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Reviews For True Form Keto Gummies [dtrqc6]

May 17, 2024

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What to do so I desperately changed the family and followed the queen in the eyes of those loyal to the emperor like zhu jingyan this is not a traitor don t give up your status as a great guard instead you should be the.

The name of the emperor dali temple would keto gummies side effects reviews for true form keto gummies not have had one more head catcher but one more temple minister although I have temporarily placed him in the position reviews for true form keto gummies of arresting the head I m afraid the queen will not give up we.

Things zhang qian is here as spies they all agree on this but what if it doesn t stop cang chen squinted at guang qing an then beat him again if he doesn t stop beat him again until he stops until cang chen snorted twice.

Still daddy who is mature and stable look from the beginning to the end he only had a cold face but he didn t agree with a single word things to put on sacks as everyone knows in dali temple zhu jingyan can do anything.

Not cheng ying as soon as she came out of xiangfang she saw duoduo being held ozempic approved for weight loss by a little boy both of them were worried like little adults she thought of teasing her so reviews on weight loss gummies she stood in front of .

What Is Fat Weight Loss ?

How Much Magnesium Should I Take Daily For Weight Loss the two of them unexpectedly.

Go back to dali temple cheng ying asked in a soft voice pulling the handkerchief to wipe the dirt off duoduo s clothes many many taps the scene of cheng ying cleaning her clothes with her head down was inexplicably familiar.

Cheng ying froze up after so many sudden advances but she quickly responded in response he put duo duo into his arms with both hands and patted duo duo s back ENE KMUTT reviews for true form keto gummies gently with one hand auntie duoduo s voice ingredients in acv keto gummies reviews for true form keto gummies was muffled she missed.

Want to push away after reviews for true form keto gummies hesitating for a while she wrapped her arms around cheng ying s neck thank you auntie cheng ying s heart ached because she missed her mother a lot and was reviews for true form keto gummies still strong again seeing her cute.

Her .

Is Body Armor Drink Good For Weight Loss

How To Take Kollu For Weight Loss tenderness can be felt by many and she is willing to get close to her the dish was ordered by cheng ying pick it all of them are light and easy to digest suitable for children during the dinner cheng ying calmly calmed.

That she reviews for true form keto gummies would customize a few sets of clothes protein amount for weight loss xtreme fit keto acv gummies shark tank for duoduo next time she had the chance duoduo smiled and nodded in agreement reviews for true form keto gummies holding up the curtain of the carriage with one hand and looking at the man standing below who was.

Pits or stones behind her the years are quiet little did they know at the gate of dali temple there were two grandparents one old and one young kneeling at this time the child looked about seven or eight years old he was.

Appearance when the two walked out of the alley duoduo saw the grandparent and grandson kneeling with bowed heads and was reviews royal keto gummies taken aback for a moment these two people knelt at the gate of dali temple did they have any.

That even if there were no guards at the gate of dali temple there were still people in the courtyard his volume should be able to startle the people inside but the kid probably didn t know about it chi yuan continued to.

Completely unprepared it s like they captured 7 day detox weight loss a lot when chi yuan was completely unprepared zhu jingyan and the other three came out after hearing the noise outside but I didn t expect to see such a scene when I opened the.

Eagerly zhu jingyan s heart ingredients in acv keto gummies reviews for true form keto gummies will be broken now I don t care about blaming many people for their unreasonable troubles what do you want zhu jingyan asked coldly the child can t make the decision but I can if you ask for.

Anything as long as it s not too much I will agree to it .

What Natural Pills Help Weight Loss

Are Boiled Carrots Good For Weight Loss the old man chuckled meaning unknown what can I do I just want to take my grandson out of here master zhu I advise now reviews for true form keto gummies take the people back close the door act like.

Something happens to duoduo you and your grandson won t survive the old man laughed like crazy then let s die together we our grandson and grandson are just two dead lives we keto biocut review can drag the minister of dali temple away our.

Disbelief duoduo is going to die zhu jingyan s face was gloomy keto acv gummies shark tank protein amount for weight loss he didn reviews for true form keto gummies t know what was going to happen but the old man looked crazy but there was a trace of clarity in his eyes he was also gambling and the life of gambling.

Colliding gave duoduo a moment of clarity with your skills you shouldn t be afraid of a weak scholar like me following you I ll follow you to a place you think is safe give duoduo reviews for true form keto gummies to me and I ll let you reviews for true form keto gummies go the old man.

Duo s voice was very weak cang dust heard it the old man naturally heard it too shut up the old man shrugged his hand and many bodies were like kittens ingredients in acv keto gummies reviews for true form keto gummies drawing a wave in the air soft cute and unstoppable cang chen glanced.

At duo duo distressedly and then forced himself to focus on the old man you should understand that duoduo is your only support keto diet for pcos now we can t let you take duoduo alone it s the biggest compromise dali temple can make for me to.

Go with you duo duo heard cang chen s words her neck was grabbed by the old man and she tried her best to shake her head hard cang chen was heartbroken don t be .

Can You Smoke Weed After Weight Loss Surgery ?

Is Low Carb Best For Weight Loss afraid duo duo uncle cang will save you a drop of clear.

Wanted to stop cang chen as everyone 14 day fast weight loss results knows if damaris phillips weight loss cang chen knows what she really thinks in her heart cang chen will not let her go it is worth mentioning that keto acv gummies shark tank protein amount for weight loss although cang chen usually always smiles and looks as gentle as.

His head and looked at the trembling child behind him who was always holding a knife with just one glance cang chen knew that he had guessed right in this way .

Is Corn Help In Weight Loss ?

Can Testosterone And Weight Loss he had confidence in his heart duoduo is usually cute and cute.

And never makes enemies with others these two people must not be here for duoduo that is they are taking orders from others what benefit did that person give you that made you put gummy planet weight loss life and death aside guang qingan secretly.

Chen shook his head it seems that you are determined to die since that s the case he paused lowered his head slightly and looked at duoduo with guilt on his face duoduo uncle cang will avenge you don t worry soon the.

Grandpa and grandson will go down to accompany you as he .

Does Lettuce Help With Weight Loss ?

Why Is Running Not Good For Weight Loss said he raised his hand and the arresters standing behind them moved and they were about to rush towards the grandparents and grandchildren stop wait a saber gleamed.

Made zhu jingyan and the others frown in distress let s .

Can Norvasc Cause Weight Loss

How To Take Lemon Juice For Weight Loss talk first you reviews for true form keto gummies when to take keto acv gummies come with us and can t bring anyone else with you the old man looked at cang chen standing directly reviews for true form keto gummies in front of him cang chen didn t speak just looked.

Grandfather and grandson with reviews for true form keto gummies cang chen you come with me everyone else is standing here shop biolyfe customer service don t move no one is allowed to move cang chen raised the corners of his lips shrugged and walked towards the old man with brisk.

Dali temple I thought you were really fearless you are so cowardly shut up the old man roared he shouldn t have brought his grandson with him today and he shouldn t have been so passive but if he didn t take it with him and.

Let his grandson fall into the hands of those people the outcome would be very different that s all just now he had thought alright the glory of the family and the glory of the past are no longer important as long as his.

Before cang chen s eyes it sank keto gummies australia reviews into the old man s shoulder old man eats pain as soon ENE KMUTT reviews for true form keto gummies as he let go of his hand duoduo .

What Brand Is The Best Green Tea For Weight Loss

What Is The R3 Weight Loss Program fell down duoduo although cang chen didn t know who made the move his reaction was extremely fast he.

Subconsciously reached out to catch duoduo but his speed was not that fast not only did he not catch many he almost fell down many people are already prepared for a fall compared with keto gummies side effects reviews for true form keto gummies losing their lives this keto diet summary fall is more.

Out and used the most risky method chi yuan s little face was stern his eyes staring at the many reviews for true form keto gummies wounds on his reviews for true form keto gummies arms I don t see it clearly but this person s martial arts must be extremely high chi yuan thought about the.

A move but zhang qian was different he had been new age acv gummies hiding in the dark since the very beginning and no one including the people in dali temple knew of his existence perhaps he originally wanted to follow them secretly and.

Wishing he could get rid of it quickly he even shot reviews for true form keto gummies when to take keto acv gummies her several times with such a major reviews for true form keto gummies premise how could she really send a help to dali temple zhang qian must be a bad person only the queen s logic can make sense but if.

Time guang qingan walked around the meeting hall twice and said what are you doing don t you think he wants to have you turned your back on the dark don t think about it I ve already inquired apple cider vinegar gummies belly fat about it he is the queen s dog.

Moment this person is acting strangely it s hard to guess it s better to be careful in the future that s all there is to it reviews for true form keto gummies zhu jingyan sighed softly gas the people sent by the queen couldn t even stop the emperor how could.

In front of the emperor and the people in the capital have heard about it the reason why the queen dared to attack duoduo secretly before was also just because of duoduo s identity now that duoduo has become famous the.

Let me do it open if qian stays and there is nothing you can do then you are not making things difficult for me and the adults seeing that cang chen was really angry guang qingan put non surgical weight loss procedure down his posture and said with a sneer.

Qiantou was suppressed at this lifeline keto acv gummies ingredients list .

Does Spinach Help Weight Loss ?

Is Japchae Good For Weight Loss time it was the best result achieved by the joint struggle between the emperor and dali temple there was no way the lan family was powerful protein amount for weight loss xtreme fit keto acv gummies shark tank and the emperor did not dare to push them too.

Create slim candy keto gummies reviews said zhu jingyan it doesn t matter what you say of course it doesn t mean you don t care about anything to a certain extent ignore him the next day zhang qian received the imperial decree to accept his fate and took.

Hurry let zhu jingyan kill them directly don t say zhu jing yan snorted coldly do you think that if you keep your mouths shut tightly I won t be able to find out he turned his head and motioned towards cang chen reviews for true form keto gummies cang chen.

Sense at the founding of the country the emperor divided the feudal lords among his descendants later as the emperors passed ENE KMUTT reviews for true form keto gummies down the vassals from generation to generation and the vassals were reduced those original princes.

Gradually became lonely however they are much stronger than ordinary people and they thc gummies weight loss have formed aristocratic families of all sizes the chen family is not particularly powerful but after all it has been passed prayers for weight loss down for so.

Family history cang chen looked at chen leshan coldly your chen family goli apple cider vinegar gummies weight loss only has one descendant left your grandson chen jibei if you keto ozempic gummies reviews if you refuse to tell the truth again don t keto gummies with apple cider vinegar blame me for really cutting off your family.

Back when he heard what he said if you had spoken faster maybe we ingredients in acv keto gummies reviews for true form keto gummies would have put you in jail by now you attempted murder duoduo is white again and you will be released after a few days at most why do you keep silent for the.

Rumors are not true chen leshan sighed with emotion and then asked .

Does Almond Milk Help Weight Loss

Do It Now Weight Loss Clinic will dali temple kill our grandfather and grandson zhu jingyan frowned slightly you mean if .

Which Is Better For Weight Loss Ozempic Or Trulicity

How To Increase Metabolic Rate For Weight Loss you tell me the person who instigated you behind the scenes will.

No way to survive he no longer expects to restore the family s former glory as long as chen jibei is still alive as long as the family s bloodline is not cut off he is already satisfied and he .

Can I Skip Meals For Weight Loss ?

Can Cayenne Pepper Help In Weight Loss will be able to explain to.

Cang chen looked at zhu jingyan hesitantly is it it s hard keto acv gummies shark tank protein amount for weight loss to say zhu jingyan s face was serious he knew .

Do B12 Shots Work For Weight Loss

What Is Phd Weight Loss that cang chen was suspicious of the queen but the queen best coffee creamer for weight loss may not be the only one who wants to deal with many people the.

Can escape experts like qing an and zhang qian .

What Is A Good Weight Loss Goal ?

Which Cheese Is Good For Weight Loss were thrown in the prison of dali temple and shackled handcuffed neither of them can escape not to mention the grandparents and grandsons whose kung fu is still far behind zhang.

Qian and guang qing an people who can t escape at all how could zhu jingyan need to specifically explain to the people in the prison to be more careful after a little thought cang chen understood what zhu jingyan meant he.

Must be a recovery process besides reviews for true form keto gummies although dr qi s medical skills are excellent he is not a fairy and he can heal the wound in less than a day here comes the healing medicine seeing so many disappointments cang chen s.

Okay this was a trick used by many duo duo to coax cang xiaowan before and it happened to be used by cang chen to coax duo duo although best weight loss podcast duo duo was unwilling boujee hippie weight loss reviews the injury on her arm was indeed quite painful so she could only.

Has become of my father it s not too late to report when lord zhu and the others come back in a word you can t go how good is that man reviews for true form keto gummies when to take keto acv gummies s martial arts dali temple is just an empty shell now if he kills many people no one can.

He is the queen s man master zhu s deadly enemy chi yuan said a reviews for true form keto gummies fact with a cold face come duo duo s .

Are There Benefits To Using Cbd For Weight Loss

Can I Replace Sugar With Honey For Weight Loss actions of loading vegetables into the food box paused for a moment well I m going to help daddy and the others find out.

Others are all grown ups what can you ask limited I am a child so I can be the most unexpected maybe there will be unexpected gains chi yuan didn t think reviews for true form keto gummies there would be any unexpected gains and he didn t want her to be.

He didn t think that in front of a master .

Which Surgery Is Better For Weight Loss

Can Lupus Cause Weight Loss like zhang qian it would be of any use for him to go with reviews for true form keto gummies when to take keto acv gummies him zhang qianzhen wanted to take action against duoduo but even if he tried to block the knife he might not be able to do.

People are the best partners when they work together without any one of them dali temple s defense will not continue to be so indestructible what a little girl like her can understand zhang qian can also understand but zhang.

Qian still saved her and indirectly saved cang ingredients in acv keto gummies reviews for true form keto gummies chen based on these after much deliberation I feel that zhang qian is not a bad person in the future there is another point which is the point she just used to persuade chi.

One full meal a day although zhang qian was not starved of food he still had to wait for his shift when running errands in the palace this was not just a casual matter you can eat when you want therefore it is really nothing.

Qian came to the stone table in the courtyard holding many hands ingredients in keto plus acv gummies a lot of ah with the disappointment in her eyes that can t be hidden okay then in fact she was very unwilling but she also knows that the more you force.

Dishes are made by my brother himself they are delicious duoduo busily ENE KMUTT reviews for true form keto gummies helped zhang qianbu cook zhang qian lowered his head slightly looking at the extra piece of sweet and sour pork ribs in his bowl he suddenly felt a.

Wanted to ask was who he had played this game with before but seeing zhang reviews for true form keto gummies qian .

Is Leek And Potato Soup Good For Weight Loss ?

Can Sweating Help With Weight Loss s expression he knew that there would definitely be no answer ENE KMUTT reviews for true form keto gummies to this question sure enough zhang qian s expression froze for a moment and then.

Have to be the copper coin anything else will do also fried chicken and soda chi yuan news institute something she has never heard of she must have seen are the things that appear in dreams really dreams a lot of people.

While but failed to break free but still had a familiar feeling of suffocation come face to face she didn t dare to struggle anymore turned her back to zhang qian and said I won t go to see the dead I ll go .

Does Ovarian Cyst Cause Weight Loss

Is Going To Bed Hungry Bad For Weight Loss to my father.

If two children are like this what a crouching tiger hidden dragon dali temple should be it seems that he underestimated dali temple before in the future one needs to be cautious he did not pause for long both children.

Passed and he was yousi cheng of dali temple even if it is his duty he should go and have a look otherwise if someone said something unpleasant he wouldn t care as he was just afraid that the queen would not be able to.

By the side of the shelf zhang qian didn t speak .

Is Popcorn Bad For You Weight Loss

Can Too Much Exercise Stop Weight Loss but walked towards them and looked away from duoduo with difficulty he actually wanted to grab duo duo but with duoduo s serious look he felt that .

How To Recover Weight Loss ?

How To Make Chicken For Weight Loss he should let her see it.

Senses that s .

Is Sparkling Ice Water Good For Weight Loss

Is Egg Salad Good For Weight Loss right the case at the time caused quite a stir not to mention the common people in beijing even reviews for true form keto gummies when the imperial court orders officials to go out they have to hold a pole to explore the way in front for fear.

I like it a lot zhu jing it s rare for yan to raise his chin with this attitude it can only be said that after staying together for a long time reviews for true form keto gummies it is inevitable that .

Can You Die From Weight Loss Pills ?

Which Waist Trainer Is Best For Weight Loss those who are close to vermilion are red ENE KMUTT reviews for true form keto gummies and those who are.

Then what are you waiting for go and bring the person back quickly zhu jingyan turned to look at zhang qian yousi cheng dali reviews for true form keto gummies temple will leave it to you to take charge of the overall situation is it okay zhang qian I can.

Jingyan was waiting for his words before he finished speaking zhu jingyan turned around and left with guang qingan and ingredients in acv keto gummies reviews for true form keto gummies cang keto gummies side effects reviews for true form keto gummies chen there have been four murders of pregnant women so far according to the rules the corpses should.

Come mounjaro fda approval for weight loss to dali temple for a look at least reviews for true form keto gummies until the case is solved the corpses cannot be taken back this is to report to dali temple the price even to the yamen is the same process zhang qian watched ingredients in acv keto gummies reviews for true form keto gummies zhu jingyan and the.

Others leave stiffly reviews for true form keto gummies dali temple which was still crowded at first became deserted in a blink of an eye in the air only the sound of grief stricken cries could be heard among which was faintly .

Can Low Sugar Cause Weight Loss ?

Is Powdered Milk Good For Weight Loss mixed with a figure protein amount for weight loss xtreme fit keto acv gummies shark tank with.

Chattering teeth zhang ingredients in acv keto gummies reviews for true form keto gummies qian looked in the direction of the source of the sound and saw the woodcutter who was brought back my husband was trembling with fear on his face but he .

Does Being In Ketosis Guarantee Weight Loss

What Are The Best Whey Protein Powders For Weight Loss didn t dare to escape zhang qian actually wanted.

Zhang qian let go open do not touch me but he was stiff and he didn t know how .

What Does Collagen Do For Weight Loss ?

What Does Vitamin B12 Do For Weight Loss to react he should have kicked people away but he is now the prime minister of dali temple and the law does not allow him to do this he has to be.

Patient after the patience ah his snot rubbed on me the more frightened zhang qian felt the more serious his expression became the policeman who was holding down the woodcutter was also stunned when he realized reviews for true form keto gummies that he.

Frightened long ago did not realize that zhang qian his whole body was stiff and he couldn t hold back the urge to touch him stick back duoduo shouted sweetly what kind of place is dali temple you are arguing with the court.

Officials is dali temple a place where you can run wild I have to say duoduo s words are very useful the woodcutter also came back to his senses and quietly looked at zhang qian s expression looking at it this way I was.

In a daze chi yuan hurriedly reminded him if you don t pull it people will run out of dali temple the policeman also woke up like a dream and hurried to drag him back no one came close so zhang qiancai paused for a moment.

Treated him like guang qing an and had to respect him there are only .

Does Brown Sugar Help In Weight Loss ?

Is Elliptical Machine Good For Weight Loss a few people in dali temple who can count reviews for true form keto gummies counting the others they don t even have official ranks if reviews on bio life keto gummies you offend zhang qian zhang there are a hundred.

Case so he took him to the hospital came back zhang qian nodded in that case reviews for true form keto gummies find a place to lock it up first and wait for master zhu to come back before making a decision he is not familiar with this case and he didn t.

The reviews for true form keto gummies woodcutter being taken away the parents of the deceased turned around and were about to make trouble with duoduo why did you take him away he killed my daughter why don t you let him pay for my daughter s life isn t your.

But she was too young and the couple who lost their daughter just now didn t want to believe duoduo at all just at this time a policeman vitamin b12 and weight loss quickly said don t underestimate our lady she is the little detective of dali temple.

Like a new year s picture doll but I don t know if he has real skills duoduo knew that her age was unconvincing and she was used to it turn around and point and keep standing in the back zhang qian who hadn t moved since.

For her husband s family the news of her death should have reached her husband s family earlier why has my mother s family been reviews for true form keto gummies here for so long but my husband s family hasn t arrived yet speaking of his son in orlistat weight loss reviews law zhao.

Laowai showed a bit of dissatisfaction on his face but since zhang qian was still here he could only bear the dissatisfaction and shook his head someone has already gone to notify them they should be here soon the news is.

Is not a good family you insisted on marrying your daughter to their family now it s better .

Is Roasted Poha Good For Weight Loss

Does Anxiety And Stress Cause Weight Loss not long after we got married the person was gone zhao laowai was complained by his mother in law he reviews for true form keto gummies opened his mouth but he didn t.

Looking man and woman appeared outside the gate of dali temple followed by a reluctant young man what a lazy boy zhao laowai got angry when he saw his belated in laws and ENE KMUTT reviews for true form keto gummies reviews for true form keto gummies rushed towards the well dressed family after.

Put her hands on her hips poked her neck and asked what do you want to do do you still want to hit someone zhao ENE KMUTT reviews for true form keto gummies laowai was so angry that he trembled you don t care about this kind of thing happened to bao er is that how.

You are a mother in law once mrs he heard this she became excited so what s the matter she died in our family I haven t said that she is unlucky yet but you still want my mother in law to kneel down and nine times to send.

Expenses yourself don t count on us as she said she even stared fiercely the dead man glanced at him and cursed unlucky thing zhao laowai was so angry that his whole body trembled and he rushed forward to hit him he was.

Probably because he remembered that he still had my mother to support him reviews for true form keto gummies he frowned and said then what else do you want let me tell you her household registration is not in our family and you still want our family to pay.

Almost over we didn t even ask you to return the bride price this time let alone mr zhao even mrs wang couldn t help it he rushed forward and grabbed mrs he s hair one by one I ll beat you to death you old godly woman you.

Also felt that this husband s family was too shameless let .

Can Alzheimer S Cause Weight Loss ?

Can Migraine Cause Weight Loss go what are you doing what kind ingredients in acv keto gummies reviews for true form keto gummies of place do you think this is you dare to do it believe it or not I will put you all in jail to eat the two detectives quickly.

Temple she was also afraid of being imprisoned and beaten many people are quite satisfied with this scene the scene became quiet and duoduo planned to continue asking questions but before he could speak there was a noise.

Officers have become accustomed to I can t help but wonder is this the process of handling cases in dali temple but the people are noisy li si is this what it should be I ll go and have a look duoduo waved his hands and.

Daughter how can I let my daughter raise her head to talk to people it would be so tiring on the neck a policeman kicked the man in the hollow of his knee and he couldn t bear it .

What Are The Benefits Of Weight Loss ?

A Biblical Guide To Weight Loss and when his legs bent he fell to his knees.

Faces damn it if reviews for true form keto gummies you think of dali reviews for true form keto gummies temple as a place you will make a fuss every now and then is this how you release the stress of life now this means that zhu jingyan has a .

Can Deworming Help With Weight Loss ?

Can Ramipril Cause Weight Loss good temper if the chief officer with a bad temper.

Say something pitiful it s bad luck for .

Which Workout Machine Is Best For Weight Loss

Why Are Bananas Bad For Weight Loss her mother in law to open her mouth gummy berry juice for weight loss ingredients and keep her mouth shut all she cares about is funeral expenses and burial in someone s ancestral grave how can reviews for true form keto gummies such a person have faith eye seeing.

And evil towards people but this old lady he was really gifted .

Which Olive Oil Is Best For Weight Loss ?

Does Black Coffee Cause Weight Loss which made him anxious and a little disgusted you keep saying that ghosts harm people have you ever seen a ghost zhang qian s voice fell on his neck than.

Sanjiutian the snow inside .

Is Kiwi Healthy For Weight Loss ?

How Much L Carnitine Should I Take For Weight Loss is even colder making people shiver many respond very quickly that s right as the saying goes don t do bad things don t be afraid of ghosts calling your door you are so frightened and you still.

Had already attacked what kind of mother in law are you opening your mouth and shutting your mouth is a slut if you slander the dead like this aren t you afraid that she will turn into a ghost and come to ask for your meta weight loss life.

Chi yuan s words are really scary in addition the people are originally afraid of one corpse and two corpses at the moment pregnant women who died turned into evil ghosts to claim their lives everyone was terrified mrs he.

Quarrel among the shouting wang s pleading was particularly obvious because she was already on her .

How To Get Prescription Weight Loss Medication

Is Keto Bhb Good For Weight Loss reviews for true form keto gummies knees mrs he also realized that she had been tricked after calming down she tidied up her messy clothes and hair thinking too.

Duoduo was just a child after all the people in dali temple dote on reviews for true form keto gummies her so much so how reliable are the rumors being questioned again he s family provoked him and even the police officers testified to duoduo everyone was.

Skeptical this is the achilles heel of children and there is no other way her heart zhong was thinking or to stabilize the situation first and wait until ingredients in acv keto gummies reviews for true form keto gummies dad and the others came back to solve the problem just as she was.

But as far as I know the deceased zhao bao my son s household registration is still in zhao laowai s account and has nothing to do with your he family this remark caused an uproar duoduo doesn t care what other people s.

And vigilance bao er is my daughter I will not put leave her to you to waste if I had known that bao er lived such a life in your he family I should have let bao er reconcile no I shouldn t have let bao er marry this beast.