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May 23, 2024

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Secure but why do you say that the prime minister is collaborating with the enemy and treason just like the lan family sent people to keep an eye on him in recent years his people have almost infiltrated the prime minister.

Will .

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Is Green Coffee Bean Extract Good For Weight Loss not have much effect .

Can Smoking Affect Your Weight Loss

Will Breasts Shrink With Weight Loss the most important thing is that they may not be able to achieve their goal after playing this dark chess move if the plan fails not only will he have to play a david venable facebook dark chess move even zhu jingyan.

Anything to happen to zhu jingyan and once this game of chess begins one party is bound to lose and suffer heavy losses xu zhizhong did not dare to take this risk didn t the empress want chen qiai the commander of the.

Borders there is an unspoken rule in the imperial court that does not appear on the stage the frontier is bitterly cold and food and wages occasionally do not arrive in time so the fat blocking code shark tank army s spoils of war are all can be.

Months but xu zhizhong s imperial edict said so as an upright official he naturally couldn t act too rich so zhu jingyan handed over the four sets of official uniforms newly made for him by the ministry of internal affairs.

This year he put them all away took out the dozens of official uniforms that were piled in dust three years .

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Can Belly Button Piercings Prevent Weight Loss ago put them on and went out to show off as we all know if this clothes is worn it will be a little worn at most.

The top so that people can see do cider vinegar gummies work them at a glance as a result everyone in the capital knew that zhu jingyan had new pants and no longer had to wear the same ripped pants duoduo looked at the two people .

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How To Make Moringa Powder For Weight Loss fighting and felt.

To impeach zhu keto breeze gummies jingyan for corruption and bribery but with zhu jingyan s current reputation the people were the first to not believe him when she said he was corrupt and bribery free chen qiai the commander of the royal.

Crime she immediately asked someone to come in chen qiai was originally the queen s man and he knelt down on one knee as soon as he entered the palace a few days fat blocking code shark tank ago the empress asked me fat blocking code shark tank to send people to keep an eye on.

Commander of the royal forest army right no matter how good the commander of the royal forest army is he is only a third rank official dali temple qing is a fat blocking code shark tank second rank official and example of a keto diet has a great reputation to be an official.

Decision immediately thought for a while and said make the matter bigger in this way even if xu zhizhong wanted to cover up for zhu jingyan he couldn t however xu zhizhong would not cover up for zhu jingyan if he thought.

Order to go after leaving fengyi palace he couldn t hold back any longer his smile got bigger and bigger his face wrinkled as long as zhu jingyan falls dali temple will be his he wanted to see how arrogant zhang qian would.

Made him depressed now he will be the minister of dali temple soon when he takes office the first thing he will do is to remove zhang qian s courage the dog .

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What Fiber Foods Are Good For Weight Loss .

How To Create A Weight Loss Plan

Is Brown Sugar Good For Weight Loss bastard who dared to betray the empress was sent to the is feta cheese healthy for weight loss empress to.

Majesty as the commander of the imperial forest army this chen qiai left without .

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What Can Cause Rapid Weight Loss In Dogs authorization as long as I where can you buy bio pure keto gummies am afraid of doing something rebellious I will keep an eye on it for the emperor right xu zhizhong took a deep.

Mr zhu what nonsense mr zhu is a clean and honest official who pleads for the people he even wears out his underpants and weight loss gummies that actually work fat blocking code shark tank continues to wear them how could he commit a crime even if they want to trouble master zhu they have no.

Darkness isn t the existence of this beam of light a sin it s over are they really here to deal with mr zhu it s true that the common people wanted fat blocking code shark tank to watch the excitement but they also had .

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Will Taking Laxatives Cause Weight Loss an instinctive fear of the.

Government officials so they all followed far behind chen qiai could only see the lively discussions of the common people but could not hear them what did they say when they were discussing what zhu jingyan had committed.

Yang and the hen is in charge of the morning the queen is dignified and dignified and she is self denial and observant of etiquette she absolutely cannot do such a thing that goes against the laws and ethics how dare you.

The queen many people will naturally accuse the queen of being a rooster but without the queen s order zhu jingyan would definitely not let him search dali fat blocking code shark tank temple chen qiai was a little panicked but at this moment he saw.

Who doesn t know where it came from I can easily forge a hundred and eighty such letters to .

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Is Chicken Spread Good For Weight Loss accuse my father of collaborating with the enemy and treason so can I also accuse you of collaborating with the enemy and treason.

The other half of the letter is found in dali temple master zhu s crime will not be cleared away chen qiai had an expectant sneer on his face as if it had been replaced by him zhu jingyan s face became gloomy again the.

Surprise if she hadn t clearly remembered that she had watched it in the kitchen of dali temple having seen this face many people would wonder if zhu jingyan had lost the support of the people he has deceived many people.

People from dali temple to search his mansion he would have to take a step back and couldn t continue to search dali temple in this way zhu jingyan escaped this disaster I have already alerted the snake today if you want to.

Shameful in your house we promise to come out empty handed not even a single chicken feather chen qiai was still a little hesitant his house was indeed not clean but he had his back against the empress the reason for his.

The positions of the dali temple and the people of the dali temple if he leaves now who can guarantee that the people of the dali temple fat blocking code shark tank will not go in and destroy the evidence cough cough wang fugui who followed .

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How To Figure Out Your Macros For Weight Loss beside him.

Second rank .

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Is Green Tea Or Matcha Better For Weight Loss official in the imperial court even the emperor must be courteous dali temple acv for health gummies tru keto gummies reviews is an important place so commander chen took a secret letter of unknown origin just search dali temple which is really not suitable.

The search chen qiai still fat blocking code shark tank felt a little chill in his heart so please ask mr zhu to take the people from dali temple for a visit when it comes to searching the house it stands to reason that the person involved should.

Not have separate houses the whole family how to make healthy smoothies for weight loss lives together chen qiai was a confidant of the queen his home was not much smaller than dali temple and it was not far away from dali temple it could even be said to be on the same.

Left chen fat blocking code shark tank qiai waved his hand search for me don t let a single corner go said what s the matter do we need to search the mouse cave as well chen qiai did not expect that zhang qian who had always been a dull person would.

Definitely not let you go just .

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Are Canned Baked Beans Good For Weight Loss wait zhang qian curled his lips into a faint smile with a feeling that he would put life and death aside could commander chen be joking I am loyal to the emperor so how can I talk about.

Betraying the empress commander chen still thinks that the empress she doesn t have the same heart with his majesty she has a ulterior motive and she wants to be ENE KMUTT fat blocking code shark tank the rooster to start the morning chen qiai couldn t blush.

Anymore only white remained he glared at zhang qian what did fat blocking code shark tank the person who couldn .

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How To Cook Oats For Weight Loss t beat a fart in the past go through such earth shaking changes happened it can be regarded as the same as many learned one more hen sichen.

Is he talking everywhere now zhang qian you slander the empress so much aren t you afraid that the empress will punish you he didn t want to continue discussing with zhang qian about the chicken sichen and decided to act.

Prefer people who are close to them chen qiai and zhang qian were in front of them they didn t say that they were here to support zhang qian today it was already good how could they stand keto gummies reviews mayo clinic on chen qiai s side the situation is.

Evidence of collaborating with the enemy he let go of his hand quickly it was also this action that made zhang qian notice the letter in his tru keto gummies reviews biolyfe keto bio lyfe keto acv gummies reviews hand zhang qian was in a daze for a moment then remembered that this secret letter.

Was the most critical part of all plans for today he he frowned and said to prevent any accidents why not leave this secret letter to someone else for safekeeping chen qiai also frowned why he couldn t figure out could.

Pitiful he calls himself me as soon as he calls himself me those people jump high and try to stand up for him chen qiai didn t understand this approach and was greatly shocked who do you trust chen qiai didn t oprah weight loss gummie bother talking.

And said he doubted zhu jingyan s remarks would you like to keep this secret letter for now me the chosen man probably weight loss chia seeds benefits didn t believe that such a good thing could happen and pointed back at himself with a look of disbelief.

The man nodded heavily patted his chest and promised don t worry my lord cao min will protect this secret letter with all his why is apple cider vinegar gummies good for you might and it will never be snatched away fat blocking code shark tank by anyone especially you seeing this chen qiai was.

Under him but heartfelt people are very scarce the man seems to have received great kindness and he will give it to him when his legs are weak chen qiai knelt down and said thank you sir the great kindness and kindness of.

After another everyone who came out first was empty handed chen qiai was not in a hurry he sent more than a hundred people in to search but not everyone could find something however at this moment the other side of the.

However just a moment ago he was still sighing in his heart about the loyal people at this time he actually took a few steps back with the secret message in his hand cbt for weight loss and said warily my lord didn t you say that you can t.

Give it fat blocking code shark tank to anyone who wants it seeing chen qiai deflated zhang qian sneered move it s just a stone thrown at one s own foot after running against chen qiai fat blocking code shark tank he briefly explained what happened just now since .

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Is 10 Lbs A Month Healthy Weight Loss we don t trust.

Each other why not let this civilian selected by acv for health gummies tru keto gummies reviews commander chen personally do the comparison the person was personally selected by chen qiai and everyone saw it even if he is not a civilian he should be chen qiai s person.

Hint of asking for credit in his tone sir you can see for yourself it s absolutely perfect the people watching the fat blocking code shark tank excitement were stunned this this what s going on wasn t the letter found in commander chen s house could.

Came out everyone s attention was attracted what s going tru keto gummies reviews biolyfe keto bio lyfe keto acv gummies reviews on what does it mean the man didn t show off I .

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Does Private Health Insurance Cover Weight Loss Surgery heard this letter was found from the yard of the third master of the chen family the old lady of the chen family is.

Silang who just led zhu jingyan and .

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Are Weight Loss Programs Covered By Hsa others oh my god collaboration with the enemy and treason was a major crime against the nine tribes fortunately commander chen came to search dali temple he didn t expect it at this.

Different from him lan yu er was so angry that she wanted to kill but she knew that this matter must have nothing to do with her so she could only pretend that nothing happened oh no she just couldn t find a way to pick.

To the emperor she would lose more than half of the initiative in the palace besides at the gate of dali temple the crowd dispersed no one noticed that the man did not leave but came to zhang qian s side waiting with a.

Caught by a scheme the leg was broken by those people although the person was rescued but because the injury was delayed for too long there was weight loss prayer no tru keto gummies reviews biolyfe keto bio lyfe keto acv gummies reviews way apple cider vinegar gummies purpose to fat blocking code shark tank recover so he had to start from the first stage the line retreated.

The remaining money to buy shark tank gif herself some clothes and jewelry but he also knew that his young lady was quite addicted to alcohol at a young age in order .

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How Much Weight Loss Is Normal For Newborn to restrict her drinking her money was always very little now it was a.

Qi yulinjun if he said it he might lose .

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How To Break A Weight Loss Plateau Weight Watchers his temper at him zhang qian thought for a while but I have something more important to tell you he hesitated to speak you go to the palace to file a complaint and you can read.

To duoduo fat blocking code shark tank duoduo took the letter and didn good keto keto bhb gummies fat blocking code shark tank t bother to go back to the house he stood at the door and opened the letter zhang qian bypassed her entered the room and pushed the shifted bed back to its original position picked.

Sprinkle some medicinal powder on the bedding to make it difficult for people to detect it zhang qian has seen this with these methods it is not sure whether they have tampered with many rooms at the moment so it is natural.

And hurried back slowly ignoring the complaint duo duo took the prescription attached to the letter and went to get cang xiaowan some medicine after getting the medicine she counted the time fat blocking code shark tank and squatted in the kitchen.

Poured into the cup and he ran fat blocking code shark tank are tru bio keto gummies a scam out with the medicine bag on the table hey duo duo cang chen wanted to stop him it .

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How To Make Chia Drink For Weight Loss s not peaceful outside how could he let duo duo out alone let her go zhang qian held cang chen down you guys.

And lu shi fat blocking code shark tank biopure keto gummies an also specifically told him that zhang qian must not be injured again otherwise he would not be able to be saved many of them also know that when they go out they the trip was dangerous but it concerned cang.

Xiaowan and she wouldn t allergic reaction to apple cider vinegar gummies be able to feel at ease if she didn t go and weight loss gummies that actually work fat blocking code shark tank take a look zhang qian proposed to accompany duoduo to visit cang xiaowan which made duoduo lose his mind for a moment uncle zhang how is your body it.

S just some skin trauma it s almost fat blocking code shark tank healed zhang qian carried duoduo and put the she threw herself into the carriage duoduo don t think of uncle zhang as too fragile that s what I said but many people understand that zhang.

Looking at zhang qian s attitude it was clear that he didn t fat blocking code shark tank want to say top apple cider vinegar gummies anything duoduo hesitated for a while and before she could ask zhang qian had already put down the curtain and called the handlebars to set off.

Sitting still in the car zhang qian didn t seem to see a lot of hesitation and hesitation he asked gently do you want to buy some supplements take it to xiao wan many duo thinks that she shouldn t be like a child knowing.

Just hiding it from her but also hiding it from her dad and the others gummi berry juice slimming mixture today he heard daddy guang talking about why zhang qian recovered so slowly this time according to zhang qian s physical fitness it is far from that.

Qian didn t speak his expression softened obviously many don t know whether they should be happy or sad she has never been sad because her judgment is correct this time it s the first time was it the queen who poisoned me.

Hand me over to the queen what nonsense qian suddenly reacted greatly duoduo fat blocking code shark tank was taken aback she looked at zhang qian embarrassingly I don t want uncle zhang to be uncomfortable the poison that even the genius doctor lu slim right skinny gummies review weight loss gummies that actually work fat blocking code shark tank can.

Queen others don t know that he has been with the queen these years and also found something he didn t know why duoduo concluded weight loss gummies that actually work fat blocking code shark tank that the queen would not kill her but zhang qian knew that if she fell into the hands acv for health gummies tru keto gummies reviews of the.

Situation .

Must Take Vitamins For Weight Loss

Can Eating Apples Cause Weight Loss can t be covered like this all the time why don t I help her to the yard to get some air after she finishes taking the medicine the old man people know that duoduo is zhu jingyan s adopted daughter and she plays.

Well with her own daughter she also really likes duoduo in addition she also understood her daughter s temperament so fat blocking code shark tank she finally relaxed and .

What Is A Safe Weight Loss Pill To Take ?

Can Having Your Period Affect Weight Loss said don t go too far xiaowan s health is not recovered yet I know duoduo.

Exception but when I thought about being able to get out of this bed soon and no longer have to lie under my mother s eyes and watch her wipe most recommended apple cider vinegar gummies her tears the medicinal soup didn t seem so bad anymore she took the bamboo tube.

And drank up all the medicine in a few gulps the old lady was shocked is this really her daughter I ve never seen her take medicine so neatly before she rebas weightloss gummies didn t coax her all the time yes those who want caramel and candied.

This time the other party did not hesitate to kill her on the street in order claritin weight loss to kidnap duo duo away poison she couldn t imagine what would happen to duoduo after being kidnapped by that vicious queen but undoubtedly the.

Every time duoduo was a little hesitant but he also knew that cang xiaowan was doing fat blocking code shark tank it for her own good she thought for a while and then said then you should take medicine properly have a good rest and try to get better.

Peacefully if you can t go out to make trouble you will definitely not go out to make trouble there is only one thing she endured it for a long time but finally she couldn t .

Does Hormone Balance Help With Weight Loss

How Bad Is Coffee For Weight Loss hold it back and found cang chen after seeing.

Something how can the dust not know he smiled and said nothing as far as I know that old man doesn t know medical skills he should have come here on order to send us detoxification pills and prescriptions for recuperating.

Out of cang chen s study and ran for a while before calming down she actually didn t want to admit that she was actually more worried about chi yuan s current situation than being angry people from yunlai .

Does Honey And Lemon Help With Weight Loss

Is Dark Chocolate Good For Weight Loss sect came to chi yuan.

Also after thinking of these that duoduo began to worry about fat blocking code shark tank chi yuan worried about what kind of situation chi yuan is facing in yunlaizong he will definitely encounter danger and whether he can survive the fat blocking code shark tank crisis smoothly.

Suspicious this time when tru keto gummies reviews biolyfe keto bio lyfe keto acv gummies reviews zhang qian came to look for him he fat blocking code shark tank asked why haven t you recovered yet the bearded man said that according to your physical condition you should have recovered a long time ago zhang qian had long.

Thought that they would ask and naturally thought of a way to deal with it he said you let him try and almost died twice see if he can recover as before in more than a month I now that I can get out of bed .

What Causes Weight Loss In A Man ?

Where Weight Loss Shows First and move around it.

Something from them so he decided to fat blocking code shark tank deceive zhang qian it s okay if you lie to them but don t lie to me I m not a bearded man with only a beard and no brains do you think you can deceive me with your intelligence zhang qian.

Thinks you lied to us a lot zhang qian looked dumbfounded I don t know what kind of script the child read lean valley acv gummies when I took her to your house before she didn t read the script on the carriage it has been said above that in my.

Something fat blocking code shark tank serious how many calories should i eat for weight loss cang chen was silent for a moment and when he met zhang qian s why don t you speak look cang chen said bluntly I can t fat blocking code shark tank .

Are Aerobic Exercises Good For Weight Loss ?

Is Eggnog Good For Weight Loss accept your words can he say that chi yuan was worried that duoduo would be bored and.

Chen thought carefully he gave zhang qian the answer this child duoduo best weight loss frozen meals looks lively and cheerful as if he doesn t take anything to heart he is surprisingly courageous but in fact he has a delicate mind not only that you.

That duoduo felt a sense of belonging to dali temple but she was still unwilling to reveal her true inner thoughts and emotions she doesn t want us to .

How Does Mct Oil Help With Weight Loss

Is Fried Chicken Good For Weight Loss worry or involve us zhang qian blinked so do you also think that duoduo.

Zhang qian paused slightly cang shark weight loss chen chased after the victory what are you doing for zhang qian lowered his head slightly and glanced at his palm on the palm there was a faint scar across the entire palm that could hardly.

Be seen without looking carefully just think of it as I want to be a good person after zhang qian finished speaking he opened the door and walked out the sun shone on his body instantly making him feel warm he clenched his.

Cooking skills guang qing an yelled angrily cang chen rinsed with a lot of water handed over to him after rinsing his mouth to relieve the transition medical weight loss strong and unbearable taste of rat poison in his mouth he persuaded him dumbfoundedly.

Sense cangchen and .

Is Lime Or Lemon Better For Weight Loss ?

Does Black Coffee And Lemon Juice Help With Weight Loss zhu jingyan glanced at each other this is not a rough statement besides it s not that they didn t pay the wages if you really want to count it the chef of dali temple is also a profitable business you have.

Taken the wages now why can t we do it well it s unreasonable isn t it .

Do Iron Tablets Cause Weight Loss

Can Vasculitis Cause Weight Loss speaking of which I miss xiaochi guangqing an didi cuckoo forced himself to fat blocking code shark tank take the rat poison in front .

Is Atta Good For Weight Loss ?

How Soon Can I See Weight Loss Results of him when xiaochi was around he always ate in.

Smiling but who can tell him why he from this smiling face see murderous look isn t he just a little over ten years old where did such a murderous aura come from however even so li goli apple cider vinegar gummies espa ol xiuyuan still felt that chi yuan s so.

Called calculations were incidental and he actually wanted to go to .

How To Use Grabovoi Numbers For Weight Loss ?

How To Take Figs For Weight Loss the capital to see the little girl sovereign young master if you want to .

How Does Atkins Diet Cause Weight Loss

Can Having Polyps Removed Be Linked To Weight Loss see miss xu just tell me uncle li won t laugh at you li xiuyuan said righteously.

Li xiuyuan whistle and the sound of kicking and good keto keto bhb gummies fat blocking code shark tank tapping was getting fat blocking code shark tank biopure keto gummies closer and closer chi yuan stared dumbfounded at li xiuyuan getting diet gummy kakao on good keto keto bhb gummies fat blocking code shark tank his horse handsomely and then raised his chin towards him let s go chi yuan slammed.

His mouth where are you going he was going to the capital but li xiuyuan followed suit what happened aren t you going to the capital tru keto gummies reviews biolyfe keto bio lyfe keto acv gummies reviews li xiuyuan raised his chin fat blocking code shark tank with a proud and arrogant look if the suzerain didn t ask me.

You want to use my name to go out and fool around again you are so careful I can t find a wife with that said chi yuan got on his horse and said drive he spurred his horse forward li xiuyuan who was left on the spot said.

You don t have any brothers anymore do you chi yuan asked who said I didn t my younger brother is handsome chi yuan hehe that s the fat blocking code shark tank brother you mentioned earlier chasing after your neighbor s little brother s ass chi yuan.

Shrugged his shoulders and sighed looking like a little adult I guess grandpa li never thought that he had two sons and he would be the last child what are you talking about you brat what I just haven t met fat blocking code shark tank the one I love.

Yet I believe that one day I will meet a girl that I am willing to accept chi yuan showed even more disdain then this girl must have suffered eight lifetimes of blood mold and was blind who good girl can fall in love with a.

Master this a few days later we discovered that there was another group fat blocking code shark tank of people also staring at miss xu the disciples of the sect reported to chi yuanhui our people stared at each other and followed each other twice but.

Duoduo came out today only chen ye followed after talking to cang xiaowan for a while it was getting late doduoduo can t stay outside for too long sometimes dads will worry she counted the time and left cang s house before.

Experienced a lot during this period of time and had grown a lot he panicked a lot but his face was still as stable as an old dog come here chi yuan said most of you ENE KMUTT fat blocking code shark tank are polite children and won t come here then he told the.

Inside if you have the ability to leave without saying goodbye and if you still have the courage to come back if you have the ability to get off the car li xiuyuan looked at chi weight loss gummies that actually work fat blocking code shark tank yuan beside him cautiously this little girl is.

Quite tough his young sect leader later days it s not easy chi .

How Much Cinnamon Per Day For Weight Loss ?

What S A Realistic Weight Loss Goal yuan still looked acv for health gummies tru keto gummies reviews serious but the hands under .

Are Weight Loss Pills Harmful ?

Is Jagermeister Good For Weight Loss his sleeves started to shake little girl have you mistakenly admitted the wrong person the coachman coaxed duoduo.

Xiuyuan s shoulder when li xiuyuan looked over he mouthed get out li xiuyuan pointed back at himself in shock me he was so shocked this I the word sounded keto fbx bhb gummies out duoduo frowned when he heard the voice had she really been.

Chase him she was already under the carriage and chen ye was still sitting on good keto keto bhb gummies fat blocking code shark tank the carriage through chen ye s various performances duoduo concluded that this carriage must have something to do with chi yuan it s you many.

Carriage and avoided seeing her and looking at duoduo s current reaction it is clear that the latter he couldn t help feeling horrified again is the mind of today s children so frightening in contrast it seems that the.

Young suzerain of his family is not so scary the four year old girl in front of him is the real scary duo duo just as duoduo was thinking about how to force chi yuan out chen ye s panicked shout suddenly came from behind him.

Li xiuyuan had already made contact with the visitor four men in black surrounded many companies .

Is Apple Cider Vinegar Tablets Good For Weight Loss ?

Does Methionine Help With Weight Loss and carriages li xiuyuan s martial arts and body skills are both top notch however the opponent held a weapon and he was .

How To Prepare Noni Juice For Weight Loss

How To Work Out My Calorie Intake For Weight Loss at a.

His side he is planning to go to wangshu fat blocking code shark tank tower this is not appropriate and will lead chi yuan to harm from now on if chiyuan and duoduo are together and often go to those flowery streets and willow alleys wouldn t it make.

Possible later he has to talk to duoduo if this chiyuan is not good let s change to someone else there are so many good boys in this world there is no need for fei .

What Is Considered A Weight Loss Plateau ?

How To Get Rapid Weight Loss to be tied to chiyuan alone thinking of this chen ye.

Powerful .

Which Weight Loss Surgery Is Best For Pcos ?

Does Hypnosis Really Work For Weight Loss .

Are Weight Loss Supplements Dangerous

Is Red Mountain Weight Loss Safe as before in front of the queen this time he had made complete preparations although he only sent four people all of them were top experts oh my god who .

How Does Vitamin B12 Help With Weight Loss ?

How To Do Intermittent Fasting For Serious Weight Loss Youtube did miss xu offend the bag method weight loss li xiuyuan muttered while beating him this.

Jumped out of the carriage and wanted to help it is true that with his current skills he can t help much in a battle of this level but at least he can protect many more however when he jumped off the carriage he found that.

This matter is over will you and I go back to dali temple after asking this sentence duoduo felt herself again fat blocking code shark tank something is wrong with him such a childish attitude is too hypocritical but it was just such a hypocritical.

This time the queen sent all the experts uncle chen and another uncle uncle dealing with those four people is already very hard she can t add to the chaos it s okay to be willful but it can t be done regardless of the.

Occasion it s enough to be willful once chi yuan didn t answer her but silence itself was an answer many are not real children how could they not understand before chen ye joined the battle he had sent out the signal flare.