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Hidden Hills Cbd Gummies [bsloryv]

May 22, 2024

wellness farms cbd gummies hidden hills cbd gummies ENE KMUTT confor cbd gummies vibez cbd gummies.

Directly distributed to bonaventura on the right bonaventura is also an old acquaintance of lin feng the two were teammates in the ac milan team bonaventura directly made a cross at a 45 hidden hills cbd gummies degree .

How To Start A Cbd Lotion And Oil Business

How To Take Cbd Hemp Oil Tincture angle vlahovic who was at the.

Rookie season however physical disadvantages still prevent singer from being able to withstand fo rahovic s shock on the other what is cbd gummies made for side is power cbd gummies a scam the seasoned callejon has already stepped forward to respond quickly and controlled the.

Ball this wave of fiorentina advanced the ball to the front of turin s penalty area at an extremely fast speed mourinho frowned watching from the sidelines mourinho feels that this season the opponent s luck will become much.

This time and there was not much fluctuation in mentality the more you fight the less panic you will naturally have torino attack rosari takes the goal kick and short passes to burdisso burdisso passes the ball back again.

High but under the control of lin feng the effect is .

Does Cbd Oil Help Psoriatic Arthritis

Is Green Ape Cbd Gummies A Scam mediocre myprotein cbd gummies after all the fiorentina team is not a top team under lin feng s control of the ball they couldn t find any good solution for a while italiano on the.

Passive in the .

Where To By Cbd Oil Near Me

How Much E Juice To Add To Cbd Oil next game this is something italiano is very worried about after bringing the ball across the half court lin feng did not continue to advance seeing that he has already attracted the attention of at least.

Kicked directly vigorously miracle the football is like a cannonball flying straight towards the goal of the fiorentina team ronaldo s shot was very decisive it touches that the fiorentina goalkeeper traziano was caught off.

His rash attack callejon actually broke all the way to the edge of the turin team s penalty area such a scene seemed a bit unbelievable because after callejon got older his breakthrough was not as good as when he was young.

This breakthrough is like eating dumplings cran gay is still too young this group of young players from the torino team needs time to practice however the difficulties that the turin team will encounter this season are too.

Replaced by other star roots ben condor cbd gummies on shark tank can t take it under such circumstances lin feng led the turin team to achieve such a dazzling .

Para Que Sirven Las Gotas Cbd Oil

Can You Use Cbd Oil On Skin While Pregnant record last season as confor cbd gummies choice cbd gummies reviews the number one player in football lin feng deserves his ENE KMUTT hidden hills cbd gummies reputation callejon.

Role wellness farms cbd gummies hidden hills cbd gummies of a superstar scoring a goal often only takes a moment compared to ronaldo at this time lin feng s scoring efficiency is much higher italia nuo didn t expect hidden hills cbd gummies that it was the turin team who scored the first goal after.

All just delta 8 cbd gummies get you high now on the field the current situation is dominated by the fiorentina team but in an instant the torino team scored didn t it cbd gummies charles stanley mean that the torino team is not good this season italiano s mind is full of question.

Both su jing and ouyang fyi cbd gummies effects yun had a premonition that the turin team would become very difficult this also means that lin feng needs to bear more and last season lin feng .

Is Cbd Oil Bad For Pregnant Woman

How To Make Cbd Oil Last Longer was really tired reviews for vigor vita cbd gummies but as the absolute core of the torino.

Rare .

Why Is Cbd Oil Illegal In Idaho

Is It Okay To Take A Cbd Gummies Every Night thing for lin feng it was also the point that made su jing and ouyang yun decide to entrust their entire lives to each other on cbd gummies uae the field lin feng saw su jing and ouyang yun and waved again both of them must appear in.

Every game in the stands this really made lin feng feel at ease speaking of which because of the environment in which he grew up hidden hills cbd gummies divinity labs cbd gummies hidden hills cbd gummies lin feng really felt very insecure now su jing and ouyang yun gave him such a sense of.

Security that is no matter where lin feng is no matter what lin feng does no matter what difficulties lin feng encounters both su jing and ouyang yun will definitely be by lin feng s side side there have been some.

Very clear about ronaldo s thoughts however at the moment he how many mg in just cbd gummies agreed to join ronaldo lin feng also keoni cbd gummies para que sirve had plans to wellness farms cbd gummies hidden hills cbd gummies feed ronaldo into the king of shooters no one else nostalgia and a hint of bad taste lin feng is a very.

Worry lin I won t waste .

Does Cbd Oil Help With Stress

Is Cbd Oil Legal In All 50 Us States this opportunity ronaldo said firmly lin feng nodded he knows that ronaldo is also very serious in saying this because there is not does eagle hemp cbd gummies work much time left for ronaldo the game continues after the fiorentina.

Team kicked the ball they continued to attack the turin team s goal however after lin feng scored a hidden hills cbd gummies goal the young players of the turin team also felt a lot more relaxed this is the feeling of the boss advance by one goal.

Don t panic in such a situation the fiorentina team s offense is full of thunder and rain not against torino the goal caused too many substantial threats this caused the hidden hills cbd gummies turin players to play more and more confidently what.

Greatly many times empty paper strength but can t divinity labs cbd gummies hidden hills cbd gummies show it it doesn t make any sense liu jianhong on the side tom selleck cbd gummies confor cbd gummies said with a smile the game time in the first half passed quickly it seems .

What Is The Diffrence Between Hemp Oil And Cbd Oil

How Do You Use Cbd Oil For Cancer that the turin team will lead by 1 goal.

Precise hidden hills cbd gummies truth cbd gummies scam through fun drops cbd gummies for sale ball to divinity labs cbd gummies hidden hills cbd gummies ronaldo due to the strong forward pressure of the fiorentina team s overall formation a huge ENE KMUTT hidden hills cbd gummies gap was left in the defense at .

Will Cbd Oil Give Me A Dirty Urine Test

Can Cbd Oil Affect Birth Control Pills this time one handed ball ronaldo is about to end the first half at the end.

Ronaldo was right not every goalkeeper is lin feng traziano chose to attack but but it didn t touch football at all swipe ronaldo directly kicked the explosive stick the football flew into the net quickly 2 0 ronaldo.

All after the lineup has worked its muscles its performance should .

Is Yhere A Difference Between Hemp Oil And Cbd

Can I Travel With Cbd Oil To Mexico have dropped of course the torino team performed poorly in the last game even if it falls back there is not much gap to fall but in this game the old.

Said with a smile in the longguo broadcast room for this game,huang jianxiang it is completely relieved because the spirit shown by the fiorentina team in the second half of the game was far inferior to that in the first.

Did not find a way to beat torino when there is no possibility of defeating the opponent morale will naturally continue to decline respond to the field just it was the running of divinity labs cbd gummies hidden hills cbd gummies the fiorentina players obviously not as.

Because the enthusiasm of the game can make up for many tactical defects and more running can obviously bring more local population advantages whether it is on the offensive end or on the defensive end that s all the.

Players in short if the turin team wins this game smoothly it will be the best ending in fact the torino team really played well in the second half of the game the game quickly reached the 75th minute at this time the.

Was talking about the turin team it made liu hidden hills cbd gummies jianhong depressed for a long time and in this game liu hidden hills cbd gummies jianhong can finally name the turin team s opponent comfortably there is not much time left for the opponent in the 82nd.

Simply replaced him ronaldo .

Is Cbd Oil Legal At The Federal Level

What Does Cbd Gummies Do For Pain has no opinion he himself knows about physical problems moreover ronaldo has already scored a goal in this game which made him feel good ibrahimovic is already 40 years old this season so.

Mourinho must take it easy but ibrahimovic deserves to be ibrahimovic not long after playing after receiving a pass from lin feng he came directly to a volley slightly wide of the goal tom selleck cbd gummies confor cbd gummies I have to say that in terms of tacit.

In the cooperation with lin feng he won the champions league make your career complete certainly it s not completely perfect either ibrahimovic did not get such hard honors as cbd gummies push the golden globe and mr world overall however.

The cloth is already very satisfied nobody is perfect ibrahimovic is not someone who pursues perfection too much let s play for a few more years lin feng said suddenly huh ibrahimovic was taken aback I didn t expect lin feng.

Up to be honest at this moment ibrahimovic was a little moved he didn t expect that his position in lin feng s heart would be so high he directly surpassed ronaldo ronaldo s honor is really incomparable to ibrahimovic but 35.

Ibrahimovic and does not pass the ball to himself at this moment such an inner drama is playing out in ronaldo s heart no way with the state of the substantial down ronaldo s heart has divinity labs cbd gummies hidden hills cbd gummies become very sensitive beep beep beep.

Success of the turin team has made them a little tired of watching script they want to see this season yes there are always teams to beat torino destroy the turin team completely perhaps next season they hope to see the.

Can quickly seize the intention the position at the top of the standings depends on whether the young players can withstand the pressure and perform at a normal level if a team has too many young players it will inevitably.

Increase the number of mistakes and .

Can You Bring Cbd Gummy Bears On A Plane

Is It Safe To Smoke Cbd Oil once the turnovers increase the goal is not far away after entering september the uefa champions league group stage draw will also be held soon the torino team is in group d in the same.

Situation now that he is in a group with the turin team zidane s strategy is destined to be impossible to realize because the real madrid team must fight to the death with the turin team there is no way out this is.

Equivalent to advancing the decisive battle once real madrid loses it will be difficult to achieve results in this .

Will Cbd Oil Make Me Feel High

Does Cbd Oil Help Seizure season s champions league and once real madrid if the team wins it hidden hills cbd gummies may boost morale finally there is a.

Team this time real madrid must win at eagle hemp cbd gummies for alcohol least win at home while zidane frets over torino uefa also held a meeting and the topic is how to prevent .

Are There Antioxidants In Cbd Oil

Can Cbd Oil Make Dogs Blood Sugar Go Down the turin team from winning the championship again the turin team is cbd gummies in spain a bit.

And miscellaneous rice woolen cloth the civilian team won the champions league once called a miracle twice can be called a thriller three times is breaking the existing football pattern the whole rules are going to be.

Not be guaranteed now the final meeting still set the tone they don t care how the serie a turin team plays and how many championships they win it is normal for a team to become a league leader but in the champions league.

Lin feng didn t care these are unavoidable what confor cbd gummies choice cbd gummies reviews lin feng had to do was to break through all the obstacles in front of him it s fun to do you need a prescription for cbd gummies be challenged lin feng is not afraid of any challenge at .

Can Some People Feel Depressed When Using Cbd Oil

Is Cbd Oil Good For Older Dogs all turin city the red bull.

Fitness ranks third hidden hills cbd gummies in the turin team and no one dares to rank second as for number one it is naturally lin feng lin feng watched from the sidelines and shook his head with a smile burdisso is also a real gem burdisso.

Belotti and ronaldo just have conflicts caused by some mismatches before time flies the two week rest period has made the turin team s cohesion stronger young players following after burdisso kept running laps his tom selleck cbd gummies confor cbd gummies willpower.

And hidden hills cbd gummies truth cbd gummies scam resilience improved a lot on september 12 the turin team ushered in the third round divinity labs cbd gummies hidden hills cbd gummies of serie a host the newly promoted salernitana team after two away games the turin team finally ushered in the first home game of the.

Salernitana team with minimal effort and on behalf of the price is won it is naturally the best choice we saw that the turin team made some rotations in this game this is obviously for the uefa champions league match.

Champions league in fact in huang jianxiang s mind the young players of the turin team are actually the same as everyone it s better to keep a fixed starting lineup and let these young players .

Do Hair Oil With Cbd Has A Trademark

What Is The Cost Of Eagle Hemp Cbd Gummies quickly level up the.

Lin feng who advanced quickly completed a supplementary shot the score was quickly rewritten to 1 0 with divinity labs cbd gummies hidden hills cbd gummies a 1 goal lead the turin team immediately played with ease in the 23rd minute of the game giroud puur cbd gummies 1000mg reviews gave ronaldo the fort.

Quickly this adjustment ability is really beyond the reach of ordinary teams the serie a media and fans must be convinced mourinho do you have anything to say about the upcoming game how many cbd gummies do you take against real madrid hidden hills cbd gummies wellness farms cbd gummies hidden hills cbd gummies at the press conference.

About the next game against real madrid the game against real madrid is obviously more gimmick in the game against real madrid our only goal is to win mourinho was in a good mood and said with a faint smile what is the goal.

Paper is much stronger than that of the torino team but in the feeling of the fans they are just one .

What 38 Flavor Cbd Oil Jelly Beans Are Coming Out

Do Haysville Doctor Cbd Oil head behind the turin team this is the power brought by hidden hills cbd gummies the turin team for a long time with continuous wins days later.

Third confor cbd gummies choice cbd gummies reviews is the atlanta team with 2 wins and 1 confor cbd gummies choice cbd gummies reviews tie with 7 points meet again mourinho and hidden hills cbd gummies zidane shook hands on the sidelines of the court real madrid s head coach it s not tom selleck cbd gummies confor cbd gummies easy to do mourinho said with a faint smile recently.

How about letting me win this game and consolidate my position zidane also smiled faintly real madrid lost 2 games in the first three games of the la liga season real madrid .

Are All Cbd Oil Made From Industrial Hemp

How Strong Is 50 Mg Of Hemp Cbd Oil ushered .

Is 500mg Full Spectrum Cbd Oil A Good Starter

Does Copaiba Oil Have The Same Effects As Cbd Oil in the worst start in recent years zidane.

Won t be the head coach anymore zidane finally smiled turned and left without saying hidden hills cbd gummies anything more .

Is There A Product That Combines Biofreeze With Cbd Oil

Is There An Alternative To Cbd Oil mourinho was a little surprised when he looked at hidden hills cbd gummies zidane s back he didn t expect that zidane really didn t want to be the.

Players of the real madrid team suddenly became hidden hills cbd gummies a little nervous no way in the champions league knockout round last season lin feng just cbd gummies emoj4i beat him so badly once c luo noodles it is also a gimmick for the former owner real madrid.

But not anymore now everyone s focus is only lin feng vs the whole real madrid team wellness farms cbd gummies hidden hills cbd gummies lin feng dribbled forward for a certain distance and at the same time attracted the defense of modric and casemiro seeing this lin feng.

Didn t expect was that ronaldo was dreaming back to the top at this time and he directly shot a wonderful barb shot it s game over now since courtois has already rushed out ronaldo hit again in the opposite direction it is.

Pass is the key liu jianhong on the side added softly said a word haha huang jianxiang and liu jianhong looked at each other and laughed at the same time the turin team scored a goal in less than 1 minute ronaldo s goal.

Continues real madrid kick off again relying on the dominance of the overall strength of the lineup real madrid quickly stabilized their position contest in the 8th minute modric sent a through ball to benzema benzema s.

Speed is actually hard to raise however relying on his physical advantage benzema still knocked away the rookie singer burdisso had to make up for singh and it was precisely because of this replacement that the right winger.

Shot looked a bit positive give rosari a chance to save if this is replaced by another top striker it is likely to go straight in torino s threat in front of goal however did .

How Long Does 200 Mg Of Cbd Oil Last

Is Cbd Oil Good For Anxiety And Depression Uk not release immediately modric takes the corner.

Never .

What Is The Best Cbd Oil For Parkinson 39

What The Difference Between Hemp Oil And Cbd Oil made decent progress again it s time to attack after lin feng withdrew his position further it immediately caused a hidden hills cbd gummies lot of trouble for real madrid s frontcourt advance at this time the real madrid team lacked a.

Team but the real madrid team mainly it s coach zidane s problem it seems that no matter whether zidane leaves or not the hearts of the real madrid players will be harmony life cbd gummies reviews settled when there is a foregone conclusion in the longguo.

Turin team is causing some trouble but now except cbd gummies with no thc sleep for the moment just now the real madrid team has played poorly in other times liu jianhong on the side also said with a smile exactly a little slack on the court can be seen.

Some luck the football was slightly cbd gummies to make penis bigger higher than the crossbar beep the first half of the game is over relying on ronaldo s opening goal the turin team walked back to the locker room hidden hills cbd gummies with a 1 goal lead in this game it seems.

Between you has affected you I m sorry about that my only expectation now is that you can beat the turin team in the last half of my coaching game go and defeat lin feng next I should bid farewell to the ranks of .

Should We Use Cbd Oil Everyday

Can Cbd Oil Cause Bad Dreams coaches i.

Such divinity labs cbd gummies hidden hills cbd gummies an age he can still play phenomenal performances and it really shows ronaldo s background in the end once the number one tom selleck cbd gummies confor cbd gummies player in the world the second half of the game begins when the real madrid medterra cbd gummies players reappeared on.

First half their morale has been almost wiped out did not expect after the intermission the morale of the real madrid players seemed to be completely raised again zidane .

How To Shop For Usda Organic Cbd Oil

Does Cannabis Cbd Oil Thin Your Blood is really awesome this can be bio lyfe cbd gummies scam brought back again lin.

Lose it would be fine if the real madrid team was in full swing real madrid s own problems in this game are not small the turin team should not give up such a chance to win no matter how they look at it real madrid kick off.

Game by hidden hills cbd gummies passing the ball bang modric made a long pass trying to send the ball towards benzema s head benzema leaned against burdisso ready to grab a point after experiencing the lessons of the first half of the game the.

And once benzema fails to grab the first spot real madrid s offense will come to a standstill at this time burdisso s single defense played a role in the confrontation of strength benzema found himself at a disadvantage.

Jianhong said on hidden hills cbd gummies truth cbd gummies scam the side this ah there are many media analyzes that this is inzaghi helping the turin team because the italian team played a friendly match last game the outcome of the game is .

Is Charlotte S Web Cbd Oil Sold In Stores

Can You Take Cbd Oil With Amitriptyline not important so inzaghi didn t.

It is true the turin team boulder highlands cbd gummies owner will not admit it naturally inzaghi will not admit it if burdisso is not recruited the media and fans will not be able confor cbd gummies choice cbd gummies reviews to find him it s time to slam inzaghi for secretly helping the turin team.

Playing style lin feng will change to in the next second this is very difficult the time of the game hidden hills cbd gummies is passing by every minute and every second at this time the referee subconsciously looked at the time before the game.

Started he had received some hints it s still .

What S The Difference Between Terpenes And Cbd Oil

Can Cbd Gummies Give You Anxiety an official hint the 77th minute of the game burdisso once again succeeded in competing with benzema at the front of the penalty area but the referee s whistle suddenly rang du.

Court otherwise a penalty kick will be blown directly referee how wellness farms cbd gummies hidden hills cbd gummies could I foul what did I just do burdisso was really confused at this time jolly cbd gummies to quit smoking cigarettes hidden hills cbd gummies he obviously didn t do anything and benzema didn t do anything how could he be.

T matter if you are called a foul why did you still show a yellow card stop talking lin feng walked over and pulled burdisso away because lin feng had already seen the referee put his hand into his pocket and was about to.

Draw a red card boss lin they are coming again burdisso said angrily we are too successful we will definitely encounter such a situation under such circumstances it will be interesting if we can continue to win the game isn t.

It lin feng said with a faint smile boss lin you re right burdisso also gradually calmed down keep going next there is no need to be intimidated by the defense just play normally if we are sent off by the referee like this.

Gestures to the third referee people this is when the ball is dead and the third referee cannot refuse mourinho s request mourinho replaced rosari with ibrahimovic this is to put lin feng back to the goalkeeper position this.

Already foreshadowing the result the reason is also very simple one is that lin feng has become the goalkeeper second after after such a delay the momentum of the .

How Much Does Cannabliss Cbd Oil Cost

Does Cbd Oil Have Caffeine real madrid team has been interrupted wait wellness farms cbd gummies hidden hills cbd gummies until the game.

The referee was also a little depressed at this time he did his best for the rest of the game let s play normally divinity labs cbd gummies hidden hills cbd gummies if he brags too much he will be investigated after the game although this is an official hint I can t.

Their careers don t look at how old ibrahimovic is than ronaldo but it s hard to say which of the two will retire first the moment the game ended the hidden hills cbd gummies red bull stadium turned into a sea of joy again foreign turin defeated real.

The tom selleck cbd gummies confor cbd gummies controversy that was originally full of gimmicks almost none of the media mentioned this matter however due to the referee s controversial whistleblowing it did not result in a goal so in the fan group it was soon.

Collapse under such pressure there are too many young players in our team this is a huge hidden danger it will cause us to crash at a certain key point mourinho s tone is full of deep worry coach don t .

Where Can You Buy Cbd Oil In Maryland

Does Thc Free Cbd Oil Help With Pain think so much young.

Players need time to .

How Much Can U Sell Cbd Oil For

Does Cbd Oil Cause Strokes learn after all growing I have everything covered lin feng smiled lightly of course lin feng knew all about mourinho s worries however since he chose to use more young players there is no need to blame.

On the wing belotti and baselli were both young players when lin feng depression cbd gummies first arrived in turin they are now worth tens of millions this kind of team building mode is impossible to play on any other team but the turin team has.

Rest the turin team s schedule suddenly became very intensive entered the double match of the week this is also true for the young players of the turin team a test in the game against sassuolo mourinho did not rotate.

And singh directly broke into the tom selleck cbd gummies confor cbd gummies penalty area fortunately rosari s attack was very timely and the danger was resolved young players are inexperienced and easy to play the problem of mistakes has already begun to show up.

Impossible thing torino is currently the lineup .

How Long Cbd Oil Before Bed

Does Cbd Oil So Up On Drug Test whether it is offense or defense requires lin feng to dominate hidden hills cbd gummies the audience fortunately mourinho had fully communicated with lin feng before the game at this time I am.

The last 10 minutes in the longguo broadcast room huang jianxiang looked cbd gummies for memory at the current situation on the court and thought about it I think it would be a good result to keep a draw liu jianhong on the side also said in.

Tidonis fell into deep thought the reason why he dared to have such thoughts is also because the strength of the turin team has indeed declined sharply this season don t look at the turin team avocado cbd gummies s recent three game winning.

This season whether you can win or not is one thing whether to fight is another matter obviously this game team ling did not fight for a victory this is so abnormal you seeing mourinho walking past him tidonis asked.

It s even more real teacher huang is right that s right we support khonshu cbd gummies reviews the torino team as always not support we are real fengmi in the gathering place of fengmi the fengmis are all discussing enthusiastically huang jianxiang s.

Continues the problems encountered bioheal cbd gummies on amazon by the turin team are not just a problem of their own strength declining in the 5th round of serie a in the match between torino and lazio at home hidden hills cbd gummies torino once again achieved a draw the two.

To shout after the game it will not change the score of this game after another draw the torino team s position in the serie a standings has dropped by one place came to the 7th this is .

How Should You Take Cbd Oil

Where Can You Purchase Cbd Gummies the lowest ranking .

What Is The Most Effective Cbd Oil

How Is Medical Marijuana Different From Cbd Oil of the turin team.

Turin team continues to be in this state can they really catch up and complete the overtake during the season almost all the media and fans wellness farms cbd gummies hidden hills cbd gummies such a question was raised in my heart even the diehard fans of the turin team have.

Champions league such a goal is probably more realistic turin still doesn t care what do the media and fans think because just rested for a day the turin team will go to the away game to challenge the shakhtar donetsk team.

In the next game the 7th round of serie a torino will challenge the leader of serie a juventus at home turin derby although since lin feng came to the turin team the juventus team has never won the turin derby.

In juventus yes play well scored 3 goals in serie a scored 1 goal in the champions league belotti has indeed grown into an excellent serie a striker in the turin team this turin derby has suspense again let the attention of.

By lin feng for so many years it s his turn to stand up allegri thought so in this game allegri played 4 3 3 the offensive formation such sexo blog cbd gummies a formation obviously does not take the turin team too seriously after all with.

Heart when he first entered the field belotti was also booed by the diehard fans of the turin team this virtually brought him a lot of psychological pressure after all the diehard fans of the ling team are famous in the.

Right now how much juventus fans love belotti beep the referee blew the whistle to start the game cowry lottie flicked the ball bernardeschi kicked the spectrum cbd gummies for sale ball back to pogba pogba advanced with the ball and then moved to.

Rabiot hidden hills cbd gummies s feet again rabiot and bernardeschi completed a two for one cooperation and quickly advanced bernardeschi sent the ball straight over the juventus team also looks like they are hidden hills cbd gummies going to start a blitz rabiot at the big.

The turin team the running confor cbd gummies choice cbd gummies reviews position at this time is more targeted bang in the gap between singer and burdisso belotti completed a stab and shot this shot is a bit too sudden and hidden up rosari s sight was blocked by.

Somewhat covered by lin feng s dazzling halo liu jianhong analyzed from the current point of view it cbd gummies cvs pharmacy may not be a good thing for the turin team to introduce ronaldo if ronaldo doesn t come belotti may not leave and ronaldo.

Worth it or not huang jianxiang said with a serious expression hidden hills cbd gummies this season the turin team will really encounter difficulties hidden hills cbd gummies belotti s the goal made all juventus fans fall into the carnival he broke the goal of the turin team.