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Cbd Gummies Happy Hemp [ljdqw0o] - ENE KMUTT

May 16, 2024

earthmed cbd gummies review cbd gummies happy hemp cbd gummies for sleep without melatonin, can i take cbd gummies to hawaii.

Turned into a little sheep said enthusiastically sister in law you are here too I didn t expect to see you at qiao s house ah sister in law you look haggard I heard that women haven t been able to enjoy love for a long.

Ruoxing couldn t help but tighten his breath the saliva is also weird when the secretion increases it s like seeing a delicious peach and .

Where To Buy Cbd Oil In Ga

What Company Has The Best Cbd Oil wanting to swallow it in one bite it seems like she hasn t been kissed for a while is.

Zhanchen couldn t help but exert more and more force on the big palm pressing the back of the woman s head he locked her head tightly not allowing her to retreat cbd gummies sidr effects making it impossible for her to escape he pried her lips and.

Teeth domineeringly and wildly crushing her soft lips crazily even biting them mercilessly it hurts su ruoxing was vague open your mouth suddenly the man took the opportunity to pry open the city gate and attack the city su.

Temporarily disable his hand after she successfully gained the lord s trust .

Does Cbd Oil Take Time

Does Cbd Oil With Thc Show Up In Blood Work she would quietly help him recover but even so his hand will have to be delayed for at least a month the right hand can t hold things can t do fine.

Way the war between her and qiao zhanchen would continue and the war would become more intense finally became doom is not a dream su ruoxing got out from under the cbd gummies happy hemp man s body silently since you know everything why do you.

Why she tried too hard or the man was too weak so she actually broke away in full body cbd gummies cbd gummies happy hemp an instant but before she could breathe a sigh of relief qiao zhanchen attacked again instinctively .

Will Cbd Oil Help Older Pets

How Much Cbd Oil From 1 Acre Of Hemp su ruoxing raised his arm and blocked the man.

Severely pfft there was a sound of a blade piercing into a muscle which was creepy su luo hurriedly raised her .

Do Cbd Oils Help With A Bad Pancreas

Can I Put Cbd Oil In My Checked Luggage eyes to look her pupils trembled avana cbd gummies can i take cbd gummies to hawaii suddenly and her scalp shuddered paroxysms of tingling instead qiao zhanchen s.

Been hit hard this time su ruoxing s guilt grew like crazy su ruoxing s the car was parked on the side of the main road in front of qiao s house she was about to run to the car but found a few scarlet cigarette butts.

Car can i take cbd gummies to hawaii super sky cbd gummies so she didn t dare to get in the car let s walk let s stay far away don t be too obvious it turned out that lu yaning wanted to catch her she cbd gummies happy hemp harmony leaf cbd gummies reviews must have discovered the secret that lu chengji was not dead and lu yaning.

Several security guards responsible purekana cbd gummies for vascular cleansing for searching around the small building also split up to search su ruoxing was nesting in the green belt next to the small building anxious he had already alerted the snake and the.

She using you for su ruoxing I don t understand lu chengji is an unknown chinese medicine practitioner who has just debuted and he was born in the countryside for ordinary girls he is a avana cbd gummies can i take cbd gummies to hawaii good match he has a job in a public.

Qiao zhanchen become her forever umbrellas and cash machines far away mentioning qiao chixuan lu chengji s blush was lost in the night qiao chixuan forces me to make out with her every day I have told you that you can t be.

Keep your mouth shut even if you die I don t want to lose face in front of her if she asks just say that I was only slightly injured and she cbd gummies happy hemp must not seeing me in such a mess I don t want her to look at me with sympathy.

To do fine movements will be greatly reduced in the future su ruoxing became anxious upon full body cbd gummies cbd gummies happy hemp hearing this let me go in and help I can use special acupuncture to assist you in the operation the doctor shook his head professor.

Ruoxing su ruoxing compromised she must go deep into the qin group as soon as possible and cbd gummies best for pain dig out the conspiracy behind the masters and interest groups before she can be worthy of qiao zhanchen when she left the hospital a.

Familiar figure appeared in front of her su xinglie why are you here su xinglie has the ability to regenerate and is extremely powerful he is a rare superpower su ruoxing since su xinglie was rescued from the interest group s.

Specially arranged for him to find su ruoxing qiao zhanchen asked him healthy new warriors cbd gummies to guard blue vibe cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies happy hemp su can i take cbd gummies to hawaii super sky cbd gummies ruoxing s left and right and never leave him so that he could let su ruoxing cbd gummies happy hemp break into the enemy s interior with peace of mind no it s too.

Dangerous to be with me su ruoxing refused wishing to hide su xinglie do cbd gummies make u hungry she was afraid cbd gummies happy hemp that the master would extend his claws to su xinglie su xinglie superpowers if used properly can .

Can You Drink While On Cbd Oil

Can You Use Topical Antibiotics With Internal Cbd Oil benefit mankind if used .

How Much Do Trubliss Cbd Gummies Cost

Does Cbd Oil Give You A Positive Drug Test improperly it.

Otherwise she wouldn t be as simple as just falling and hurting su ruoxing hurriedly stepped .

Where Can I Buy Cbd Oil In London England

How To Get Cbd Oil In Canada forward to help her up wu xuerong what happened during the questioning she felt wu xuerong s pulse and her heart suddenly jumped.

The consulting room first okay master su xinglie hugged wu xuerong with one hand wu xuerong struggled angrily let go you guys who are pious hypocrite my baby is gone you still want to do something to me cbd gummies happy hemp su ruoxing didn t.

Su ruoxing changed into a white coat while speaking when wu xuerong heard that she was about to tie her hands and feet she became more emotional su ruoxing you still want to kill me if you have the guts kill me or I will.

Two legs stood up .

Is It Legal To Buy Cbd Oil In Ga

What Effect Oes Heat Have On Cbd Oil and the soles of his feet stepped on the bed after helping wu xuerong check su luo s mood sank to the bottom wu xuerong has an obvious sex life cbd gummies happy hemp recently the man she shared the room with was qiao zhanchen wu.

For wu xuerong s hands and feet as soon can i take cbd gummies to hawaii super sky cbd gummies as wu xuerong was freed she immediately called the wu family mom su ruoxing kidnapped me I want .

Can I Rub Cbd Oil On My Genutals

Is Cbd Oil Good For Esophagitis to sue can i take cbd gummies to hawaii super sky cbd gummies cbd gummies happy hemp her I must sue her under wu xuerong s hysterical urging mrs wu personally.

Brought the prescription to her daughter s house support su ruoxing I respect you as a famous doctor but I didn t expect that you would trample our trust in you under your cbd gummies happy hemp feet wu the madam scolded angrily and threw out a.

The same as you again in the future family you and chenchen should divorce as soon as possible su ruoxing looked at the divorce agreement and the scene of being forced .

Where To Buy Cbd Oil In Peoria Illinois

Can Get High From Cbd Oil to divorce four years ENE KMUTT cbd gummies happy hemp ago resurfaced in her mind is.

Did not treat you badly su ruoxing pushed the agreement with a pale face normal divorce the husband and wife have half of the property if one of the parties cheats during marriage the other party can sue and let him leave.

Wu xuerong is such a thing really possible she wasn t really doing it for wu xue at first su ruoxing was forced to divorce she just wanted to take this opportunity to kick su ruoxing out of the house and prepare for qiao.

An affair with wu xuerong the green toads of florida cbd gummies person wu xuerong you dare not ENE KMUTT cbd gummies happy hemp admit that you have had sex recently su ruoxing stared at the change in wu xuerong s face and suddenly understood the reason why cbd gummies happy hemp wu xuerong didn t dare was because.

The man she had an affair with was not qiao zhanchen at all cbd gummies happy hemp but wu xuerong s baby obviously passed the paternity test and it was found that he was related by blood with qiao zhanchen why su ruo xing thought for a moment then.

Dropped the harsh words curts concentrate cbd gummies avana cbd gummies can i take cbd gummies to hawaii and left with qiao chengwang rong rong let s go too wu xuerong helped wu xuerong to leave su ruoxing met mrs wu and wu xuerong was about to walk out of the consulting room and said .

Does Cbd Oil Affect Coumadin

Can Cbd Oil Be Bought With Hsa Account coldly wu xuerong.

The man you were having cbd gummies for ear ringing shark tank sex with in the video is the master and the baby you are pregnant with is also the master you deliberately used that video to frame professor qiao wu xuerong cbd gummies happy hemp he paused and looked at su ruoxing in.

Wu was also very angry professor su I originally respected your excellent medical cbd gummies all organic hemp extract 300mg skills but I didn t expect you to spread rumors and make medterra cbd gummies review trouble .

Can Cbd Oil Cause Stomach Cramps

Does Cbd Oil Show Up On A Drug Test Ct my daughter robbed your man I feel very sorry for you but the fact has.

Could think of this mrs .

Does Cbd Oil Lower Blood Sugar

How To Use Cbd Oil For Obesity wu was confused who is the master I never heard that professor qiao has twin brothers besides how could my daughter know the ENE KMUTT cbd gummies happy hemp .

Is Cbd Oil Safe To Vape

Can I Take Cbd Oil If Im Taking Losartan master mrs wu my lord has been growing up abroad wu xuerong should have.

Abroad did you meet the master wu xuerong bit her lower lip tightly with cbd gummies for period her thin teeth unable to say .

Can Cbd Oil Maje Depression Better Or Worse

What Cbd Oil Is Best For Dogs a word she didn t dare she told cbd gummies sexo her family that when she was a teenager she followed the master and did many bad things.

For him su ruoxing continued wu xuerong the night of the typhoon the master sent you to sneak into qiao zhanchen s villa deliberately creating the illusion that you and qiao zhanchen were intimate in the bedroom so that.

Baby go when mrs wu heard this she became anxious rongrong is the child really the master isn t it professor qiao s su ruoxing sighed deeply wu xuerong I can swear on my life zhu fengmei lied to me that a friend is.

Dare to continue listening and hurriedly pulled mrs wu away the truth came out su ruoxing was very happy the baby didn t belong to qiao zhanchen at all qiao zhanchen be innocent su ruoxing can t wait .

Where Can I Buy Cbd Oil In Clarksville Tennessee

What Is Cbd Definition Of Cannabidiol Cbd Oil to tell qiao zhanchen.

Staying in this world will only become a hidden danger you are the kindness of a woman she paused suddenly since lu .

How Much Thc In Cbd Oil Is Legal

Does Meijer Carey Cbd Oil chengji has run away we have to advance the plan one step forward mom what do you mean let s have a.

A famous doctor .

Can Cbd Oil Cause Lightheadedness

Can I Buy Cbd Oil In Nj how can he be afraid that this injury can t be cured qiao zhanchen but she was a little decadent auntie the hand problem is not big but I can t do surgery or experiments in the future if I can t do surgery.

What s going on lu yaning s next highlight will be he wanted to threaten qiao zhanchen so naturally he wouldn t say anything in public chenchen .

Will You Pass A Drug Test On Cbd Oil

Where To Buy Zero Cbd Oil 92509 Ca let s go back to the ward first qiao zhanchen was pushed out of the operating.

Room by the cbd gummies happy hemp nurse in a wheelchair with an intravenous drip after the nurse pushed him to the ward she received lu yaning s chasing look and quickly left the ward lu yaning closed the door took out a silk handkerchief and.

Hand to help lu yaning lu yaning was just pretending so she got up and sat on the hospital bed she took out miyam bialik cbd gummies a wrinkled medical certificate from her pocket and pretended to sigh cbd gummies for ringing in ears chen chen I didn t expect that good and evil.

System was damaged and the first symptom was my cervix the doctor blue vibe cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies happy hemp said that blue vibe cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies happy hemp once the immune system is destroyed problems will occur in other organs cbd gummies happy hemp one by .

Does Cbd Oil Help Plants Grow

Which Cbd Oil Is The Best Quality one auntie is really afraid that her time is running blue vibe cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies happy hemp can i take cbd gummies to hawaii super sky cbd gummies out qiao.

Zhanchen has since then shouldered the guilt and responsibility mother and daughter regard them as relatives and are obedient to them shun never doubted them of course auntie believes that chenchen will be good to xuanxuan.

Naturally lu yaning wanted to hear more than just caring she changed the subject but chenchen ENE KMUTT cbd gummies happy hemp the problem is that you are not the grandson of the qiao family you will have nothing at that time and your hand is injured.

The master and helped him up to the third floor for treatment he didn .

Can I Put Cbd Oil In My Drink

Will Cbd Oil Help My Dogs Diarrhea t have time to .

What S The Difference Between Cbd Oil And Tincture

Should Cbd Oil Have A Taste think about it at the do vigor vita cbd gummies really work time but thinking about it now it must be because he looks almost the same as the master otherwise su ruoxing as.

Likely to have a blood relationship with the lord then who is his biological father the master came back from abroad could it be that his biological yuppie cbd gummies father also lived abroad all year round seeing qiao zhanchen s stern face.

Biological son of the cbd gummies happy hemp qiao family grandson I should tell everyone in the qiao family the truth immediately lu yaning s face changed chenchen you are the heir of the qiao family once your identity is exposed do you know.

Qiao zhanchen become what use is her son in law he is no longer the heir to the qiao family after all lu yaning is also someone who is used to big scenes and bad ideas come one after another she thought for a while and then.

Master laughed wickedly in the wild laughter he suddenly grabbed su ruoxing cbd gummies happy hemp s hand and pressed it against his own touch my heart isn t it the same as qiao zhanchen s a person s ability can i take cbd gummies to hawaii super sky cbd gummies is as great as his ambition qiao.

Photo and send it to qiao zhanchen you re right the lord laughed softly I I cbd gummies happy hemp just like to see qiao zhanchen break up with you as he said that he the subject changed send the photo to qiao zhanchen immediately su ruoxing was.

Cooperate there were several clicks one after another and the person who took the photo was very responsible taking pictures from different angles taking them the picture of embracing each other was recorded the master let.

Family has already evacuated and even if she sneaks in now she won t find anything the lord put on the mask again and walked with long legs after catching up with su ruoxing su ruoxing I promise you I won t do anything.

Stepped forward to ask for instructions master we have taken several sets of photos the lord looked through the photos a few times and was very satisfied with the photos very good send all the photos to cbd gummies happy hemp qiao zhanchen.

Misunderstanding between her and qiao zhanchen has been resolved what s the point of just a few photos the person who took the photo reported again my lord the can i take cbd gummies to hawaii super sky cbd gummies photos have been accepted su ruoxing thought for a while and.

Are you still satisfied su ruoxing glanced at the cbd gummies ashton kutcher agreement and her eyebrows frowned slightly once signed she .

Is Cbd Oil Good For Mood Swings

What Are The Benefits Difused Cbd Sleep Oil appeared to be from the qin family but in fact she was the lord s running dog but the .

Why Did My Cbd Oil Turn Purple

Can Cbd Oil Help Gout lord guarded her like a.

Signed the agreement the agreement has been signed I ll take my leave first and officially go to work tomorrow cbd gummies that help with pain su ruoxing was in a hurry to leave but was pulled back by the master why are you leaving in such a hurry can you.

She ran out of the qin group benefits of pure cbd gummies quickly step by step and joined su xinglie cbd gummies happy hemp after the two got into the car su ruoxing saw that there was no follower behind her so she couldn t wait when he opened his mouth he asked did you.

Main r d force to the qian cbd gummies happy hemp family su ruoxing recalled that at the dinner party when qian zang and the master appeared in the same frame qian zang looked a little strange she was secretly worried at that time that qian zang.

People who know that she is the master are all hypocritical to her she naturally can t go back and the father who gave birth to her and raised .

Can Cbd Oil Show Up In A Piss Test

How Long Does Cbd Take To Work Oil her there the water splashed by the married daughter will cause gossip when she.

Returns to her mother s house in the middle of the night and she can how much are bioscience cbd gummies t go back only .

Is Vape Cbd Oil Bad

How Much Cbd Oil From A Pound Of Hemp Flower then did su ruoxing realize that she was already homeless from today onwards I will live in my own villa the villa that dabao earned for.

Zhanchen will reply when he sees it the next day the first thing she did cbd gummies happy hemp harmony leaf cbd gummies reviews when she opened her eyes was to see wechat there are several unread messages in wechat but the one sent to qiao zhanchen seems to have blue vibe cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies happy hemp disappeared su.

Eating su ruoxing went to work in the qin group master I want to best cbd gummies for gerd go to work with you professor qiao cbd gummies happy hemp told me to protect you at all times when su ruoxing heard that it was qiao zhanchen s order he smiled like a flower what.

T want to know what your professor qiao was doing last night and who was he with su ruoxing s breathing tightened his eyes flickered slightly ENE KMUTT cbd gummies happy hemp professor qiao is of course sleeping in the ward to recuperate what else can he.

T qiao zhanchen sleep alone last night the working atmosphere in qin s group s r d department is very different from qiao s probably because of the control .

How Does Cbd Oil Akon Care Work

Can Cbd Oil Help Neuropathy Pain of the master cbd gummies happy hemp all members of the r d department are cautious in their.

Words and deeds and work with trepidation no one dares to say more than a few words the first thing su ruoxing did after arriving was to understand the structure division of labor and the situation of each member of the r d.

Noon and she had no choice lie to yourself that he hasn t woken up yet that must be because he was too busy .

How Much Is Cbd Oil Per Bottle

How Many Mg Is 3 Percent In Thc Cbd Oil to cbd gummies for joint pain and arthritis reply to her he was suddenly injured and hospitalized there must be a lot of business in the company waiting for.

Staff the worker s welfare meal is also quite rich su ruoxing found that all the dishes su xinglie served her liked su xinglie how do you know I like to eat blue vibe cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies happy hemp these professor qiao said it su xinglie carefully disinfected su.

Ruoxing s tableware one by one with alcohol cotton su ruoxing burst into laughter professor qiao even told you my living habits he is so thoughtful such a man how could you not like her su ruoxing took out her mobile phone.

And took a photo of the food gorilla cbd gummies in the cafeteria and sent it to qiao zhanchen husband look the food in cbd gummies happy hemp the cafeteria is good have you eaten the information as always has disappeared su ruoxing put her phone upside down on the.

Ruoxing comforted herself and pretended to eat with gusto at this moment the mobile phone beeped several times in succession su ruoxing s heart beat hard several times did qiao zhanchen finally reply to the message she.

Happily picked up the phone how much are oros cbd gummies feeling mixed feelings it s not her phone instead the colleague at the front desk received a wechat message the notification sound of the mobile phone is exactly cbd gummies happy hemp the same su ruoxing put down the.

Emoticon and then tell her that I am so busy that I don t even have time to eat then she will stop bothering me what are you doing it s typical that you don t like someone after you catch them so why don t you just break up.

This means that it s not that your husband has the habit of giving your phone to others but that his sister has the habit of taking your husband s phone but if your husband trusts her or likes her he will be willing to give.

And sure enough one thousand yuan arrived in his account congratulations you can still make money by being a scumbag su xinglie patted him on the shoulder it s up to you whether you want to leave your contact information.

Went and said full body cbd gummies cbd gummies happy hemp go away my master needs to use himself to please men besides professor qiao is not the kind of man who is greedy .

Will Cbd Oil Make You Test Positive For Mari

What Medical Aspects Does Cbd Oil Help for beauty after the scumbag left su ruoxing returned to work in the r d department but saw.

Soon will find xingshi to question the crime sure enough not long after the master came to her with a cold .

Where Can You Buy Cbd Oil In Calgary

How Long Do Cbd Gummies Last In System look I heard that you paid a high price to recruit military advisers and .

Which Is Better To Take Cbd Gummies Or Cbd Oil

Which Eleaf For Cbd Oil you still have to disguise yourself to save.

You can expel me from this industry at any time or even call the police the master chuckled evilly su ruoxing I suspect that you are pretending to be cold and aloof to deliberately arouse my interest I originally just.

Wanted qiao zhanchen not to shuang I m not interested in you however now I want to see more and more how do you behave towards me a scumbag in bed the lord said suddenly lifted su ruoxing s white coat and pinched cbd gummies for sex free trial her.

Su ruoxing do you dare to point a knife at me as soon as the master opened his mouth a black pill was stuffed into his thin lips with lightning speed immediately afterwards su ruoxing threw away the dagger and slapped the.

Most poisonous hearts the lord couldn t spit out anything so he had to put on the golden mask again you deliberately used that employee s mouth to yell about your want to save qiao zhanchen and asked me to send it to you.

Wear but the master rarely takes it off I couldn t figure it out you are so good looking why do you wear a golden mask all the time don t you think it s heavy and cbd gummies happy hemp cbd gummies amazon shocking the lord s five fingers slowly curled together.

Verge of death in his hands but she refused to beg for mercy the master was full of rage why are they obviously twins he had the key in his mouth since he was a child shao grew up carefree with a halo why is it that even.

Golden mask more and more and wants to find a solution once and for all so you don t want your children to inherit your genetic defects let zhu fengmei trick me into giving me the prescription and lend my delta 9 cbd gummies brookpark hand to abort the.

Sleep anytime and anywhere without me you can t solve it humph su ruoxing you underestimate me the master let go of su ruoxing and cbd gummies happy hemp pushed her to the ground su ruoxing fell heavily to the ground ahem and then she gasped a.

Purple red mark was pinched out of her snow white neck su ruoxing just took a few breaths when he saw the master injecting himself with a shot of serum the master threw away the syringe and sneered su ruoxing I m buy prime brands cbd gummies warning.

Possible .

What Do You Need To Vape Cbd Oil

Will Cbd Oil Help Ibs su ruoxing raised his head stubbornly I won t divorce qiao zhanchen where s the divorce agreement heh if a man wants to run away .

Where To Buy Cbd Oil In Visalia

What Kind Of Cbd Oil For Nerve Pain you can t hold him down even with ten iron chains su ruoxing I advise you to get.

Your husband could it be that qiao zhanchen wants to divorce her after the master left su xinglie quickly walked out of the darkness and helped su ruoxing up from the ground master man cbd gummies happy hemp why let him go I can completely subdue.

Vigilantly our young master has already completed the three medications today why .

Where To Buy Cbd Oil Austin

How Does Cbd Oil Help You Sleep do you need to take medication su ruoxing deliberately ENE KMUTT cbd gummies happy hemp changed his voice and replied in cbd gummies happy hemp a nurse s tone the doctor prescribed a hospital.

Preparation which was prepared just now completed the patient must be promptly taking it will help the patient s wounds heal wait a minute we ask for instructions the bodyguards went in to ask for instructions and then.

Toothed girl with a face cbd gummies happy hemp there are dense freckles and two moles on the .

Is It Safe To Vape Cbd Oil

Can You Use Coconut Oil To Extract Cbd From Hemp face su ruoxing put on her mask can I go in I .

Can You Lose Your Job For Using Cbd Oil

Is Cbd Oil Good For Muscle Spasms m on duty today and there are other patients who need to dispense medicine at .

Where Is Essential Cbd Oil Sold In Colorado

Can I Order Cbd Oil Online In My State this moment qiao chixuan.

Not to want me this time su ruoxing felt the man .

Can You Get Lung Cancer From Vaping Cbd Oil

Can I Use Cbd Oil With Mthfr Gene s determination not only did he lose the enthusiasm for her in the past he even disliked looking at her many but she couldn t figure it out not at all qiao zhanchen we have.

Who is struggling in the relationship between the two of them and it has nothing to do with him qiao zhanchen you are telling me now that you want to cbd gummies happy hemp break up with jacosa cbd gummies me yes seeing the man s determination su ruoxing s heart.

Watching it let s go qiao zhanchen s words pierced her heart like a sharp sword su ruoxing felt a stabbing pain at the tip of his heart densely spreading around his chest in the qin s cafeteria today what the scumbag.

Bingshuang su ruoxing stop entanglement entanglement su ruoxing trembled all over never thought that one day the word entanglement would land on her head whenever she encountered emotional setbacks before she would run.

Feelings that they separated and reunited so she managed to firmly believe that she had to trust him 100 and planned to stick to can i take cbd gummies to hawaii super sky cbd gummies this relationship but he said she was entangled blue vibe cbd gummies en espa okay I won t pester you I wish you a speedy.

Lies the scumbag consultant probably looked at the high consulting fee and replied in seconds I said it earlier don t be so persistent man everyone loves the new and dislikes the old and it s normal not to feel like my.

Frowned and muttered in his small mouth what s wrong with his reply the bull s head is wrong she didn t realize that at this moment qiao zhanchen was staring at her coldly the way she held the phone and buried the messages.

In her hair hurt his eyes the way he looked at her was cold enough to kill su ruoxing sent another wechat message can you review questions what I m asking is how to expose my husband s lies the scumbag consultant replied again.

To smash the phone screen in this case then I will delete you you are a consultant anyway like water off a duck s back the scumbag consultant became anxious when he saw it and quickly sent it again beautiful sister don t.