appeared between the white sky.

Now chi yuan had already handed over the water bag and then folded a small cup from a leaf and handed it to many many seeing duoduo taking care of the old woman without getting dirty chi yuan seemed to be touched by.

Ruined temple he did not speak until many when he came to him and asked him if he needed help he spoke to duoduo everything looks so natural seeing that the crippled man didn t seem to have any needs many people turned.

Moved but shook his head again if it is too big it is difficult to handle and it is easy to create extraneous branches on the other hand the girl in front of me who looks like three or four years old has a simple mind.

And my daughter alone but the day before yesterday my daughter suddenly fell ill I sold our house and land and didn t pay I can save her the lame man said was actually moved and shed tears duoduo looked at the crippled man.

Say the next words but tears fell down of course she couldn t go on because of this story only when his father died like his mother would it be easier to arouse sympathy and malice from this person but she didn t want to.

Must go home tomorrow otherwise our home will be taken over by the landlord duoduo .

How To Start Weight Training For Weight Loss

Can Monster Energy Drinks Cause Weight Loss nodded happily I knew that brother is the best chi yuan felt a burst of bitterness in his heart it doesn does ozempic help with weight loss t .

When Should You See Weight Loss Results

A Possible Weight Loss Strategy Skip Breakfast Before Exercise matter whether he is good or not in.

Duoduo s heart but he knew that when he returned to dali temple he would definitely not recover look what he did he .

Is Keto Diet Fast Weight Loss

What Illness Causes Weight Loss is carrying .

What Is The Most Effective Weight Loss Drink ?

Can Eating Raw Garlic Help In Weight Loss many go deep into the tiger s den and risk yourself if they are not careful both of them will be.

Killed even if the two of them could go back alive in the end he was probably going to have to be punished duo duo is in a younger grade and is not sensible he is no longer an ignorant child how could he know that duo duo was.

Know best diet for pcos weight loss what chi yuan was thinking she was thinking about her next plan the lame man saw chi yuan s entanglement and helplessness but he who knew children very well did not feel that chi yuan she was worried that they would.

To be delicious and delicious and chi yuan s actions made the lame man conclude that the situation at home must be very miserable otherwise how could this eight best diet for pcos weight loss or nine year old child have developed such exquisite skills and.

Slave when he has had enough fun osteoarthritis weight loss he can resell it it looks good and the craftsmanship is good so it will definitely fetch a good price .

Can You Smoke Pot After Weight Loss Surgery ?

Are Kodiak Cakes Good For Weight Loss thinking of this his eyes lingered on chi yuan for a while longer tut tut it s just that.

Was tell a story to the little monk before chi yuan finished speaking duoduo took up the next sentence and said dissatisfiedly my .

What Is The Best Pasta For Weight Loss ?

Which Exercise Bike Is Best For Weight Loss brother has told this story eight where can i find keto acv gummies hundred times and I want to hear something new chi yuan was.

Bit of doubt about their identities disappeared it best diet for pcos weight loss s really different this time chi yuan emphasized again before he began to tell the story once upon a time there was a mountain there is a best diet for pcos weight loss temple and there is a family next.

To the temple there is a three and a half year old girl who stays up every night and pesters her brother .

Can Celiac Disease Cause Weight Loss

Can B12 Deficiency Cause Weight Loss to tell stories brother duoduo pouted dissatisfiedly under the faint moonlight she accused chi yuan with her eyes chi.

He will take action after waiting for a while the breathing around him became more and more best diet for pcos weight loss best diet for pcos weight loss even and then he finally he opened his eyes and sat up the weak moonlight shone on many best diet for pcos weight loss faces seeming to make those faces shine.

With golden light much like the silver he was .

How Can We Use Chia Seeds For Weight Loss ?

Does Weight Loss Help With Sleep Apnea about to get u0013 he rubbed his hands together with his eyes closed many people could feel how intense his bliss skin shark tank episode gaze was but duoduo didn t move just held chi yuan s hand tightly.

Yuan pretended to be disturbed from his sweet dream frowned goat s rue weight loss and groaned a few times the lame man really didn t dare to continue exerting force he sat there frowning after thinking for a while he gritted his teeth and cursed.

Maintaining the posture before he left they pointed them out to gou shengzi gou shengzi looked at chi yuan and frowned you must be almost ten years old right if you put it in a poor family simpli health acv keto gummies review you will be able to say goodbye.

These days yes those people from dali temple are like mad dogs catching people everywhere on the street anyone who dares rexulti weight loss to look at a child on the street vegan meals for weight loss will be arrested and interrogated by people from .

What Is New Wave Weight Loss ?

Can Donating Blood Cause Weight Loss dali temple what.

Dali temple for rewards after all if they are caught a kidnapper can be exchanged for intermittent fasting to lose weight ten taels of silver who can t be tempted these two people were careful carefully carried duoduo and chi yuan on the wooden board best diet for pcos weight loss and.

And when this batch of goods is sold I m going to take a break for a while to avoid the limelight outside the carriage the two people were discussing without hesitation they were discussing how weight loss breasts before and after to sell a .

Why Does Smoking Cause Weight Loss

Is Water With Lime Good For Weight Loss lot of goods at a.

Brother what place is this I m so scared I want to go home brother I want to go home although he knew that duo duo was just pretending but he felt duo duo s tears falling on his heart chi yuan s body still trembled and.

Girl can I take you home duo duo who had just been deceived and betrayed all her good intentions did natures truth acv gummies not believe .

Is Eating Fruits Everyday Good For Weight Loss

Do Artificial Sweeteners Cause Weight Loss in this world or everyone in this world she was also full of doubts about the gentle looking gou shengzi in.

Front of her little girl uncle is not a bad ketosis keto gummies best diet for pcos weight loss person he really takes you home be obedient come on and get off the car perhaps gou shengzi s tone was too gentle or perhaps duo duo was really innocent and she once again chose.

The brothers weight loss pills for diabetics and sisters were at home the two brothers and sisters were like fools who were completely unsuspecting towards others under the coaxing of the two they made their own information clear soon the group stopped.

They spent in the carriage if they hadn t made a detour they should have already best diet for pcos weight loss left best diet for pcos weight loss the city just walking in the mountains and forests is proof there are no such difficult mountains and forests in the capital and the.

Grotto in front monthly weight loss tracker health keto acv gummies of which green tea is best for weight loss us confirmed many things lots of guesswork no wonder no matter what they did they couldn t find the abducted children it turned out to be hidden here caught between the two duoduo and chiyuan could only.

Inside son many eyes turned around those children a little frustrated best diet for pcos weight loss biopure gummies there is no figure of cang xiaowan here but the cave was very chaotic there is not even a decent place to set foot which is similar to the house they.

Found before there are children s broken clothes and shoes on the ground and the smell is a little bit the men were sitting around a table after rolling the dice he turned around when he heard the noise he was surprised for.

A moment when he saw lame and gou shengzi coming back with chi yuan and duoduo where did ENE KMUTT best diet for pcos weight loss you get this you can do it doing it under the nose of dali best diet for pcos weight loss temple is equivalent to disturbing tai sui s head after a while I really dare.

Boys the oldest boy should also be just like five years old at this time the five children huddled together and looked at the guards in horror they seemed to breathe a sigh of relief when they .

How To Calculate Weight Loss In Newborn

What Is The Best Weight Loss Pill For Woman saw duoduo but then they became.

When the guard saw lame and gou shengzi coming back he stopped weight loss with keto diet what he was doing and walked towards duoduo and chiyuan seeing chi yuan several people were stunned for a moment why is there such a big one the cripple said.

Is a bit ugly I m afraid you re not good enough he moved closer to the cripple and said in a low voice boss has been in a bad mood these past two days so don t let him get into his bad luck seeing the cripple duoduo.

Breathed a sigh of relief when he heard this and reminded him again just know what you .

Can Weight Loss Pills Cause Kidney Problems

What Is Better For Weight Loss Aerobic Or Anaerobic Exercise have in mind you know you know how can I not understand the cripple .

Why Do Weight Loss Pills Not Work ?

Can I Eat Potatoes For Weight Loss patted his chest don t worry stop talking the boss is here the.

Take everyone into his heart boss several people bowed down respectfully to say hello he gently he raised his hand and said the limelight has been tight recently you should be careful in your actions it is best not to take.

Heavy siege from the government in the ruined temple on the outskirts of the city the cripple knew what the boss was suspecting so self hypnosis for weight loss he quickly explained their mother has died a long time ago and their best diet for pcos weight loss father also died of a.

And sister were holding on too tightly and I was afraid that they would best diet for pcos weight loss make a noise and wake up other people so I took them both back on the way back these two were crying and noisy which made people upset so I gave them.

That the masked .

Does Ambetter Cover Weight Loss Surgery

How Much Chromium Picolinate Should I Take For Weight Loss person is frowning and in a very bad mood he after enduring it for a while I still couldn t hold it back gou shengzi take this girl away yes gou shengzi responded walking towards duoduo excitedly gou shengzi.

Being taken away the two were forced to separate best diet for pcos weight loss and chi yuan could only watch duoduo being taken away gou shengzi was very cautious tied up duoduo s hands and feet and tied him with a black cloth cover her whole body.

Smelled like urine after returning she asked uncle guang uncle guang said that because they were castrated dogs and could not control their urination they could only urinate on their pants which is why they always had this.

Them the carriage gradually stopped the carriage was opened by gouzhengzi from the outside gou shengzi moved very quickly wrapped the black cloth around duoduo s body and are strawberries good for weight loss walked out with duoduo in his arms after walking.

About a hundred .

Do Diet Pills Really Work Weight Loss ?

What Is The Average Weight Loss After Gastric Sleeve Surgery meters best diet for pcos weight loss duoduo heard a change ketosis keto gummies best diet for pcos weight loss in the sound of his footsteps the sound of stepping is the sound of stepping on a wooden board then he went up the stairs this is a small wooden building go up the stairs walk a.

S mind she couldn t help but think in order to be arrested shouldn t monthly weight loss tracker health keto acv gummies duoduo mean that she has no father or mother she tentatively asked do you only have an older brother in fact what she really wanted ENE KMUTT best diet for pcos weight loss to ask .

Can Alcohol Use Cause Weight Loss ?

Does Tumeric Really Help With Weight Loss was is your.

Enough cang xiaowan s eyes lit up I know that grotto I was also brought here from that grotto I am they were captured by them at noon the day before yesterday they .

What Is Medi Weight Loss All About

Is Saffola Masala Oats Good For Weight Loss walked a lot of mountain roads along the way they probably.

Then take a child away before duoduo came they had already eaten here cang xiaowan suddenly thought of something she held duoduo s hand and asked have you eaten yet duo duo swallowed a bit of saliva no the last meal was.

Rescue her duoduo naturally understood cang xiaowan s meaning she nodded emphatically split the steamed bun in half stuffed one half into her mouth and handed the other half back to cang xiaowan hurry up no you haven t.

Heads to look over at the same time the boy seemed to be frightened by the best diet for pcos weight loss .

Does Kombucha Help Weight Loss

How Body Changes During Weight Loss two shrank back a bit and thought of something he pretended to be calm I heard it he came earlier cang xiaowan lowered .

Is Oatmeal Good For Weight Loss And Muscle Gain ?

How To Use Cumin For Weight Loss her voice and said to.

Duoduo if nothing else happens according to the order it will be him tonight many looked .

How To Firm Arms After Weight Loss ?

Can Cinnamon Help In Weight Loss at the male there was a little pity in the child s eyes the boy has been here for a long time so how could he not know this but he.

And fly me my mother will sing me a nice song to lull me to sleep my brother will cook the best meals I want to go home and be with them after so many narrations the children who were originally numb suddenly began to sob.

Come seeing them crying duoduo breathed a sigh of .

How To Kick Start Weight Loss Plateau

Can Bupropion Help Weight Loss relief it seems that there is still hope don t cry I will find a way to take everyone out and we will go home to reunite with our families I want to go home I want to go.

Xiaowan dragged duoduo to the window the window was sealed from the outside leaving only a small ventilation hole even with their small stature they couldn t get out where s your dagger si the dagger your father gave you.

Strength to protect himself and holding a dagger would only anger the wicked but guang ENE KMUTT best diet for pcos weight loss qingan said that duoduo was different from ordinary children best diet for pcos weight loss she knew when to take out a dagger best diet for pcos weight loss the purpose of preparing a dagger for her.

Just one vent I ll go cang xiaowan held down duoduo s hand I m a little better than you in climbing up and ENE KMUTT best diet for pcos weight loss down indeed duoduo cang xiaowan s brain is better than cang xiaowan s but cang xiaowan grew up freely since she was.

A child and she .

How To Use A Kitchen Scale For Weight Loss

Is Hot Or Cold Tea Better For Weight Loss can do all the things she likes and in many of the only monthly weight loss tracker health keto acv gummies memories she was running for her life with her mother either running for her life or preparing to run for her life she was really not good at climbing.

Are you so fake and kind the little fat man retorted dissatisfiedly cang xiaowan gave the little fat man an angry look she hates selfish ghosts by nature guess what surprised me when I climbed up god knows how frightened she.

Turned her head and said to the others let s best foods for weight loss go down to explore the way first and hide here after you have finished the vent don t go down why the little fat man looked at many people dissatisfied more shouldn t you are you.

Couldn t help it what s the matter you want to go after saying this cang xiaowan reached out to untie the rope around her waist then you go I m not willing to go yet the examples of keto diet little fat man didn t expect cang xiaowan to be like.

Talking if you talk too much be careful and you will go to tongue pulling hell after you die the little fat man s face turned pale with fright he covered his .

Is Bread And Jam Good For Weight Loss ?

When You Notice Weight Loss mouth and stepped back he lost his footing and fell down on his.

Others not even daring to keto diet gummies shark tank show his head cang xiaowan glared in his direction again making the group of children tremble she then tied the rope around her body again and tied duo duo to the rope and then the two of them.

Couldn t be sure after all the position that could be seen through this small gap was really limited the two of them hung in the air and hesitated for a while then gritted their teeth and said go in and have a look cang.

There were fresh or dried bloodstains everywhere there was a fishy and unpleasant smell everywhere disgusting cang xiaowan s legs were trembling but she persisted standing in front of duoduo her voice was trembling but firm.

Duodu you go first duoduo had never seen such a scene before and she forced herself to stand still best diet for pcos weight loss so that her legs would not shake too much let s see when he said these words duoduo could hear his heart beating what kind.

Of murder scene is this there are drinking apple cider viniger children s small severed fingers on the ground and minced meat there was no one else in the monthly weight loss tracker health keto acv gummies room they turned around but couldn t find the guard presumably they are very confident name of keto gummies on shark tank in the.

Couldn t reach it the mute monkey arrived in mount emei found it duo duo came back with the momentum to look upstairs and met .

Does Taking Multivitamins Help With Weight Loss ?

Can L Methylfolate Cause Weight Loss the eyes of the girl from before I don t know what methods the children on the third floor used.

And a half hours left to take away a child with meals when the children upstairs also came down duoduo gathered everyone together there are still two and a half hours if there is no accident we can escape there are all.

Children present they don t understand too much there are many principles I only know that I have to escape go home and return what does apple cider vinegar supplements do to the arms of my parents many many weight loss water fasting this is also used to induce them so that they must be.

Nonsense and go downstairs just as duoduo expected they all went downstairs in an orderly manner it wasn t until gu xu was the last one to go downstairs that duoduo led everyone in .

Where To Buy Keto Diet Pills From Shark Tank

How To Tighten Up Flabby Skin After Weight Loss .

Can Diet Sodas In A Diet Cause More Weight Loss ?

Can Liletta Cause Weight Loss the direction of the mark she left but she.

Cang xiaowan looked at him as if he were a fool and cursed in a low voice idiot of course the mark is on the road many people were locked in best diet for pcos weight loss carriages and brought here and the carriages could not move this kind of desolate.

Caught by them go and take the main road it s said to be a main road but in fact it s just perks of apple cider vinegar gummies a dirt road in the countryside it s just a little easier to walk than here fatty was also arrested it s been a few days since he was.

They will find best diet for pcos weight loss that they have escaped and they will naturally send people to catch them if they hadn t escaped from here before then there would be only .

How Much Weight Loss To Reverse Diabetes

Is Rice Krispies Treats Good For Weight Loss death waiting for them the little fat man looked at cang xiaowan.

Passed the first floor duoduo showed them the bloody scene if they don t run they .

Does Primrose Oil Help With Weight Loss ?

What Is The Best Quick Weight Loss Program will die children don t know what death is yet but many say that if they die they will never see their parents again they want to see their.

Of horseshoes and wheels gradually approaching and then gradually moving away duoduo suddenly let out a low cry run run as far as possible everyone run separately don t get close to the road hide when you hear any noise don t.

To burst into tears best diet for pcos weight loss you don t care about me yet the others had already run away seeing that cang xiaowan was still entangled by the little fat man so many had to retreat let s run together other children also ran together.

Xiaowan s temper was very grumpy originally duoduo could run farther but because of this little fat man he was forced to take best diet for pcos weight loss a leisurely stroll with them if a lot if it s dangerous to catch it back she will definitely not.

Wrong with you cang xiaowan sneered unceremoniously she didn t say what was wrong with him but it made him even more uncomfortable the little fat man s expression was a little depressed as he ran he looked down at his round.

He was even adamant but also a little bit ashamed from nowhere the three of them ran together for an unknown distance until the legs of the three of them seemed to be filled with lead I could only run forward out of habit.