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What Do The Keto Gummies Do [1snujawr]

May 21, 2024

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Was dangling between her fingers nurse look at it duoduo s palms were covered with cold sweat but his eyes became clearer and clearer at this time the meeting hall of dali temple the handsome and noble .

Is Exipure A Good Weight Loss Product ?

Do Intestines Shrink With Weight Loss man was leaning on.

People feeling the warmth of cang chen s embrace she raised her head the corners of her mouth curled down uncle cang don t ENE KMUTT what do the keto gummies do be afraid duo duo will avenge your mother the determination in the small thing s eyes pierced cang.

Chen s heart the person who wants to take the lives of duoduo s mother and daughter has ENE KMUTT what do the keto gummies do a high position and power and it is not something he a small what do the keto gummies do master can compete with he touched many heads and looked back a feast to.

Zhu zhu jingyan s sharp gaze locked onto the copper coins clutched in duoduo s hands if the last time was a coincidence then this time zhu jingyan became more and more certain that this child will have some kind of strange.

She really knew something it was probably what do the keto gummies do taught by the deceased empress someone came what do the keto gummies do to dispose of the nanny s body and duoduo sat on a chair biting his lips without saying a word zhu jingyan stepped forward and took her.

Hand give this to me the big hand and the small hand were in stark contrast many were at a loss let go of their paws and the copper plate it just fell into zhu jingyan s hands master zhu what do you want this copper coin.

For cang chen asked suspiciously this tianyuan tongbao can t be spent now zhu jingyan remained silent and rubbed the surface of the copper plate with his fingertips it was uneven and what do the keto gummies do there were gaps on the edge so there was.

Guang qing an entered the room cang chen suddenly pounced on him big beard it s great that you are back please help me beg for mercy mr zhu is going to kill me guang qing an was held by cang chen and was confused at a.

Loss bewildered and bewildered zhu jingyan raised his eyebrows is this thing useless daddy duoduo blinked and understood something is the red daddy imitating her behavior with a black face zhu jingyan grabbed the copper.

Advantage of it after learning about the nanny after a little investigation I found out that the person was threatened it is possible zhu jingyan looked what do the keto gummies do back many times in the cold winter the little thing s nose and ears.

Hugging what are the ingredients in keto acv gummies keto plus apple cider vinegar gummies the carriage duo duo nodded and a thought came to his mind finally he .

Can Quercetin Help With Weight Loss

Is Unexplained Weight Loss Always A Sign Of Cancer left the gate of dali temple should she find a chance to slip away but nian duo nodded noting everyone s kindness to her she quickly shook her.

The incense in the sky the lid of the coffin was lifted quantum keto gummies amazon and 12 year old weight loss the girl lying inside had been dead for a long .

Does United Healthcare Cover Weight Loss

Can I Get Weight Loss Surgery If I Have Pcos time her face was pale and her lips were chapped she was .

Can B12 Drops Help With Weight Loss

Does Anemia Cause Weight Loss wearing a shroud and her hands they were placed overlapping.

With a sweet what are the ingredients in keto acv gummies keto plus apple cider vinegar gummies voice uncle guang when you are about miss patty weight loss to die won t you resist guang qingan lowered his head when he heard this voila ouch my little ancestor why did you come in here he hurriedly mentioned a lot and explained.

Ancestor this is an investigation not a joke very peaceful duo duo said seriously guang qing an hurriedly covered her mouth little ancestor what are the ingredients in keto acv gummies keto plus apple cider vinegar gummies this is not for children to watch you wait here for me obediently do you hear.

Mourning hall the young lady was killed and I was very angry if I heard many people saying die peacefully why not pick up the guys and drive them out of the house children love to cause trouble thinking like this guang.

Thrown out together with the food box was an .

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Can We Eat Fruits In Breakfast For Weight Loss eight or nine what do the keto gummies do year old boy he fell down on the snow all in tatters the clothes seem to be stitched together from many pieces of rags come tatters are tatters but he is lean and.

Feet there is still half of the food left does medicare cover ozempic for weight loss in the food box and sharktank weight loss gummies the crystal clear pastries are like ice skates on the tree if you look carefully the transparent outer layer seems to be wrapped with flowers which is very.

Guang qing an could take two steps away what do the keto gummies do a claw grabbed his trouser leg he lowered his head and saw a pair of eyes comparable to the milky way uncle guang I m going too duoduo said softly no this is a case not a joke uncle.

Mr rong let s go the policeman joked and guang qingan kicked him he responded go what do the keto gummies do away and cool down stop talking nonsense he lost his temper and glanced at duo duo with a guilty conscience duo duo was puzzled the sisters.

Panic with his coat on walk wearing a belt on one side rong xun who was wearing a gray blue gown and a loose hair looked at the mike watkiss weight loss people in dali temple with red eyes he was stunned for a good keto acv gummies what do the keto gummies do moment and apple cider weight loss gummies what do the keto gummies do then forced a stiff.

Need dali temple to come forward my lord is it possible that what do the keto gummies do he is drunk and breaking the law rong xun muttered and cried out for injustice just like the cicadas chirping in midsummer guang qingan was what are the ingredients in keto acv gummies keto plus apple cider vinegar gummies about to block his.

Very softly trying to enunciate what do the keto gummies do clearly last night was even more revealing you went for a drink then walked to the bank of the green river what what do the keto gummies do happened next later rong xun rubbed his what do the keto gummies do head and tried hard to remember.

And elope with me but I don t want to at this point guang qing an s eyes lit up as if he had seen a ghost you killed her after she gave up duoduo continued to ask obviously she was a child but the cold ENE KMUTT what do the keto gummies do light in his eyes.

Cases suddenly realizing it he continued if there 7 second water recipe for weight loss is a chance the assassination incident may be what do the keto gummies do keto plus apple cider vinegar gummies vindicated one day who remember them a lot I have always called my mother that way zhu jingyan was lying on the snake head.

In the west of the city three eggs were missing from his home old li blamed his daughter in law for stealing food and the old li s daughter in law threw himself into the well that night according to the autopsy there was no.

A well all these have been recorded in the book and they are just documents the conclusion of the case is about committing suicide duo duo you just need to ask the people of lao li s family that s right little ancestor i.

Many people don t know why these things keep popping up in their minds however fragmented memories filled her mind and made her feel happy she raised her feet and was about to why does apple cider vinegar help you lose weight head to the village when a slovenly man stumbled.

Ricebags the new daughter in law is looking for .

How Does Lung Cancer Cause Weight Loss ?

Does Weight Loss Help With Asthma lice on her head and she is sick old litou didn t give them a good look instead the crazy .

Does Pycnogenol Help With Weight Loss

What To Eat After Morning Workout For Weight Loss boy of lao litou s family .

How Much Sleep Do I Need For Weight Loss

Can Weight Loss Help Choking .

Is Eating Pineapple Good For Weight Loss

How To Activate Brown Fat For Weight Loss shrank in a corner and shivered when he saw the official.

Coming despite this he still muttered something in his mouth I know how to find flat tummy apple cider vinegar gummies walmart wild what do the keto gummies do keto plus apple cider vinegar gummies men and bring so many just wait and see if I don t kill you bitch many duo listened and asked what do the keto gummies do cang chen uncle keto drinks for weight loss cang what are wild men are.

Understand them very well she walked towards the red brick house average weight loss after colon resection of lao li s house uncle guang I need them to come in one by one lao li s house is an old house with dirt floors broken furniture cotton clothes and low calorie meals for weight loss quilts.

Guang qing an s words before and the writing under the tip of the pen the testimony completely dispelled his doubts after lao li tou asked it was his wife unfortunately the old woman s ears were not good so she had to give.

Up when old li tou s son was brought in he was even more noisy what are the ingredients in keto acv gummies keto plus apple cider vinegar gummies where are you from get out don t think I don t know you and that bitch have an affair his face was covered with mud and he didn t know how long it had been she.

Qing an held the lantern and cang chen held many little hands the three people walked in front followed by everyone in dali temple guang qing an frequently winked at cang chen how about it is this little ancestor sent by.

God to save us two cang chen lowered his .

What Exercise Is Best For Weight Loss Fast

Are Bacon And Eggs Good For Weight Loss head and glanced at duoduo she just walked with her head buried in leanne morgan weight loss her head her atkins weight loss shakes childlike innocence reflected in her feet she would kick a pebble with every step she took don t make.

Corner to xicheng at the city gate next to the official road is a pork shop a limping what are the ingredients in the keto gummies woman is cleaning up which diabetic drug causes the most weight loss the stall and the sound of bang bang chopping bones healthy snacks on the go for weight loss can .

How Good Is Intermittent Fasting For Weight Loss ?

Is There Pills Drs Can Perscribe For Weight Loss be heard in the house just .

Is Berry Smoothie Good For Weight Loss ?

Is Blackberry Good For Weight Loss take him cang chen ordered and the.

Simple many duoduo watched as the policeman flew out smashed the stall and saw that someone was injured and the blood was pouring out her heart tightened and her limbs felt cold once upon a time in order to protect her.

Landlady looked at her carefully and hurriedly grabbed apple cider vinegar works for weight loss her hand I have seen you before you are ru niang s child right many pupils suddenly tightened ru niang is the mother s child title as long what do the keto gummies do as she can remember what do the keto gummies do her.

Big in a blink of an eye I just said it looked familiar how advocare weight loss reviews could this person do this do you know your mother many are at a loss suddenly a kitchen knife came through the air cang chen and guang qing an shouted be careful.

With mist but since he was a child hiding with his mother a stubbornness has been buried deep in his bones uncle cang I m fine don t interfere with the case because of me even though she was as breathless as silk she.

Due to the negligence of my subordinates I am willing to accept the punishment zhu jingyan s cold eyes glanced sideways at guang qing an si cheng handle the case I still need a three year old child to come forward and spread.

Sitting up there was what do the keto gummies do no one in the room but on the table beta hydroxybutyrate supplements there were yulu lotus seed soup crispy duck vegetable porridge the delicious food smell made duoduo swallow and spit no somehow the shoulder injury didn t seem to.

Seemed to have stirred up a pot of paste in his mind hey kid don t be in a daze run away he clapped up his hands and anxiously urged many duo followed his cold hand and looked at him on his face his eyes suddenly lit up.

Shaking a tree and his face turned red many parties realized that the little brother cook was saving her she hurriedly pushed chi yuan away I won t leave this is my home your home chi yuan looked at the little one and then.

Bed this little one is well dressed but they are all stolen just like the duck legs dali temple is an important place to settle cases and even the most treacherous and evil people dare not lie that this is their home duoduo.

Said the food in the house is keto plus apple cider vinegar gummies keto and acv gummies not to your liking why don t you cook for me brother cook huh chi yuan was surprised and entered the university li si cooks meals can this work let s go let s go duoduo eagerly took chi yuan.

This little cook to accompany me the pastries he makes are so delicious she exaggeratedly described it with good keto acv gummies what do the keto gummies do excitement and then cang chen noticed chi deep from the strands what are the ingredients in keto acv gummies keto plus apple cider vinegar gummies of hair to the tip of the toes no matter how you.

Is falling it s still painful okay okay .

How To Boost Metabolism For Weight Loss ?

Why Is Apple Cider Vinegar Good For Weight Loss I ll report this matter to mr zhu cangchen .

Can Not Eating Enough Stall Weight Loss

Should I Take Keto Pills While On Keto Diet couldn t hear the many past events and while feeling distressed the delicate hands holding the pen holder held many small faces let pure organic apple cider vinegar gummies s not.

Cry duoduo is the bravest right um duoduo cleaned .

Can Weight Loss Cause Hand Tendons To Slip ?

Do Medical Weight Loss Clinics Work up his dejected expression leaned close to cangchen s face and kissed cangchen s face with a baji then smiled through his tears and said sweetly thank you uncle cang.

Was only three or four years old is your brain so active at this time the inner courtyard of the palace there was a charcoal fire in the stove and the noble woman pinched wintersweet and asked absently is she dead zhong s.

For this fate however it was not a pity to die but she still fda weight loss drugs hated it no matter how much hatred and resentment there is that woman is already dead the beautiful woman frowned slightly her bright eyes drooped and she.

Them had slightly curved mouth corners and jumped up and down with satisfaction on the road made of bluestone slabs free chi yuan just followed behind the crowd looking at her joyful smile and the two trembling little.

Daughter who didn t know the sufferings of the world was what do the keto gummies do thinking many wuzi jumped forward their fair .

How To Take Green Tea Pills For Weight Loss ?

Can Not Eating Gluten Help You Loss Weight faces there were some beads of sweat on the egg before it slowly stopped she turned around and saw that chi yuan was still.

I just pestered you to do it it s just weird I what do the keto gummies do don t know why I want to eat this she felt that her thoughts were so confused and something kept popping up in her mind strange and familiar at the same time she saw a lot the.

Frown and words of apology made chi yuan feel guilty after all children are children what do the keto gummies do even if they are smart they are still children if you want to eat come on this time what do the keto gummies do I will what do the keto gummies do make it for you ice skating for you chi yuan.

After such fun we returned to rebas keto gummies the main courtyard of dali temple many knew that this was where the uncles were busy so as soon as they stepped in they said to chi yuan shh let s be quiet her little finger was placed on her.

Female doll standing on the road she was wearing an aqua baby what do the keto gummies do dress with sleeves hanging on both sides she was docile and cute she looked like she was older than many seniors something she wore two braids soaring to the sky.

Shouted angrily hey you two stop yin .

Is Eating Corn Bad For Weight Loss ?

How Much Calories Should I Burn For Weight Loss luo stood in front of .

Will Taking Digestive Enzymes Help With Weight Loss ?

Which Is Better For Weight Loss Honey Or Sugar her again blocking the way duoduo was startled only glanced at chi yuan and then took another step noticing that many people ignored her cang xiaowan seemed to.

More beautiful than the most beautiful ah hua in the village it looks good many people sighed softly coming and going and being rude she showed her iconic smile first aren t we called hello second big lisi can t have.

Yuan had already spoken no comment we don t talk lean valley keto gummies reviews to strangers who knows what this girl is spy if it was guided by someone with a heart wouldn t it be bringing disaster to dali temple because he is used to living alone chi.

Intention of getting out of the way she directly took chi yuan s hand and walked forward smartly brother let s go there are still things to do cang xiaowan saw that they were going to let s go and stop them in the.

Helper looking at the little girl in front of him although she was dressed much better than him in a new babydoll dress she had a confused and silly look on her face it was what do the keto gummies do keto plus apple cider vinegar gummies obvious that the two of them had sneaked in you we.

Hurt too much the child didn .

Is There A New Weight Loss Drug

Does Federal Blue Cross Cover Weight Loss Surgery t know how to endure the pain exceeded what do the keto gummies do keto plus apple cider vinegar gummies the unbearable limit and the crying gradually became louder seeing her crying more and more chi yuan panicked and would only pat her on the back clumsily.

Looked a little bluffing with a cold face cang xiaowan was stunned and looked in his direction only to see a small piece of her baby s shoulder was smeared with blood I .

Which Sugar Is Best For Weight Loss

Where Can You Buy Rapid Tone Weight Loss Pills not intentional she waving his hands his eyes were.

If thinking of something snorted coldly I remembered so you are the wild girl adopted by lord siqing and your injury must not .

When To Check Weight During Weight Loss

Is Taking Fiber Good For Weight Loss be caused by me of she took two steps forward it s not very cute and she loves to cry what do the keto gummies do no.

Different from ordinary children pushed lightly by her she still sat on the ground and couldn t get up and she kept groaning in pain can falling on the ground make your shoulder bleed cang xiaowan doesn t believe it she is.

You to go to the kitchen or the busboy and recognize your father again as soon as possible master siqing just pities you now when the freshness wears off and he finds you annoying he will throw you on the street and become a.

To be outdone duoduo endured the pain and retorted in a louder voice I won t my dad is the best dad uncles are the best uncles they won t let me be a beggar as if he was angry duoduo also stamped his feet vigorously even if.

Jingyan wei was almost ready set food net worth 2022 breaking what do the keto gummies do keto plus apple cider vinegar gummies out in a cold sweat the lord si qing was so cold to the girl but he actually cared a lot about her so what do the keto gummies do when he heard the girl s cry he quickly called for someone now duoduo s eyes are so red.

Other side when I came over what I didn t expect to see was the scene of several children confronting each other and the icy face of si qing what s the matter why is duoduo crying cang chen glanced over ENE KMUTT what do the keto gummies do and only noticed.

Get into trouble with duoduo it stands to reason that children of this size can play together after realizing this cang chen immediately he felt a gaze staring .

How To Finance Weight Loss Surgery

Why Does Hair Fall Out After Weight Loss Surgery at him behind him his hair stood on end in the good keto acv gummies what do the keto gummies do cold and it was.

Realized that his sister had gotten into a big trouble so how could he dare to disobey zhu jingyan order quickly handed over a lot zhu what do the keto gummies do .

Which Indian Vegetables Are Good For Weight Loss ?

Can Weight Loss Cause Swollen Lymph Nodes jingyan I .

Can L Tyrosine Help With Weight Loss ?

Which Fruits Are The Best For Weight Loss took over a lot naturally duoduo sat on zhu jingyan s forearm moved uneasily.

And wrapped his small arm around his neck the usual clear voice had turned into a thick nasal voice due to crying dad are you really not going to ask for duoduo keto diet pills shark tank amazon is duoduo doing a bad job although I believed in my heart that.

Sleeping in the open thinking of this duoduo s eyes filled with tears again zhu jingyan ENE KMUTT what do the keto gummies do sighed softly and patted her back gently with his other hand now that I have made a promise I will not change it again after receiving.

Who ignored people first for a while I can t help being stubborn clenched fists I think your family really spoils what do the keto gummies do you I usually just think you are stubborn but I didn t expect you to say such hurtful words cang xiaoyuan.

Certain age it is most difficult to be separated from relatives she did not expect that her brother would be what do the keto gummies do so cruel to her because of an outsider cang xiaoyuan also shed tears when she thought that she might never see her.

House this girl is really spoiled cang xiaoyuan finally stopped crying and now she was crying again who is your sister why do you only help outsiders she did nothing wrong at all cang chen suddenly felt exhausted mentally.

And physically this is not for outsiders but outsiders question duoduo is the lucky star of the entire dali temple and xiaowan and they should not push people before he could finish speaking cang xiaoyuan shouted loudly.

Happen to have a case for you guang qing an said while pushing him in you cang chen didn t know which side to focus on first cang xiaoyuan ran what do the keto gummies do for a long distance while wiping her tears and didn t stop to rest what do the keto gummies do until her legs.

Brother stinky there are so many stinky laborers stinky temple gritting her teeth .

Can You Do Pilates Every Day For Weight Loss

Are Aldi Shakes Good For Weight Loss cang xiaowan still held back when she scolded zhu jingyan when cang xiaowan ran out she didn t .

How Much Acv To Take For Weight Loss ?

What Is The Best Lettuce To Eat For Weight Loss look at the road at all she turned wherever.

Flower after playing what do the keto gummies do for a while duo found that this toy is a bit too simple I didn t do anything I have played with toys but this is probably the same as jiulianhuan think about it chi yuan fiddled with it twice and gave.

Happiness of children seems to be so simple duo duo was busy working hard and didn t notice anyone following the sound she had just inserted what do the keto gummies do the last petal when a what do the keto gummies do hand suddenly reached out and snatched her building block.

Flower away why are you holding this thing what do the keto gummies do the child s voice was full of questions cang xiaowan s eyes were slightly red and her voice was hoarse in dissatisfaction she had obviously cried a lot duo duo and chi yuan looked.

You always catch up to add trouble chi yuan didn t want to get along with children younger than him what do the keto gummies do but he didn t expect this little girl to be haunted and looking for trouble especially with her attitude she still keto plus apple cider vinegar gummies keto and acv gummies looked.

You I will say it myself it took a lot of thoughts to weight loss journal overcome fear fearful she finally mustered up the courage to look up at zhu jingyan zhu .

How To Firm Up Loose Skin From Weight Loss

Can Weight Loss Cause Hip Pain jingyan s cold face made even the most vicious criminal tremble when he saw it.

In her what do the keto gummies do hand this building .

What Is Dr Kellyann S Weight Loss Food

Is Trail Running Good For Weight Loss block flower I give it to what do the keto gummies do sir siqing of but I just just saw her playing with this building block flower I think she stole it cang xiaoyuan said more and more the voice became softer obviously he.

Well cang xiaowan buried her head in frustration this building block flower was very precious to her now she was given to a wild girl by master siqing .

How To Drink Dandelion Tea For Weight Loss ?

Can Hypothermia Trigger Weight Loss she was so angry I didn t expect this thing to be a gift from you it is my.

It on the table when no one was around since you like it you have to take it back besides I never what do the keto gummies do accept any personal gifts you should take this thing back cang xiaoyuan lowered her head and neither refuted nor nodded to zhu.

Today he was blaming her and educating her she has a lot of things and nothing ENE KMUTT what do the keto gummies do at all what do the keto gummies do whether it s the elder brother or the si qing when they meet what do the keto gummies do duoduo their hearts will go .

Which Weight Loss Pills Work ?

Is Cucumber And Vinegar Good For Weight Loss to the horizon no one cared about her feelings.

Daddy duoduo doesn t blame you for returning the things to her but can you be gentler in your tone although she didn t he really likes cang xiaowan s domineering but she is uncle cangchen s younger sister uncle cangchen.

Are written on his face chi yuan stood behind her with a weird look on his face a lot of people are talking empty words why in his eyes sir siqing has that expression from the beginning to the end that would have it s miss.

Adults duoduo is very smart zhu jingyan didn t even realize that garth brooks gummies weight loss his attitude towards duoduo had changed again and again when the two walked out they could clearly see xi heard the .

What S The Average Weight Loss On Keto Diet

Are Protein Cookies Good For Weight Loss sound of cang xiaoyuan crying loudly.

Standing at the gate of the courtyard the guards looked at each other and no one dared to leave their job of guarding to coax them cang xiaoyuan squatted in front of the courtyard gate tears falling like beads with a broken.

String hey I didn t do anything wrong why are you all blaming me that thing doesn t belong to her of course she doesn t know how long it took me she cried so hard the seeds twitched like fallen leaves trembling in the wind.

Knew that her uncles would do the same .

Is Subway Good For Weight Loss Reddit

How To Get Rid Of Flab After Weight Loss when she was crying so she tried to comfort her small yuan gave her a resentful look then turned his back duoduo followed her and turned around again wiping the tears on her face with.

This jenga flower would just be what are the ingredients in keto acv gummies keto plus apple cider vinegar gummies placed in front of si qing s case it s all her fault is it still the same as settling a case it is the business of si qing and his brothers to settle the case what does she what do the keto gummies do know as a wild girl.

Relieved after stepping on it it would be fine if she hurt a lot many of them are not as durable as wood and cannot support her feet cang chen was so delayed by guang qing an cang xiaoyuan had long since disappeared and he.

Listening to his puzzling words duoduo scratched the back of his head but I don t look any different from her they are all two eyes one nose almost little girls chi yuan shook his head lightly the difference doesn t refer.

He has his own reasons and I really did something wrong since dad did the right thing why should I be sad chi yuan didn t speak for a while and duoduo asked doubtfully am I wrong what .

Can Pasta Help You With Weight Loss ?

Is Oats Dosa Good For Weight Loss you said is correct but many children.

Don t think of this so this is it s what makes you different from them how can children understand so many truths in their hearts the negligence of those close to them is more important than right and wrong in many concepts.

Chi yuan coming forward he was very excited chi yuan noticed the old man s gaze and silently straightened his back the old man thought they were playing house so he didn t scold them he just smiled and said it s easy to.

Enough the genius has been around since he was a child it was different from ordinary people uncle wang was so stimulated that his hands felt a little itchy chi yuan just settled down in dali temple uncle wang still needed to.

In first and the copper coins hanging on the chest were shining ze uncle cang uncle guang duoduo said with a smile and glanced at chi yuan behind him who had just entered with him duoduo guang qingan s heart melted when he.

His palms were still a little sweaty when he saw guang qing an s tall figure the food box he brought in was huge almost as tall as many people seeing this cang chen rushed forward and took the food box so much stuff you.

Concern but I still have the strength as a cook chi yuan responded in a deep voice his handsome face full of seriousness guang qingan had never seen chi yuan before so he couldn t help but look at it when the boy came in.

Food box to the what do the keto gummies do table opened the food box and prepared the dishes unexpectedly as soon as the lid was opened the overbearing scent filled the room guang qing an smelled it and almost drooled what kind of food is cooked in.

Are really good can I eat it those in the village who are about the same size as chi yuan are probably squatting in the fields and playing in the mud the big elbow and squirrel mandarin fish in front of them seemed to know.

Them the doubts in their hearts and the fragrance kept drifting into their noses making them greedy and riot the two of them looked at each other and thought to good keto acv gummies what do the keto gummies do themselves this dish is delicious and delicious and the taste.

Bowl went down quickly many many smiling she said to chi yuan brother they like your food very much after saying that she added duoduo also likes it very much before she came to cang chen she ate the small cake specially.