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Kore Organic Cbd Gummies [bfhiyec]

May 22, 2024

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Away qiao zhanchen I m here to deliver clothes to you when it s over just take a step ahead su ruoxing was so embarrassed that she wanted to dig out a two bedroom and one living room with .

Can You Take Cbd Oil With Hemp Oil

Where To Buy Cbd Oil In Olathe Kansas her toes how could she have the.

Zhanchen wear such a watch doubt flashed through but how could she still think about this kind of problem now so she walked out kore organic cbd gummies quickly qiao .

When Is The Best Time To Take Cbd Oil Reddit

Can Cbd Oil Actually Help You Heal chixuan came to meet him lu yaning has found through surveillance that the.

Outsiders tonight except qiao zhanchen is best lab tested cbd gummies su ruoxing qiao chixuan approached step by step with an aggressive gaze seeing something strange in qiao chixuan s eyes su ruoxing s heart tightened could it be that they knew so.

Quickly that she accidentally kore organic cbd gummies discovered the secret of lu chengji s survival she unconsciously felt guilty and stepped back then back to qiao zhanchen s bedroom the moment qiao chixuan saw qiao zhanchen she immediately.

Together again it must be qiao chixuan playing tricks again kore organic cbd gummies trying to annoy her .

Can I Take Lyrica And Cbd Oil Together

Can I Use A Vape Pen For Cbd Oil herpes cbd gummies on purpose su ruoxing narrowed her eyes and said coldly I didn t expect miss qiao to be so young light the concept has been outdated for a.

Speaking su ruoxing how many mg of cbd gummies to aid pain pure cbd gummies walked around qiao chixuan and walked out again stop qiao zhanchen let out a low growl su ruoxing stopped professor qiao is there anything else come over qiao zhanchen s voice was full of irresistible.

Of her head tightened the man seemed to be treating her dissatisfied with stepping back cbd gummies review 2024 she clasped the back of her head with her big palm and squeezed her arm hard he pressed her small face forcefully in front of him face.

Tell you that I am going to kore organic cbd gummies assassinate you su ruoxing understood that the master wanted her and qiao zhanchen to fall out .

Are Hemp Seed And Cbd Oils The Same

Where To Buy Cbd Oil In Fargo Nd completely as long as qiao zhanchen came prepared it would be difficult for her to succeed in this.

Way the war between her and qiao zhanchen would continue and the war would become more intense finally became doom is not a dream su ruoxing got out from under the man s body silently since you know everything why do you.

You going to do then I don t need to be merciful to you I will retaliate with tooth and I will also destroy one of your hands as he said that he raised the dagger and stabbed it at the back of su ruoxing s hand ah don t.

Qiao zhanchen roared again driving the woman away completely after su ruoxing left he feiyu came out of the bathroom master you re dripping with blood this time but you can t help it don t really scare the .

What Is The Lds Church S Stance On Cbd Oil

How Will Taking Cbd Oil Help My Ms young lady away.

Been hit hard this time su ruoxing s guilt grew like crazy su ruoxing s the car true north cbd gummies kore organic cbd gummies was parked on the side of the main road in front of qiao s house she was about to run to the car but found a few scarlet cigarette butts.

Flickering in the night carefully look there were actually several figures smoking purekana cbd gummies reviews consumer reports how many mg of cbd gummies to aid pain and hanging around her car kore organic cbd gummies su ruoxing slowed down vigilantly and hid not far from the car wanting to see what they were going to do the.

Car so she didn t dare to get in the car let s walk let s stay far away cbd gummies liver damage don t be too obvious it turned out that lu yaning wanted to catch her she must have discovered the secret that lu chengji was not dead and lu yaning.

Want su ruoxing said and was about to pull lu chengji away lu chengji if he could run he would have already run away huh lu chengji groaned his ankle was strangled he had to stop at the door of the room sighing.

Several security guards responsible for searching around cbdmd premium cbd gummies the small building also split up to search su ruoxing was nesting in the lifestyle cbd gummies green belt next to the small building anxious he had already alerted the snake and the.

She using you for su ruoxing I don t understand lu chengji is an unknown chinese medicine practitioner who has kore organic cbd gummies just debuted and he was born in the countryside for ordinary girls .

Where Can I Buy Cbd Oil Online In Bc

Can You Legally Grow Marijuana For Cbd Oil kore organic cbd gummies he is a good match he has a job in a public.

Medical staff a man and a woman in the car did you see two people running this way su ruoxing pointed in another direction and said nonsense seriously I think I saw one tall and one short running that way hurry up chase.

He was still yelling as if he .

What Is Hemp Seed Oil And Cbd Oil

Do Cbd Oil Vaper Cause Cancer was afraid .

How Much Cbd Oil Should I Take For Insomnia

How To Take Cbd Oil For Gerd that others would not hear him be careful don t bump kore organic cbd gummies professor qiao the injury to the hand is serious and we kore organic cbd gummies must immediately notify the hospital to prepare for treatment the.

In disguise the purpose is to create momentum in case the master s eyes and ears sneak into qiao s house and find out that qiao zhanchen s injury is fraudulent the car drove away from qiao s house the bodyguard posing as a.

Medical worker ripped off his mouth master it s safe now shall we .

Does Cbd Oil Cause Stomach Upset

What If I Have Dizziness From Hemp Or Cbd Oil continue the show su ruoxing was startled what the hell play qiao zhanchen was about to answer when he turned his eyes to one side he found that the woman.

Her know my situation or I d rather die su ruoxing s outstretched hand forcibly retracted it s over qiao zhanchen was injured by her kore organic cbd gummies own hands and her hand it was very important to him and he must have been deeply.

Ruoxing su ruoxing compromised she must go deep into the qin group as kore organic cbd gummies soon as possible and dig out the conspiracy behind the masters and interest groups before she can be worthy of qiao zhanchen when she left the hospital a.

Research institute he was afraid that he would be persecuted and used by the bad guys again so he arranged for him to temporarily live in his villa and later entrusted him to qiao zhanchen she believes that only qiao.

Weak that she couldn t move it was too late to say but soon su xinglie stretched out his long arms and picked up wu xuerong like a chicken immediately afterwards he flicked it easily no su xinglie s movements were too.

Conspiracy to make me have an abortion it is said to be a miscarriage medicine but it is actually an abortion medicine you are so vicious su ruoxing s beautiful eyebrows get into a ball someone planted a frame on her wu.

Su ruoxing there is no one else here you still pretend to be stupid you .

Does Cbd Oil Slow Down Your Metabolism

Is Entourage Oil Better For Cbd are jealous that I am pregnant with professor qiao s baby and you are going to kill my baby you are too yin you are so hypocritical I hate proper cbd gummies diabetes you to.

The chinese medicine department and specially arranged a consulting room for her su ruoxing pushing open the door of the consultation room pointing to the treatment bed put her on the bed quickly kore organic cbd gummies and tie her hands and feet.

Su ruoxing changed into a white coat while speaking when wu xuerong heard that she was about to tie her hands and feet she became more emotional su ruoxing you still want to kill me if you have the guts kill me or I will.

Definitely make you purekana cbd gummies reviews consumer reports how many mg of cbd gummies to aid pain regret what you have done for the rest of your life su ruoxing picked up a thick and long silver needle and handed it to wu xuerong with a cold expression tell me how did your baby miscarry is there any.

To go out first she took off wu xuerong s underwear wu xuerong suddenly became nervous su ruoxing what are you going to do don t be nervous I m not a man I m just checking you out su ruoxing said and put wu xuerong rong s.

Of .

Can Dogs Take Cbd Oil Made For Humans

What Is Better For Insomnia Cbd Oil Or Hemp Oil yourself otherwise you will have sequelae and it will be difficult to get pregnant next time wu xuerong whose kore organic cbd gummies bioscience cbd gummies hands and feet were .

Can Cbd Oil Cause Sweating

Can Cbd Oil Help Prostate Cancer immobilized struggled and twisted she is not willing to let su ruoxing give her needles.

Su ruoxing you don t need to be hypocritical you don t want to take the opportunity to kill me do you you are despicable and shameless I went home to find my mother after hemorrhage but you asked someone to send me anti.

For wu xuerong s hands and feet as soon as wu xuerong was freed she immediately called the wu family true north cbd gummies kore organic cbd gummies mom su ruoxing kidnapped me I want to sue her I must sue her under wu xuerong s hysterical urging mrs wu personally.

Prescription do you dare to say that you didn t write it ENE KMUTT kore organic cbd gummies if you dare to deny it I will find a handwriting expert to identify it for you immediately su ruoxing ENE KMUTT kore organic cbd gummies looked at the prescription and the blood on his face faded this.

Prescription was an abortion prescription .

Can Cbd Oil Be Taken With Blood Pressure Meds

What Is Tincture Of Cbd Oil 1000mg written down by her herself it was zhu fengmei who said that a friend had accidentally gotten pregnant and wanted to remove it but was afraid of going can you be allergic to cbd gummies to the hospital .

Can Cbd Oil Fight Infection

Does Cbd Gummies Contain Thc so she asked.

Her if there was anything she could do law it was zhu fengmei who saved her and su ruoxing had a mother like sense of trust in her so she wrote kore organic cbd gummies down this abortion prescription without even thinking about it su ruoxing felt.

Extremely uncomfortable being betrayed by someone she trusted she can t argue now and no one will believe her no matter what she says at this moment lu yaning and qiao chengwang were notified and rushed to the hospital.

Learned that the baby no more they were heartbroken and severely condemned su ruoxing su ruoxing no matter how grievances you have it is an adult s business and the baby is innocent the baby is a child of qiao s family.

An affair with wu xuerong the person .

Where Can I Buy Endoca Cbd Oil

How Long Do The Effects Of Cbd Oil Lase wu xuerong you dare not admit that you have had sex recently su ruoxing stared at the change in wu xuerong s face and suddenly understood the reason why wu xuerong didn t dare was because.

Relationship and there is no possibility of a baby thinking about all this clearly su ruoxing was elated now that the misunderstanding between her and qiao zhanchen has been eliminated why can you take cbd gummies with your medicines do they still need to divorce su.

Wu was also very angry professor su I originally respected your excellent medical skills but I didn t expect you to spread rumors and make trouble my daughter robbed your man I feel very sorry for you but the kore organic cbd gummies fact has.

Lord s baby will be an ordinary level uncle with qiao zhanchen the final paternity kore organic cbd gummies test results will show that the baby and qiao zhanchen are also father and son wu xuerong s eyes widened she never expected that su ruoxing.

Gone abroad to study when she was very young true north cbd gummies kore organic cbd gummies right su ruoxing estimated that wu xuerong met the master can you take cbd gummies with high blood pressure while abroad and became a pawn of the master mrs wu looked at wu xuerong in surprise rong rong when you were studying.

Care of me which made me grateful to zhu fengmei and defenseless against her when my injury was almost healed the lord arranged for me to he became zhu fengmei s savior using his identity as his savior he kore organic cbd gummies often appeared in.

Pressure on chenchen to get a divorce as soon as possible and marry you immediately su ruoxing just returned pull it said purekana cbd gummies reviews consumer reports how many mg of cbd gummies to aid pain to find chenchen noodles talk about divorce let chenchen talk to her now and divorce her right away.

Room by the nurse in a wheelchair what are cbd gummies 300mg good for with an intravenous drip after the nurse pushed him to the ward she received lu yaning s chasing look and quickly left the ward lu yaning closed the door took out a .

How To Tell If Cbd Oil Is Bad

What Are Cbd Oil Gummies Good For silk handkerchief and.

She finally confessed admit chenchen you .

What Is Golden Cbd Oil

Is It Legal To Sell Cbd Oil In Utah are sad the baby in wu xuerong .

Is Cbd Oil Legal In Wi 2023

How Much Cbd Oil For Dogs With Joint Pain s stomach is indeed gone lu yaning didn t plan to spend too much time on the bedding she suddenly knelt down in front of qiao zhanchen with a plop.

Zhanchen frowned and looked at the medical certificate which was issued by an authoritative hospital auntie don t worry I will treat you personally when the time comes so don t worry too much chenchen auntie knows that.

Again and you can t even be a doctor what will you do then you must how can she take care of xuanxuan when she .

Is Cbd Oil Legal To Buy In Ky

Can You Use Cbd Oil While Taking Other Medications can t even take kore organic cbd gummies care kore organic cbd gummies bioscience cbd gummies of herself auntie is really worried .

Where To Buy Cbd Oil In Bc

Can Cbd Oil Harm The Liver about you and xuanxuan qiao zhanchen s expression was.

The .

How To Take Cbd Oil For Cat Dementia

Is Cbd Gummies secret of your life experience you do a paternity test for wu xuerong s baby on the appointed day someone secretly took the baby s sample and old joe also did a dna test it turns out that you and the baby are blood.

The person next to her pillow how could she not have the first moment recognize him qiao zhanchen withdrew his thoughts narrowing his deep black eyes slightly so he is not the real flesh and blood of kore organic cbd gummies the qiao family but is.

Zhanchen s position very firm lu yaning suddenly turned kore organic cbd gummies pale kore organic cbd gummies with anger she knew that qiao zhanchen had always been kore organic cbd gummies just and conceited but he never expected that he would not take the status of the heir of the qiao family so.

From qin haiqing ruoxing I after receiving the news the lord is transferring the products secretly developed .

How Many Pounds Of Hemp To Make Cbd Oil

What Strain Does Cbd Oil Come From and produced tonight leaving only some conventional products in qin s khonsu cbd gummies kore organic cbd gummies he moves so fast so I fell into his trap.

The matter with qiao zhanchen and rush to .

How To Make Cbd Oil Book

Can You Bring Cbd Gummies To Peru the qin group but when she arrived the master had already completed the transfer the master was standing at the entrance of the r d department although you couldn t see the expression.

Grabbed su ruoxing s little hand took it to the golden mask and smelled it this hand is full of the smell of blood and the smell is really unique same su ruoxing couldn t hide his disgust and shook off the master.

The first and second twins can often have twins telepathy does qiao zhanchen also have the ambitious and unscrupulous nature of the kore organic cbd gummies bioscience cbd gummies master su ruoxing was in a daze when she heard the sound of a camera pressing the shutter she.

Turned around in surprise and found someone taking pictures of them she put her kore organic cbd gummies hand on the lord s heart and looked straight at the lord but the master s hand at some point pinched her crotch ba with a golden mask on his.

Stretched out his long cbd gummies make u tired arms wrapped around the woman s slender waist and brought her back in front of him professor su I vacated qin s r d department for you and still let you run away you ve crossed the line let go su.

Not afraid that he might not recognize them .

Can I Take Magnesium With Cbd Oil

Is Cbd Oil Illegal In Florida the master let it out as soon as he opened his mouth one is righteous and the other is evil although kore organic cbd gummies bioscience cbd gummies they can t be seen from the outside their expressions and speech the tone is.

Completely different su ruoxing was thinking about it when her eyes suddenly darkened no the master is going to cause trouble again su ruoxing backed away in a hurry kore organic cbd gummies but the next moment her cheeks were slightly cold the.

You can call others but you can t because the corner of the master s lips slowly opened a playful arc because one day you will automatically climb into my bed haha the master laughed wildly and wickedly which made su.

Stepped forward to ask for instructions master we have taken several sets of .

How Does Cbd Oil Effect Omeprazole

Is Cbd Oil Legal To Sale In Kentucky photos the lord looked through the photos a few times and was very satisfied with the photos very good send all the my soul cbd gummies photos to qiao zhanchen.

Immediately sent a message to qiao zhanchen to explain the photos are all a prank by the lord it s true you believe me but after receiving no reply from qiao zhanchen su ruoxing s heart began to hang qiao zhanchen won t.

Relationship su ruoxing laughed angrily my lord I wronged my husband and crippled his hand and you even sent him ambiguous photos that I can t even explain do you think he can forgive me if it s you can you forgive me as.

Thief she understood the lord the lord wanted her su family s secret recipe and special ancient medical ability but he was also worried about her broken ties with qiao zhanchen and betrayed him therefore now only if kore organic cbd gummies she.

Be in a hurry it s almost early morning and if I don t sleep I ll grow old and ugly su ruoxing pretended to be sleepy .

How Do I Take Cbd Oil Drops

Does Tricare Cover Cbd Oil and yawned again and again if you have anything to do kore organic cbd gummies wait until you go to work tomorrow as she said.

She ran out of the qin group quickly step by step and joined su xinglie after the two got into the car su ruoxing saw that there was no follower behind her so she couldn t wait when he opened his mouth he asked did you.

Message to qiao zhanchen chen I miss you so much I m sorry for your hand can you let me heal it for you this is the first time she took the initiative to say that she misses him su ruoxing is very confident that qiao.

Know how long I will live su ruoxing feels that there is no place for qiao zhanchen and he is a passerby everywhere if you quarrel with your girlfriend and your girlfriend sends a message saying that she misses you khonsu cbd gummies kore organic cbd gummies you.

While and cbd gummies stop smoking dragons den answered honestly no more su ruoxing asked again if you think about it again does he say he likes me very much su xinglie su ruoxing brought su xinglie to the qin group the master was already waiting for her as.

Do since women like to deceive themselves and khonsu cbd gummies kore organic cbd gummies others then pretend that I didn t say kore organic cbd gummies anything haha smiling presumptuously he do cbd gummies give you headaches swaggered away recklessly su ruoxing s eyebrows twitched into a ball listen to what he meant didn.

Staff the worker s welfare meal is also quite rich su ruoxing found that all the dishes su xinglie served her liked su xinglie how .

Can U Take Cbd Oil On An International Flight

Does Cbd Oil Affect Handgun Licenses In Ohio do you know I like to eat these professor qiao said it su xinglie carefully disinfected su.

And took a photo of the food in the cafeteria and sent it to how many mg of cbd gummies to aid pain pure cbd gummies qiao zhanchen husband look the food in the cafeteria .

How Much Cbd Oil To Give A 14 Lb Dog

Where To Buy Vzsayo Cbd Oil is good donde comprar condor cbd gummies have you eaten the information as always has disappeared su ruoxing put her phone upside down on the.

Happily picked up the phone feeling mixed feelings it s not her phone instead the colleague at the front desk received a wechat message the notification sound of the mobile phone is exactly the same su ruoxing put down the.

Sent you a lot of messages again why didn t you reply did you she replied to her messages instantly did she get tired of it .

Does Cbd Gummy Make You High

Will Cbd Oil Affect A Drug Screen so quickly I haven t caught up with him at that time of course the message kore organic cbd gummies bioscience cbd gummies must be replied.

Photo of the meal and sent it to qiao zhanchen because she wanted to share her daily life with the person she likes in his eyes also boring the male colleague added when she posts a few more messages I will send another.

Take the initiative to break up with you su ruoxing s .

Can I Take Cbd Oil With Anastrozole

Can I Take Dog Cbd Oil hand holding the chopsticks paused and she immediately lost her appetite could it be that qiao zhanchen was also treating her with cold violence waiting for her to take.

Chen .

Does Cbd Oil Effects Finasteride

Does Cbd Oil Cause Urinary Retention will not .

Can Cbd Oil Work For Muscle Strain Around Ligaments

Can You Buy Cbd Oil If Under 18 be your husband soon please don t call kore organic cbd gummies again in the future brother zhan kore organic cbd gummies chen doesn t want to contact you and neither do you don t send wechat come or block you block me su ruoxing was so angry that she pinched.

This means that it s not that kore organic cbd gummies your husband has the habit of giving your phone to others but that his sister has the habit of taking your husband kore organic cbd gummies s phone but if your husband trusts dr david b samadi cbd gummies her or likes her he will be willing to give.

For you to find a hundred consultants for something like love unless unless what su ruoxing asked very seriously unless you are richer more powerful than him do you have natural stacks cbd gummies it su ruoxing shook his head nothing can compare to.

Are outside your mistress is uglier than you and in his cbd gummies effect on sperm eyes wild flowers are more beautiful than you this principle understand aesthetic fatigue my husband won t he loves me very much I m sure of that now there is a.

Villain who is causing .

What Cbd Oil Should I Use

Can You Be Allergic To Cbd Gummies trouble khonsu cbd gummies kore organic cbd gummies and blocking the communication between us after going through so much what su ruoxing is kore organic cbd gummies most certain of now is that qiao zhanchen truly loves her the scumbag once again dug out his heart and.

And sure enough one thousand yuan arrived in his account congratulations you can still make money by being a scumbag su xinglie patted him on the shoulder it s up to you whether you want kore organic cbd gummies to leave your contact information.

Went and said go away my kore organic cbd gummies master needs to use himself to please men besides professor qiao is not the kind of man who regen cbd gummies hemp extract 300mg is greedy for beauty after the scumbag left su ruoxing returned to work in the r d department but saw.

Look exactly the same the same but in my mind there is no comparison but don t worry my lord I signed a confidentiality agreement and the public and private affairs will be kept separate if you find me leaking secrets.

Reaches the stomach su ruoxing you how dare you lie to me the lord was shocked by his kore organic cbd gummies violent choking after coughing he glared at su ruoxing su ruoxing you have done so many things to lure me to pick them off on purpose.

Though I look plus cbd gummies coupon the same as him he is healthy smart and has had his mother s pain since he was a child why is it that even if the babies he gives birth to are geniuses his wife is still a woman like you the great master s.

Deep black eyes were full of murderous intent su ruoxing you have the guts to tell me about cbd gummies shark tank diabetes my illness otherwise you will be dead I let him never get you seeing watching the master pinch su ruoxing s neck he lifted her up.

Sleep anytime and anywhere without me you can t solve it humph su ruoxing you underestimate me the master let go of su ruoxing and pushed her to the ground su ruoxing fell heavily to the ground ahem and then she gasped a.

Clause in the divorce agreement between you and qiao zhanchen the ownership and right to modify the formula of yannian yishou pills belongs to you I want you to get back the authority of yannian yishou pills as soon as.

Him su ruoxing shook his true north cbd gummies kore organic cbd gummies head he controls a huge organization and we won t let us hurt him so easily this time my efforts were not in vain at least I confirmed the master s weakness after get off work su ruoxing came to.

Still in the mood to share her daily life with him it was so naive su ruoxing tried with cbd gummies made in australia a cold face does he not want to see .

Can Cbd Oil Fail Drug Test

Can Cbd Oil Cause Palpitations anyone or just doesn t want to see me the young master gave special instructions especially the.

Young mistress su ruoxing slowly curled her five fingers hanging by her side because I was hurt his hands the bodyguards master did not say why su ruoxing qiao chixuan is inside miss joe is full spectrum cbd gummies colorado inside heh I don t see anyone it.

Toothed girl with a face there are dense freckles and two moles on the face su ruoxing put on her mask can I go in I m on duty today and there are other patients who need to dispense medicine at this moment qiao chixuan.

S impossible qiao zhanchen wouldn t want to see her could it be because qiao chixuan found out that kore organic cbd gummies she green cbd gummies uk was disguised and deliberately played psychological warfare with her anyway even if qiao zhanchen was .

Can I Use Cbd Oil For Nausea

Does Keppra Xr Cancel Out Cbd Oil angry with her for.

She called him he deliberately handed the phone to kore organic cbd gummies qiao chixuan and asked qiao chixuan to answer the call for him purekana cbd gummies reviews consumer reports how many mg of cbd gummies to aid pain su ruoxing s eyes became astringent for a while and there was a thick layer of blood kore organic cbd gummies in her eyes water light.

No wonder the whole world told her that men don t want her anymore but she firmly didn t believe it and always believed that he loved her but she really doesn t understand can a man s heart really change so quickly seeing.

The nurse coming in qiao zhanchen didn t even raise his eyelids put down the medicine and get out su ruoxing controlled her emotions put down the tray and slowly approached qiao zhanchen let me help you acupuncture on the.

Been apart and reunited these years have experienced so many things and have three children now that I know that I have wronged you I can apologize if you misunderstood me because of the photo of the lord I will it can.

Just left like this unwilling su ruoxing simply sat on the sofa and sent a wechat message to the dr oz cbd gummies for diabetics scumbag consultant my husband said he doesn t like me anymore I m tired of seeing it I kore organic cbd gummies don t believe it how can I expose his.

In her hair hurt his eyes the way he looked at her was cold enough to kill su ruoxing sent another wechat message can you review questions what I m asking is how to expose my husband s lies the scumbag consultant replied again.

Will have no feelings for me the scumbag consultant had to compromise my sister is stunningly beautiful normal men would feel that way but he is your husband you know that marriage is really the grave of love a man maybe for.

To smash the phone screen in this case then I will delete you you are a consultant anyway like water off a duck s back the scumbag consultant became anxious when he saw it and quickly sent it again beautiful sister don t.

Delete it what I say is the truth why don kore organic cbd gummies t you women like to hear it okay then I ll make a bigger move if you feel it wouldn t you know if you were intimate as soon as the kiss is made go to see his reaction immediately.

Be intimate how can I force him to drink water by pressing down on the cow s head the scumbag consultant wants to die beautiful sister no wonder your husband said he has no feelings for you you really don t understand the.