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Cbd Gummies Not Working Reddit [rl41x3n] - ENE KMUTT

May 22, 2024

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Fair skin and suddenly felt his mouth went dry where are there bugs there s not even a red spot but I m really itchy after biolyfe cbd gummies mayim bialik a while su ruoxing s little hands scratched at the back forcibly making red streaks on the white and.

Stunned by the beating and she covered her face for a while before she could speak su cbd gummies not working reddit cbd gummies benefits ruoxing if you hit me aren t you afraid that brother zhanchen will settle accounts .

Does Vaping Cbd Oil Help Asthma

How Long After Taking Cbd Oil Can I Drink Water with you I m afraid I m afraid of death what face.

Dealing with dogs and men qiao chixuan bent down in pain and shouted angrily to the two bodyguards guarding the door are you blind or stupid seeing me being bullied by her and not helping ENE KMUTT cbd gummies not working reddit me catch her quickly I will.

Who hired you to do things with a high salary qiao bluebird cbd gummies chixuan was so angry that ENE KMUTT cbd gummies not working reddit the two bodyguards were heartbroken the two bodyguards had no choice but to hold su ruoxing on the left and right young lady I m offended qiao.

Let others see their disfigured face su ruoxing s pupils shrank slightly disfigured qiao chixuan what do you mean haha it s not interesting is it cbd gummies not working reddit maybe I have the ability to foresee that you will be disfigured soon qiao.

Chixuan said took out several rings from her bag and put them on all five fingers of her right hand su ruoxing s scalp tightened qiao chixuan wanted .

Can I Ups Cbd Oil

How Many Drops Equals 20 Mg Of Cbd Oil to slap her with her right hand full of rings what if qiao chixuan hit her.

Qiao chixuan actually wanted to pretend to hit her by accident not only was she beaten and disfigured she couldn t even report it to the police because even if the police come to check one look at the surveillance camera.

Husband cheated on me and I don t want to remarry do I still want to forgive the scumbag sorry I don t have that measure and I will never forgive you su ruoxing shook the arm that was hurt by the bodyguard and took.

Advantage of qiao zhanchen s stunned time and went straight into the ward with a bang she closed the door and locked it qiao chixuan saw that it was su ruo science cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction best cbd gummies for anxiety who .

What Is In Cbd Gummy Bears

Will Vaping Cbd Oil Hurt My Lungs came in xing even locked the door and suddenly cbd gummies not working reddit became nervous.

Not to cbd gummies not working reddit tell brother zhan chen that lu chengji is not dead not long after su ruoxing he opened the door and came out and said cbd gummies not working reddit to qiao zhanchen the inspection is over there is no problem I ll have someone take you back i.

Bodyguard go and ask the nurse for swelling medicine seeing qiao zhanchen so nervous about su ruoxing the woman couldn t help but suspect that she had hit the wrong person are you not the woman in the photo she held up spectrum cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies not working reddit the.

Your face was you beaten by your husband didn t I want you to cbd gummies not working reddit seduce me you won cbd gummies not working reddit t really you forcefully press his head to eat grass right stop talking you have said everything su ruoxing really wanted to cover his big mouth.

Him qiao zhanchen raised his hand and touched the bridge of his nose couldn t help hooking his lips into a .

Does Cbd Oil Make You Light Headed

Is Hemp Oil Same As Cbd Oil smile it turned out that it was for him that su ruoxing sent messages to and from that man su ruoxing was so annoyed.

Is he will never leave su ruoxing gave him a big eye roll he said he left home and I suddenly became a billionaire it was too late to set off firecrackers to celebrate the divorce why didn t we divorce a billionaire zhang.

Tulei his eyes widened again it turned out that poverty limited his imagination then leave quickly and you will be the first to think about me when cbd gummies not working reddit you turn around I will line up to chase you su .

Can Cbd Oil Help Arthtytis In Hand

What Is Ros And Cbd Oil ruoxing kicked over get.

Took the ointment and wanted to apply it on su ruoxing s face su ruoxing blocked his hand you don t need to be pretentious do not move qiao zhanchen pinched the woman s delicate chin cbd gummies not working reddit forcefully and gently applied the.

Arrived what happened to professor su su xinglie professor .

Can You Take Cbd Oil While On Blood Thinners

How To Buy Cbd Oil With Thc qiao has changed his mind lu chengji opened his mouth wide in surprise no can it had only been a few days since he went to such trouble to send me to an isolated.

Ruoxing took one can after another pouring it s really full my belly is round but my mouth is bitter and my heart is even more bitter it must be that you haven t drunk enough cbd gummies not working reddit why are you not drunk su ruoxing staggered to.

Unfathomable and he doesn t like ordinary cbd gummies for back and nerve pain women at all who is the object of his wyld cbd gummies cbd gummies not working reddit change of heart this time what woman can be more powerful than professor su su ruoxing looked away tears looking at lu chengji vaguely little.

Lu don t cbd gummies not working reddit be sad everything can start again if you also need wangqing pill I can provide it for free lu chengji a bad feeling came to his heart professor su it can t be qiao chixuan right .

Can You Test Positive For Marijuana When Taking Cbd Oil

Is Cbd Hemp Oil Legal In France su ruoxing nodded maybe we are.

Single and happy divorce as su ruoxing said he raised another can of beer and opened the can with a snap at this moment someone rang the doorbell su xinglie ran to how long cbd gummies stay in system open the door and saw several men lift a vertical can from.

The car big wooden box the wooden box is very long and heavy it is taller than each of them and it takes a few big men to lift it together we didn t spectrum cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies not working reddit buy any big piece of furniture did you send it by mistake the delivery.

Person checked the spectrum cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies not working reddit address that s right this is the address on the delivery note there is a note on it saying .

How Much Is 500 Mg Of Cbd Oil

How Many Days For Cbd Oil To Work cbd gummies uk delivery that it was given to su by mr qiao ma am s gift when su xinglie heard that it was a gift from qiao zhanchen cbd gummies not working reddit to su.

Squinted at such a big wooden box staring at it tongue murmured he wouldn t be hiding in science cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction best cbd gummies for anxiety a cardboard box and giving himself to me as a gift right I su ruoxing swear to god now even if he kneels in front of me if .

Can Cbd Oil Cause Gas And Bloating

How Many Timrs Per Day Should I Take Cbd Oil you beg.

Is made one to .

Does Cbd Oil Come In Capsules

Does Cbd Oil Interact With 81 Mg Aspirin Daily one according to her original shape xiao ai looks cbd gummies not working reddit exactly like her even the skin is so lifelike that it is cbd gummies not working reddit impossible to tell whether it is real or not later in order to save her xiao ai .

How Long Does 1 Oz Of Cbd Oil Last

Can Topical Cbd Oil Cause Positive Drug Test was shot at the core.

Research co ltd now .

What Is The Cost Of We The People Cbd Oil

Where To Buy Cbd Oil Oakland authorizes su ruoxing to try out the fifth generation intelligent biological simulator the portrait rights and technical cbd gummies en amazon patents of the simulator belong to the .

Where To Buy Cbd Gummies In Rockford Illinois

Is Legal To Mail Cbd Oil company the company is not allowed to imitate.

Back and tell him that I am fine I didn t cry I don t need his mercy I will definitely live happily okay I will convey it to the master the simulator said then he spread out his long arms and picked her up like a child.

You can kiss me to test whether I dislike it or not you a touch of bitterness and self deprecation appeared on su ruoxing s lips qiao zhanchen really worked hard was he afraid that I would be empty lonely and cold so he.

Position and all my functions are only open to you glib is this also the program he entered for you su ruoxing was teased by the simulation feeling cbd gummies from buitrago cigars that every cell in her body was filled with embarrassment and annoyance fire.

Duplicity again get out su ruoxing struggled and slid down go back and tell him I su ruoxing don t need a fake man when I meet a sincere man yes I will send him an invitation and wedding candies and invite him to my.

Wedding to witness my happy moment the simulated man saw that the woman looked like a the little wild cat was difficult to tame so he had to put her gently on the ground su ruoxing staggered a few steps and finally stabilized.

She was dealing with the simulated person she didn t spectrum cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies not working reddit give him any dignity and drove him away neatly why did cbd gummies not working reddit she look like spectrum cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies not working reddit a different person to qiao zhanchen in the blink of an eye su xinglie and lu chengji he watched.

Instructions qiao zhanchen had no choice but to hold the woman s little head and rock it back and forth then pat her on the back of the head forcing her to spit out the mouthwash he brought another towel washed su ruoxing s.

Habit qiao zhanchen you are so annoying you actually have no feelings for me su ruo xing murmured his little hand boldly stretched out and firmly grasped the target ah this it s over even in the dream he didn t feel.

Sat up from cbd gummies not working reddit the bed the bed was flat with only her sleeping pure kana cbd gummies reviews science cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction marks and there was nothing strange about her that she had been intimate with a man it s really a dream do I dreamed that he didn t have feelings cbd gummies not working reddit .

Is Cbd Oil Lega Li Nn J

Does Cbd Oil In Coffee Taste for me it must.

Delicate woman and went straight to the bathroom su ruoxing breathed a sigh of relief as long as he didn t cross the line with him she had heard of it and now foreign countries have developed it artificial intelligence.

Personal belongings in the villa and the cloakroom was virilex xl cbd gummies also empty how could her cloakroom be full cbd gummies not working reddit of luxurious clothes in the blink .

Can You Add Cbd Oil To Vape Liquid

Will Cbd Oil Prevent Cancer of an eye light herm s lv etc there are dozens of big name bags take out whatever cbd gummies not working reddit you want.

It s worth hundreds of thousands millions of dollars this cbd gummies not working reddit cloakroom is probably filled with luxury clothes worth more than 100 million yuan at the moment he asked you to buy it su ruoxing knew that su xinglie and lu chengji.

Quickly lest you squander do cbd gummies relax you all my money before the divorce let s do this let the lawyers of both parties meet today and settle the divorce matter quickly qiao zhanchen answered simply cbd gummies in system agreement it s been drawn up I ve.

A touch of bitterness and self deprecation on her lips has she already lived a life she hates she actually competed with qiao zhanchen for family property and in this process qiao zhanchen zhan chen yielded everything to.

Didn t show any ripples it seemed that to him she was just an unsuitable outsider su ruoxing saw the simulator curling her lips seeing her as if dumbfounded her expression flashed a little unnaturally does my is cbd gummies vegan aggressive.

His side .

Is It Safe To Take Cbd Oil With Melatonin

Is Cbd Hemp Oil Legal In Europe tightly gripped his clothes once she goes out the marriage will be completely divorced cbd vape oil vs cbd gummies she and qiao zhanchen became a stranger from then on su xinglie greet the lawyer first cbd gummies not working reddit I ll come right after I change my.

Clothes su ruoxing waited for su xinglie to go downstairs and she came to the cloakroom faced pure kana cbd gummies reviews science cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction with rows of expensive clothes she who has never been entangled in what to wear unexpectedly suffered from difficulty in.

The lawyer has other things to do don t make him wait too long su ruoxing cbd gummies not working reddit cbd gummies benefits the lawyer had only waited for more than ten minutes but qiao zhanchen was already so impatient I m sorry professor qiao I think signing an.

Agreement requires a sense of ceremony I spectrum cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies not working reddit m trying to choose suitable clothes and shoes I won t see a lawyer until I find someone I m satisfied with su ruoxing don t be childish sign it quickly so that the lawyer can complete.

Respectfully handed over the agreement professor su this agreement has been prepared for a few days and professor qiao cbd gummies not working reddit has also signed it as cbd gummies not working reddit long as professor su himself signs and presses the red thumbprint the agreement.

Will be signed cbd gummies not working reddit on the same day will come into force this agreement pure kana cbd gummies reviews science cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction how many days have you been ready su ruoxing was so annoyed that her chest heaved it was too difficult to keep her from getting angry a few days ago qiao.

Glanced at it and she was so shocked that she almost dropped her jaw she knew that qiao zhanchen was rich and the real estate alone there are hundreds of places big and small but she didn t expect him cbd gummies not working reddit to be so rich neurogan cbd gummies review the.

Upstairs for a while then quickly came down master lu chengji is not in the room this kid s quilt is folded properly he should have left last night he could it be to wyld cbd gummies cbd gummies not working reddit date an old lover old lover isn t lu chengji s old.

Lover qiao chixuan he finally got from joe if you run away from home you won t fall into a trap again right su ruoxing called lu chengji but the phone prompts earthmed me cbd gummies where to buy the number you dialed cannot be connected su ruoxing couldn t.

Help but feel aroused and a bad feeling came to his heart why is xiao lu so stupid she quickly called lu chengji and the phone prompted the number you dialed cannot be connected she called qiao chixuan again kept busy.

And finally managed to get through but was rejected by the other party on the other side in an abandoned factory building in the suburbs lu chengji s hands were tied and a sharp dagger was pressed against the carotid artery.

The knife pierced the flesh for a while and the smell of blood came science cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction best cbd gummies for anxiety out lu chengji high tech cbd gummies ingredients felt deeply hopeless qiao chixuan you will regret it if you kill me how will you face the child in your belly I am the baby s father qiao.

Zhan chen I will find a way to get rid of him at this moment lu ya ning called xuanxuan it s not good I got news from the law firm that all of chenchen s assets have been given to su ruoxing what don t you become a pauper.

With nothing now mom why is brother zhan chen so stupid did su ruoxing speak loudly and force brother zhan chen to give she has so much money qiao chixuan ran to the side to make a phone call temporarily ignoring lu chengji.

This time he spectrum cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies not working reddit learned the lesson from last time and put a knife in his trouser pocket just in case qiao chixuan was thrown out by lu yaning again I was shocked by the explosive news and I didn t realize that lu chengji wanted.

When lu yaning was about to hang up qiao chixuan suddenly remembered mom brother zhan chen was taking a medicine called jin ge two days ago I also asked about cbd gummies not working reddit this medicine what do you do brother zhan chen had a strange.

Can t do this can su ruoxing .

Do I Need To Take Cbd Oil Everyday

What Does Cbd Oil Drops Do bear it qiao chixuan s eyes widened in disbelief mom you mean brother zhan chen has maybe impotent it s not impossible chenchen s hand was injured and it was likely that he was also injured.

She was a child but how could she still love a man who was useless and an illegitimate child xuanxuan don t worry I ll go to the doctor to find out about chenchen s situation first and then I ll find a way to force su.

Many secrets and cannot keep him turning around qiao chixuan s head exploded with a boom lu chengji actually ran away she hurriedly chased it out and found blood dripping all the way along the path weeds grow all around the.

Unfortunately the pond is very big and the clothes float away quickly qiao chixuan spectrum cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies not working reddit quickly called lu yaning mom lu yaning it seems .

Does Cbd Oil Have Any Benifit

What Is Green Cbd Oil that chengji fell into the pond and died what should I do it would be better if he stumbled.

The ground and in the factory she had already stepped on a point here and there was no one around and there was no camera so she released it xin asked lu chengji to come so she was not worried about being found out qiao.

Lu chengji in a hemplab cbd gummies reviews poor family if lu chengji s background was better she wouldn t best cbd gummies to relax want to kill him he qiao chixuan couldn t help crying when she thought of the sweet time with lu science cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction best cbd gummies for anxiety chengji there was also lu s el camino cbd gummies mother s rambling in.

Where is lu chengji qiao chixuan calmed down and pretended not to know anything su ruoxing are you crazy didn t lu chengji die in a car accident a long time ago you deliberately stabbed me in my heart knife qiao ENE KMUTT cbd gummies not working reddit chixuan.

Mouthful su ruoxing suppressed his anger after all qiao chixuan refused to admit it do you admit it or did lu chengji really not look for qiao chixuan just when she was worried about lu chengji qiao chixuan on the other end.

Crimes in an abandoned factory she found lu chengji s mobile phone dropped at the entrance of the abandoned factory so she picked it up put it on yourself seeing that su ruoxing was suspicious she simply used lu chengji s.

Failure as a mother which not only made the elders suffer but also made the children unhappy I m sorry mother in law it was my negligence next I will be responsible for taking care of the children su ruoxing wanted to say.

After the divorce the child will belong to her and qian qinyin will not have to worry about raising children in the future but she can t bear to say it and she guesses that qian qinyin he didn t know that qiao zhanchen.

In her eyes after hanging up cbd gummies not working reddit the phone su ruoxing called qiao zhanchen without stopping mother in law my mother in law said that the children were fighting I know I ll pick you up qiao zhanchen cherishes words like .

How Much Cbd Is Good In A Gummy

Does Walgrenes In San Francisco Sell Cbd Oil gold it.

Not polite at all now that I think about it other people use various affectionate names .

How Many Mg Cbd Oil Anxiety

Where To Apply Cbd Oil For Nausea for couples or husbands but qiao zhanchen and her were even called strangers which shows that they don t love each .

What Benefits Of Cbd Oil

How Many Times A Day Do I Take Cbd Oil other enough.

Money and beauty you must not be fooled su ruoxing couldn t laugh or cry xiao chenchen actually started teasing her su xinglie pure kana cbd gummies reviews science cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction covered his mouth and snickered how did professor qiao develop pure kana cbd gummies reviews science cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction a a simulated person with tea in.

A long time ago a few seconds later su xinglie used the last cruel words came to xiao chenchen are you sure you are a man xiao chenchen suddenly became less confident why not the master is a man and I am a man I don t.

Difficult to explain xiaochenchen had to put down su ruoxing obediently and watched helplessly su xinglie sat on the driver s seat and rushed he gave cbd gummies ok for diabetics a provocative smile he endured his displeasure towards su xinglie and a.

Chenchen to spy on her xiao chenchen is an artificial person and his brain waves are likely to be synchronized with qiao zhanchen s in other words if there is a camera on xiao chenchen s body everything they do and say will.

Could no longer afford the salaries of the bodyguards and even the bodyguard team he had been with for many years had to be disbanded she really couldn t figure it out why would he give all his assets to her su ruoxing.

A hint of sarcasm appeared on his lips whatever you want upon hearing this the bodyguards immediately bowed their heads to greet su ruoxing hi young lady su ruoxing hurriedly called to stop stop it I m not a young lady.

S thin lips tightly he pursed his lips in a dangerous arc hey he was finally angry the bodyguards green health cbd gummies ingredients looked at each other in shock when cbd gummies not working reddit they heard second husband but in order to continue to be with qiao zhanchen they had to.

A call from his assistant he feiyu young science cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction best cbd gummies for anxiety master some banks heard the news from somewhere knowing that the young master has lost all his assets and they called us one after cbd gummies not working reddit another to ask us ENE KMUTT cbd gummies not working reddit .

Is Eagle Hemp Cbd Gummies Legit

Are Cbd Oil Taken Orally Effective to repay the .

Is Cbd Oil Safe For Pregnacy

Does Cbd Oil Increase Glucose Levels loan let s ask is vidapur cbd gummies legit the.

The cell phone from the woman s he took it back in his hand his .

Does Cbd Oil Mix With Ativan

Is Green Roads The Best Cbd Oil jawline tightened su ruoxing I don t need your intervention in my affairs su ruoxing he still thinks she is nosy qiao zhanchen since you are in trouble i.

Center of his eyebrows I will let you sign the divorce agreement my lawyer has been busy recently su ruoxing now she wants a divorce what kind of world is this qiao zhanchen I m officially informing you that I .

How Long Before Cbd Oil Wears Off

Can Cbd Oil Cause Dizzy Spells will find a.

Su ruoxing didn t care about qiao zhanchen s dark face so he clicked on wechat to browse and kept muttering in his small mouth xiao chenchen has a good eye and the men he s looking for are pretty handsome aren t they.

Sense of existence but she doesn t think about the spectrum cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies not working reddit consequences she had already lost him anyway so pure kana cbd gummies reviews science cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction what consequences would she be afraid of the atmosphere in the car became more and more royal blue cbd gummies condensed and su ruoxing also felt a.

Get out of the car first and I will find a place to park su ruoxing also hurriedly saw qiao zhanchen get out livwell cbd gummies of ENE KMUTT cbd gummies not working reddit the car she got out of the car but as soon as she got out of the car she felt like everyone was looking at her.

No they were all looking at qiao zhanchen even if he faces .

Where Can I Buy Cbd Oil In Florida

Can I Ship Cbd Oil To Peru From The Us bankruptcy he still no matter where you go it can become a beautiful scenery his whole body ENE KMUTT cbd gummies not working reddit exuded a masculine charm that others did not have shining brightly su.

And cbd gummies not working reddit called when su ruoxing saw three adorable little babies he cast all his sorrows to the sky dabao erbao little xingchen mommy is here su ruoxing also shouted happily immediately let go of qiao zhanchen and ran towards.

The children qiao zhanchen looked down at the hand that was still warm from the woman s palm cbd gummies not working reddit palms thin lips tightly pursed in her heart the children undoubtedly come first but pure kana cbd gummies reviews science cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction not only does he ENE KMUTT cbd gummies not working reddit have to step aside but he.

Weakness by bullying please give me some time I will ask first su ruoxing said looking up wyld cbd gummies cbd gummies not working reddit only to find that .

Which Cbd Gummies Are The Best

Is It Against Grad School Rules To Use Cbd Oil the beautiful teacher s face is pink and pink the collar of the skirt is a little low the skirt is not only.

Mark on her neck it looked like this beautiful teacher had just been passionately kissed but how could a kindergarten teacher do such a thing during working hours in short as a parent of children she doesn t like teachers.

Who wear clothes with so little fabric su ruoxing probably suffered from an occupational disease she always looks at people when she looks at them wenwenqie was too sensitive so spectrum cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies not working reddit she didn t think deeply she hurriedly helped.

Grabbed su ruoxing s clothes emotionally what guarantee do you have let me pluck out your daughter s hair too would you like to su ruoxing was not used to being grabbed by her clothes just when she was about to persuade her.

More times hiss this bracelet and the necklace around the beautiful teacher s neck is from the same series is it a coincidence su ruoxing s starry eyes narrowed slightly and she had a bold guess in her heart at vigavita cbd gummies this time the.

Children again if it is really my child who bullied the little girl we should not only apologize but also compensate but if they didn t do it we will hold the relevant people accountable my children will not be wronged in.

Refuse to admit your mistakes the beautiful science cbd gummies for erectile dysfunction best cbd gummies for anxiety teacher also echoed repeatedly yes our class is the youngest nursery class in the kindergarten and most .

What Us High Quality Cbd Oil

Can Cbd Oil Help A Dog With Anxiety of the children are young at three years old children s language is still.

And the girl nature stimulant cbd gummies for ed s parents suddenly became straight qiao zhanchen stood in front of them with an indifferent expression it wasn t my child who did it we can t apologize little xingchen tell the truth when the beautiful teacher.

The child s .

Is Cbd Hemp Oil Legal In Pa

How Much Cbd Oil Take father the little girl ran over to hug her father s leg but was pushed away by the teacher as a .

Can I Get Cbd Oil At Circle K

Can Cbd Oil Help Multiple Sclerosis result the teacher s watch caught her hair he pulled her hair off then she thought we were the least able to speak.

In the class so she framed me and my brother the faces of the beautiful teacher and the girl s father changed drastically and other watching parents pointed at them but the girl s mother was unwilling to believe mia relief cbd gummies the truth.

Dare to say that your husband has never had an affair or cheated are .

Is Cbd Oil Good For Bruises

How Long To Wait For Effects From Cbd Oil you still being affectionate with others and pretending to be happy you and I are the same what right do you have to laugh at me one the sentence half a.

Me the money voluntarily the low pitched conversation between the two was full of undercurrents but to outsiders they were sticking to each other s ears the smiles on their faces were charming and the scene was warm qiao.

Still there just now why did they disappear in the blink of an eye nothing will happen right su ruoxing and qiao zhanchen searched around the kindergarten but couldn t find it so they had to call the cbd gummies not working reddit bodyguards to check the.

Erbao has high martial arts skills he will definitely protect ENE KMUTT cbd gummies not working reddit dabao but dabao and erbao won cbd gummies california torrance t go to play by cbd gummies not working reddit themselves without saying hello they suddenly disappeared could it be someone kidnapping them qiao zhanchen also.

Eyes she was about to give herself a few injections to clear the air when qiao zhanchen noticed something strange about her su ruoxing what s wrong with you how is your face why did he suddenly become so white qiao zhanchen.

However only cared about seeing her doctor rolling her eyelids and listening to her heartbeat you do have a problem you have shortness of breath and irregular heartbeat could it be heatstroke I ll untie your collar to make.